Sunday, October 7, 2012


Beautiful Fall weather in Houston!

My husband and I normally hit a place called the Brickhouse Tavern+Tap on Sundays to watch the Houston Texans play and hang out with some friends. It started off as a casual place to hang out and eat some food on a patio that wasn't far from our house.  Back then we lived on the Northwest side of the City and didn't know the area as well as the Southwest (where we grew up).  We became really good friends with multiple of the waitresses there and some of the managers. It started being our 'Cheers' - you know, where everyone knows your name! LOL! It was great. Once the Texans started playing it became a thing where we all knew that Sundays were at the Brick for beers and the Texans. When E and I moved back to the Southwest last December, we made it a point to keep going to the Brick and it's stuck with us.

Our table is always reserved for us. :]
We fancy :]

My husband and I like to pretend we're fancy so on Sunday's we drink Stella Artois. StellaSundays or TexansSundays became a thing for us. Texans had a tough season last year but still made it to the playoffs after rotating through our Quaterbacks.  This season the Texans are kicking ass like no other.

Chances are that if you're from Houston, Texas you are a Texans Fan (I won't get into the other Texas Team, they're just not worth it lol). Texans normally play on Sundays, but this week they've been moved to Monday's. Texans are 4-0 right now in the league. Even Siri knows who is killing it in the league. Unfortuantely our neighbors and good friends the Saints aren't having such a great time this year. I'm partial to the Saints because of some of my really good friends, so i've considered them my second favorite team.  Anytime I mention them at the Brickhouse I get booed so i've let that go LOL!

Another team that isn't doing so well is the Dallas Cowboys.  You can't be from Houston and like the Cowboys, it's just impossible. A couple of Sundays ago a friend of E's brought a homegirl who was a Cowboys fan and well it didn't go so well for her LOL!

Like last season we have a great team with awesome plays.  Who knows if we'll stay on top or not, but we're loving every part of it.  From Matt Schaub to Arian Foster to J.J. Watt and Andre Johnson. We srsly have a kickass team that isn't just interested in winning, but is having a fantastical time doing it.

Speaking of J.J. Watt - He was named AFC Defensive Player of the month.  With 32 tackles, 7-1/2 sacks, 10 tackles for loss, 10 QB pressures, 5 passes deflected, and 2 fumble recovers in FOUR games - This kid is making things happen on the field.  We've been yelling this kids name out at the Brickhouse like crazy. We tried doing shots for every TD or badass sack, but that ends up being a bit pricey and we all get super wasty face.  I'm not big on drinking. I mostly drink on Sundays and depending on how good the game is..I can get pretty wasty face too LOL!

So since the Texans aren't playing until tomorrow, we decided to have a BBQ at the casa to celebrate my brother-in-laws girlfriend's arrival back to Houston from her European trip. We are also watching the football games of the day. Just cause the Texans aren't playing doesn't mean we can't watch the other teams. We know how to show love to those who deserve it.

For TexansMonday we plan on celebrating it at home again with beer and pizza.  We really need to upgrade our seating arrangement since we tossed out the old couch to the garage. In other words, we have chairs but if they're all taken then this is your warning to bring your own chair LOL!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

..till next time ;]

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