Monday, November 12, 2012

Thrift Finds

Went thrifting the other day. Visited some Goodwill's and some random thrift stores. Didn't find a lot of goodies :( Need to do more research before I head out next time. Hopefully that'll improve my thrift finds. Found out I'm into drinking glasses with beer names on them. Weird. I normally collect shot glasses so I guess I've added to my collection.  Check out the goodies I found..Click to enlarge any picture.

Clockwork Orange drinking glass for tasty beer drinking priced at $.66 :]

I'm a big James Patterson fan. Started reading the Women's Murder Club last year and freaked when this book came out in May. I had borrowed the previous books from a coworker (1-10) and really wasn't down to pay $16 for this one when it came out.  Somehow the Thrift Gods had my back cause this book looked like it was glowing and calling my name Lol! Priced at $2 I put it in my basket and gloated as if I had just found a priced treasure haha!

Lily Bloom Wallet in really good condition with a Mirror inside.
Priced at $1, I figured why not.  I use to be really into wallets and switching them out or whatever but my L.A.M.B wristlet from a couple Christmas's ago has kept me happy. Maybe I'll gift this wallet.

Found this stamp at Tuesday Morning for $1.50 - Steal since Michaels has it for $11

Found this Bhumisparsha Buddha statue all by it's lonesome for $.85. Been meaning to get one for a while. This one isn't in the best of shape, but I feel like it'll forgive those who mistreated it and will love us for taking good care of it. :]

Random wood coasters for $2.
If you've attended our bbq's or parties then you know i'm huge on coasters. I remember my dad always bitching about wet glasses or cokes messing up his wood tables. I always thought, who gives a crap dad Lol! Now that I have my own wooden tables and lots of folks coming in and out of my house with beer and water bottles - I find myself screaming COASTER MFERS!! Lol! Guess we really do turn into our parents haha!

Can't live in Texas and not have a glass boot from Mexico to drink from Lol! $1.19
And another drinking glass with Pumpkin Ale Seasonal Beer written on it. $.66
Here are some of the random things I found and didn't buy.

Funnier now that the Texans beat the Bears

Crazy looking basketball gramps

Idk what to say about this lol

These were real cute but too beat up. Still shoulda bought them and spray painted them or something..

Brewing Tech Course Certificate. Lol!

Have you been thrifting lately?! Have better luck than I did?! Tell me about it.

..till next time ;]

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