Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trader Joe's Again..

Yes, I went to Trader Joe's again and I really must not go alone. It's getting a tad bit out of hand. First visit was $42 and this visit was $86. Is it going to keep going up as I get more familiar with all the food or what?! I fall for the simplest shizz too. There was a dude giving out samples of the Trader Joe's buttermilk pancake mix and the syrup. Of course I never say no to free food so I was all excitamated to try it Lol! After tasting the nomnom-ness I just HAD to buy it. Whoever came up with giving samples at grocery stores is a GENIUS!! 

On my first Trader Joe's post some of you commented with what you like to buy so I bought some of your recommendations and a bit more Lol. Check it out..

Tried and LOVED the regular Applesauce Crushers so I bought another one and the Apple and Strawberry sauce. I'm such a kid Lol! $1.99 each.


Figured I'd try the beef!  $2.69
E loves chocolate and I love ice cream - $ 3.69 - Very tasty.

Dumplings are awesomesauce!! $2.99

Big lovers of Edamame in my casa - $ 1.69

Lisa from Autismwonderland.com mentioned these - $ 3.49 - These were tasty so we're keeping them on our list.

Tried a sample of these and OHEMGEE!! $7.99 for syrup and $1.99 for the mix. Pricey but srsly so good. Attempting to make these today all by myself.

Giving this a try even though I know it won't be the same - $2.99

Loved the Cinnamon & Sugar Pita chips so much I bought two and found the Parmesan, garlic, and herb chips also. $1.99 each. The Parmesan chips are gone thanks to E Lol! I dip the Cinnamon chips into the apple butter. :]

Love me some white cheddar popcorn - $1.69

Never tasted Madagascar Vanilla bean but I have now and they are very, very tasty - $3.99
$2.69 foor the artichoke dip and $1.99 for the salsa verde.

So how'd I do this time?! There were a couple things I was told to get but I couldn't find them and the employees I saw were all busy with other folks so ehh we'll see if I can find them next time...when I'm there with a supervisor LOL!

Have any more recommendations, let me know! Visit my flickr to view the rest of the food I bought.

..till next time ;]

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