Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thrift Finds 2.0

Thrift Finds

Went thrifting with Mom the other day. We found two new places..or better yet, mom found two new places. I checked-in to both and mentioned the places to a couple of people. Then I thought 'Wait a minute, sharing is caring but these places are too awesome to share.' So i'm keeping my mouth shut LOL! Reminds me of Xenia and her secret thrift shops. Gotta do whatchu gotta do right?! Haha!

Wine Cork Board

Houston Oilers Glasses

Pink stool with Zebra print bottom Inside stool Crafting cutting mat

Navy Leather Recliner

Good'Ole Southern Cooking Sign
Didn't buy.
Furcoats reminding me of Macklemore
Made me think of E and the Mackelmore song he's been singing Thrift Shop

Good Morning Sign
Didn't buy. Seems awfully negative for the morning :/
Husband laid out on his new recliner

Mom and I had much better luck this time and I can't wait to hit these places back up again. The prices on the furniture were srsly ah-mazing! The recliner above was $65 and it's in great condition. I used some Lysol and a rag to clean it up and it still smells like brand new leather. E has been wanting a recliner forever and when my Mom saw this, she went running to plant her ass on it so no one could take it LOL! Haven't figured out where I want to put the wine corkboard yet, but it's nifty isn't it?! Houston's football team back in the day was the Houston Oilers. They were later sold to Tennessee and became what we all know as the Tenseness Titans. Had to buy those glasses for my glass collection. Which btw, we actually use. We don't store it somewhere and let it collect dust. The pink/zebra print stool isn't my type of style, but it's fantastical looking and the price was great.

Have you been thrifing lately?!

..till next time ;]

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