Friday, December 28, 2012

Time to Update the Calendar

Happy last Friday of 2012! It's getting close to that time of the year again. Replacing your 2012 calendar with a 2013. I'm not sure how many people use a paper calendar nowadays with all these gadgets we have. I've always had one in my kitchen and one in whatever office I'm working in (mine or work). It just seems easier to me sometimes to look directly at the calendar rather than having to swipe my finger to find the month. Easier and simpler is my deal LOL!

On my search for 2013 Calendars I ran into these. I normally get mine from the .99cent store or my mom gives me one. Those normally have muscle cars, Avon products, or a bakery's name on it Haha! Anywho, look what I found.

2013 Letterpress Calendar - 1canoe2's Etsy Shop

2013 Astrology Wall Calendar - Prismaticprintshop's Etsy Shop
2013 Mini Magnetic Calendar - Graphicgrain's Etsy Shop
2013 Calendar Tea Towel - Avrilloreti's Etsy Store

2013 MULTI PRINT LOOSE wall calendar - khristianahowell's Etsy Shop
Or make your own 2012 Calendar from your Instagram Photos - Printstagram

Do you have a paper calendar?! Where do you normally get yours and where do you put it?!

..till next time ;]

P.S. I started a new board on Pinterest. I named it You said what on 3twentysix. LOL! All the pins will be about things I mention on 3twentysix. Including and not limited to books, music, film, clothes, gadgets, food, artists. I'm sure I'll think of a better name for it later but for now I'll leave the funny name. I arranged my Pinterest boards and this one will always be top second. Enjoy!

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