Friday, November 9, 2012

POTUS is here to stay!

I've rewritten this post multiple times. Mainly because this is very important to me and I don't want to screw it up. The main thing I want to say is - I am beyond happy that Obama won 4 more years. A second term is soooo important for someone who has already started doing so much progress for us. I know some folks don't agree and that's fine. Fact of the matter is Obama is about helping the people. He's not perfect and neither was the other guy.  But he cares about our kids education, the needs of our elderly, woman's rights, and overall our healthcare. We all have different views on politics and I think it's great that we have the RIGHT to vote and the RIGHT to share how we feel for the POTUS or anyone else in the gov't. You wouldn't dare say anything negative about a president in another country when you know there's a chance you could either lose your life or go to jail forever. (More after the jump)

My mom, sister, and I had dinner together Tuesday night and all we could talk about was who would win and how it would affect us. It was a nerve wrecking dinner - mostly one of us checking out phones to see what the polls were saying. -sigh- Thankfully our guy won and is here to stay for another four years.  Most of my friends voted for him and feel the same way I do. It's such a privilege to be able to discuss the POTUS without fear of repercussions. I'm sure your facebook looked pretty much like mine did during and after the election. Lots of hatred, lots of shady facts, and then there's folks like me who only said nice things about Obama.  I asked a couple of my friends if I could quote them on some of the things they've said on facebook that really touched me. 

Dawn posted on facebook:
During this election, I refrained from stating many of my political beliefs. Just because I was silent, didn't mean I don't have an opinion. But I am so excited that the election period is over. I saw so many hateful and disgusting things said, and to me it shows that this country still has a lot of work to do. This election showed just how divided the country still is, and it's frightening to me. 
I have many types of friends that vary in their political and religious beliefs, as well as all over many economic and ethnic backgrounds. I love all my friends, including the differences that make us all unique. I have no problem with friendly debate and agreeing to disagree, but some of the hateful disgusting things have been said have been very close to intolerable.
I hope that one day, as a country, we can all look beyond our differences and move forward with one another for the best interest of our country, our fellow man and woman, and ourselves. Together. If you don't like who is in office, use your rights as a citizen to vote, campaign, volunteer. But once the votes are in, all we can do is support the new or existing elected official. But bashing, name calling, and spewing hatred will not help someone who is on the other side of the issue understand your point any clearer!! That is all, it's just about being respectful and kind hearted. 
Shannon posted on facebook:
Maybe this will finally be a wake up call to Republicans. They used to be considered the party of fiscal responsibility, which most folks can get behind. But somewhere along the way they veered WAY too right, pandering to Evangelicals and uneducated portions of the south where the only thing they truly care about is making sure the person that's in office looks like them. That's not how you win, that's no how you reach the people. Minorities, women, and the young turned this election. So the next go 'round, they need to come to those people and see what they can do get those people behind them, instead of sitting back and allowing total f#cking psychopaths like Trump, Beck, Palin, Bachmann, Akin, Santorum, Limbaugh, Coulter, and O'Reilly be the voice of their party. Any time you have someone saying rape is basically God's blessing, you know something is WAY off. Get your mind right, Republicans. And stop with the fear tactics and maybe you won't be cast in such an awful light anymore. [/rant].
Xenia posted this on facebook with a link to an LATimes article that is FULL of truth:
This is a great read. Maybe the next Republican candidate will not ignore women and the multitude of ethnicities that is America. All parties aside, I feel I voted in the best interest of women's rights, equality and healthcare. 
 Marilla posted on facebook:
If you depend on Facebook statuses to give you last minute voting advice.. then hey, maybe you shouldn't vote after all. I usually say everyone should vote no matter what. But if you're so uneducated or uninformed that a Facebook post will sway you or make you change your vote last minute.. then you should probably stay home. Maybe help someone clean up after the hurricane instead. You'll do more good that way.......I guess my philosophy is: if by election day, you still have no idea who you're voting for, be it donkey/elephant/third party... then you probably will never know. If you go into the voting booth & make a last minute decision based on whose name you like or because you like red and not blue or vice versa, then you really have no conviction or reason to vote... for anyone. And I personally (as someone who has never missed an election since I'm 18 and who does know and is informed as much as I can be, or at least I try), would rather you stay home & do something else more worthwhile for others than casting a vote for that which you know nothing. Work at a food bank, help clean out someone's house, pass out coffee in Long Beach or the Rockaways, etc. Because if you waited until today to come up with a reason to vote for someone & worse yet are depending on Facebook posts to clue you in, that's as bad as it gets. Those people should not vote because they have no idea what's on the ballot other than Romney vs. Obama.
And the quote that really says what we're all thinking from Angie:
Eight years of Bush, now eight years of Obama. it's even.

For all women out there - Please read this article from the Huffington Post and tell me there's no truth in it.

The day after the election, the President made a surprise visit to campaign HQ in Chicago to give a heartfelt thank-you to staff and volunteers. Here's what he said. 

On that note - I thank everyone who went out and voted and for those who actually voted for Obama. We made a difference this year to keep Obama and let him finish what he's started. 

..till next time ;]


  1. I was so emotionally drained by Tuesday. I literally force myself to leave my house and try to do something to keep my mind off the election. I have never been an Obama supporter but, I am not against him in office for another 4 years. Because to be honest, Romney in office scared me to death.

    But I'm glad all that is over and now we can go about the business of getting the economy back to where it should be.

    I tried to refrain from talking politics on Facebook because of all the crazy stuff that was going on. It was hard. I think at the end of the day, we all just have to agree to disagree And work together to fix every we don't like.

    PS I'm all for women! Lol, my husband says I'm anti-Obama because he beat Hillary Clinton. Lol

    1. I was ALL for Hillary too but Obama has been doing good so I've accepted the reality Lol!
      Politics with friends is just bad. I've posted a couple jokes or phrases here and there but I tried to keep my two cents to myself.
      So glad Obama is here to stay.

  2. TWO THUMBS UP TO BOTH YOU AND THIS POST!!! I agree wholeheartedly! I was so relieved that he won.

    1. Felt like a weight off your shoulders huh?! Thank goodness!!

  3. Love this!! And thanks for quoting me ;)

    1. I read a lot of statuses and comments on Obama and Romney but what you said and the rest of the people I quoted really meant something to me. It wasn't about being cocky or hateful..it was about being honest and knowing the truth. Thank you for being honest!


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