Thursday, December 20, 2012

Think Outside the Blog - Christmas Edition Blog Hop

Welcome back for another edition of Think Outside the Blog Thursday. And it's kinda like the Christmas Edition..only it's not Christmas yet..but almost there. Ahh you know what I mean Haha! So here we are, Week 8! Again, I've met some really cool people through this Blog Hop. Followed some awesome blogs and even got myself new followers! ;] This Blog Hop is for the newbies that want to put their name out there. For the old school bloggers who want to be looked at again. And for the blogger who is need of new reading material. Don't hesitate to join us every Thursday for a new Blog Hop with new people who are misfits but also have something to say.

Since it's almost Christmas and you're probably rushing to finish your shopping and wrapping - I figured I'd share some links to a couple of sites that can help ya out a bit. I also think it's fun to receive Christmas gifts after the fact. Makes me feel like that gift is extra special :]

  • Fred Flare always has sweet gifts for folks. I actually bought my record player through there a while back and LOVE it. They're doing Next day delivery until 1pm today.
  • Pocketo has a sale section with some nifty gifts also. Planners, shirts, pens, wallets, and even wall decals you should check out not just through the holiday but throughout the year.
  • I'm a huge fan of Pinterest. I was given an invite code waaaay back when it wasn't popular and I used the crappola out of it. But the last couple of months I think I kinda fell off :/ I'm trying to get back on the horse though and it all started with looking for Christmas gift tags that I could print and share and now I'm hooked again. 
  • Visit the 30 days of Pinspiration. Mouse over each day and hear the sounds :]
  • Plasticland is one of my favorite online stores. I haven't bought anything from them yet, but the entire feel of their site is fantastical and they have some awesome deals.
  • Oh and no list is complete without food so I also searched Christmas Food on Pinterest cause well you know I love to eat..not so much cook or bake. One day though..
Alrighty that's enough links for now. Check out the awesome Blog Hop Hosts and their social networks. I guarantee that you will find us amusing yet very helpful in your daily life. Don't forget to add the link of your most recent post (the last 7 days) to the bottom & to grab a button for your blog. Spread the word people!!


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