Friday, December 7, 2012

Link Line-Up 3.0

Happy Friday! Today's Link Line-Up is brought to you by my youngest pup, Remi, short for Reminder. Here's a little back story on my kid.  Remi was found December 23rd of 2011 across the street from our house.  He was extremely skinny, bloody, and practically hairless. Since E and I are familiar with dogs - more than we admit to - We knew the kid had a bad case of Mange and was in desperate need of some love and attention. We set up a crate near our front door with blankets and a bowl of water in hopes that we could capture him and help him. We went out that night and upon our return we were surprised to see our kid inside the crate asleep. We locked the crate and moved the crate into our garage out of the cold rainy night. The next day we took him to the vet, thinking we would most likely be putting him down. Thankfully the news was good, very good.  Remi was diagnosed with Demodectic Mange. A type of Mange that isn't contagious and is curable with meds.  Remi slowly started gaining weight and his hair started growing. He is now the most annoying kid we have that is so spoiled you never would have thought he was a street dog. :] Our vet said Remi looked to be about a year old. So we came to the conclusion that he probably had a home at one point but when his Mange started flaring, the owners kicked him out. What's even sadder is that he's incredibly smart and a total cuddle bug so we can't understand why he wasn't given a chance. Good news is he has had a safe and loving home for almost a year now and his bond with my husband is like no other. After all, he is the only male dog we own Lol! We named him Reminder to remind us of all the animals our there that need our help and to remind us of how crappy some people can be. For more information on our pup or if you'd like to show some love, visit his blog theremiproject.com (that hasn't been updated in a while :/ ) or visit him on facebook.

Remi & Elliott bonding '11

Moving along to the Link Line-Up! Hope you enjoy these and if you have some you'd like to share, please don't be shy! ;]

  • We all know what it feels like to have our cell phone battery die. It's a feeling of desperation. We rush to find a wall outlet or our car chargers. But what if you never had to worry again?! The people at Everpurse have figured it out. Or at least for the ladies they have. 
  • I'm huge on saving dogs (obviously) so when I read that Fiona Apple postponed her tour to stay home with her sick pit bull all I could do was tear up. The LA Times wrote a story on her and have the link to her facebook where she explains in a hand written letter how she feels for her kid Janet. Worth the read.
  • Did you know that 90% of Black Friday 'deals' were repeats from 2011?! Gizmodo tells us what they found.
  • Amanda Wright has a really cute paper goods store and blog. Definitely worth checking her out.
  • Want to add your Instagram images to your blog?! Visit Snap Widget and make an easy widget to add to your blog.
  • I found The Dead Format by accident. Can't even remember how but I'm glad I did. I keep his link on my Reading list. Love his pictures and his sense of humor. 
  • I've found inspiration and great how-to's on the Pugly Pixel site and I'm sure you'd feel the same. She's so talented it's ridiculous!
  • Doesn't matter how many times I visit this site - I giggle like a little girl everytime. Never fails!
  • Bianca's site Goodnight Little Spoon is a colorful site with sweet DIY's and I recommend you visit and show her some love!
  • I've been stalking this site for quite some time now. Maybe I'll send her a msg and tell her how awesome I think her photos are. ;]
Hope you enjoy your Friday and the rest of the weekend. The weather in Houston has been super suspect lately. It's chilly and the next minute you're sweating bricks...eh what else is new?! Lol!

..till next time ;]

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