Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 with my family

Christmas Tree with gifts

In my family we celebrate Nochebuena meaning we hang out on the 24th of December. We grub like crazy until a little before midnight, we toast with cider, and then open our gifts. On the 25th of December we all go back to the same house and we grub the leftovers and enjoy each other's company.

Crazies Voguing on command Mom's potato salad The look on my moms face when she opened one of my gifts
How to surprise your brother for Christmas Daisy and her Christmas ball Christmas smell Santa at the table Teddy bear Sheila DREAM BIG - Roberta's gift Gaby, Mom, & Ari

Christmas this year was super entertaining. I'm not sure if it was because we're all much older now and are comfortable in our skin or if it was cause my family is freaking hilarious! Either way, I had a great time. The food was delish, the stories were interesting, the affection was spot on, and the gifts were the bomb.

Pictures from top to bottom - Find more on my Flickr
  • Christmas tree with gifts at my Tia Stella's house. It was magical
  • Crazy family doing what the photographer (me) asks - Voguing <-- is that a word?!
  • My favorite potato salad made by my mom. She makes it every year
  • My mom's face when she opened one of the gifts E & I bought her. Coral earrings and necklace found at a thrift store :] Can you say score?!
  • Best way to gift a videogame. Buy a coloring book, color like crap, cut an opening for the game, insert game, watch giftee open it. Boy was he shocked
  • Daisy, one of the furkids, celebrating Christmas with a decoration on her collar. Cute right?!
  • The only disaster of the night. My cousin stepping on poo inside the house. Oopsie
  • Santa sitting at the dinner table. I swear he was looking at my food
  • Sheila, one of the other furkids, trying to get table scraps. What else is new right?!
  • Dream Big. Gift that Roberta got from Santa. I'm super jelly
  • My sister, Gaby, and I giving my mom a kiss near the Christmas tree. Kiss on the cheek is a popular photo for my family
How was your Christmas?! Hope Santa hooked you up with lots of goodies. I know he hooked me up big time. And I'm not referring to the vacuum he thought I really needed LOL!

..till next time ;]

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