Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TexansMonday - Texans are 5-0!


I could have posted about #TexansMonday last night, but after such a fantastical win and the beers...I just couldn't do it.  I also could have posted a little earlier today but again, we had a fantastical win and my house was a mess. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as some of our previous parties. Whew!

On to the real deal.  In the past the Texans have had a reputation for starting off real strong and just fizzling out after the second quarter.  Apparently that's not the mentality the guys have this year! I love that it's not just about winning, but having a great time out there. Of course, we all want to win but as the countries #1 Tailgating City - We've got the Texans back no matter what! I know folks say baseball is America's favorite pass-time and that's cool, but my favorite pass-time is football. The game itself is entertaining, but I also love watching my friends and even strangers go through an emotional roller coaster Lol!

Game started at 7:30pm CT. We told friends to BYOB and we bought five boxes of Little Caesars pizza for $5 a pop and two orders of crazy bread with red sauce! Some folks prefer the $5 pizza at the popular pizza joints, but I LOVE me some Little Caesars Pizza.  In total we were 11 humans and 8 fur-kids! Having five dogs means you don't mind other dogs coming over to play. :]

Since I am a rambler, I thought it would be a better post if I showed you how much fun we had and parts of the game that were crucial to us. Follow the link to see the photos of the Texans Vs. Jets Monday Night Football! Click to enlarge any photo - Especially the last two. :]

Elizabeth & Katie sporting Texans shirts!

Little Caesars Pizza & Gabe Leonard in the back.

Oz being suspect as usual Lol

Texans fans are EVERYWHERE!!

Elizabeth drinking Blue Moon.

Robin with his Texans gear.

These guys are awesome!

Owen Daniels (81) scoring our first touchdownnnn!!

Fantastical Quarterback that never let's us down.

My husband Elliott.

Love NFL Pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Messing with these guys can be dangerous.

Left: Nuve. Middle: Harlow on top of Remi LOL

Daddy's girl, Nuve.

Harlow loves her mommy Elizabeth.

Would have loved to be right there during this game!

Matt Schaub (8), T.J. Yates (13), and Gary Kubiak (Coach).

Robin talking - as usual LOL!

They just didn't have what it took to win.

You are going..


Posie, Rosie's boxer baby!

Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter <-- My husband's baby daddy LOL!

Remi & Harlow playing in the back and Nuve trying to avoid the drama.

Jay watching Elizabeth eat her pizza LOL!

Ben, Belki, Rosie, & Posie.

Oz studying for a test, Elizabeth can't breathe, happy Walter, and my brother in law Allen on top.

My favorite pibble puppy, Harlow.

Shayne Graham (17) Kicker

J.J. Watt (99)

Remi up front, Harlow & Posie in the back.

Watt (99) happy with the teams progress.

Matt Schauby Schaub (8) QB 

Harlow & Remi played non-stop for three days straight. This was the third day and they were still going hardcore!

Oz, Elizabeth, Walter, & Allen again :]


His excitement is more then obvious.

5-0 baby!

Womp Womp Sanchez (6) QB

Rosie, Oz, & Posie.

Womp Womp again.

Harlow photo-bombing Posie's picture LMAO!

Pouty face Sanchez (6) Jets QB

Watt (99) at the Final.

10 people and 7 dogs. I took the picture and grandma zoey was in bed LOL!

The movement of kids Lol!

We want to send a shout out to Brian Cushing (56) - The boys got it this season but we need you to be in fantastical shape for next season! Brian tore his ACL with a low block from Matt Slauson and won't be joining the team the rest of the season.

GO TEXANS!! 5-0!

..till next time ;]


  1. very nice Ari! I am glad the Texans are doing awesome and I love how everyone is behind them. Indeed they are really good! Glad to see a Houston Football team dominate like they have been doing so. As for my team, the cowboys, I can only hope we can straighten things out sooner than faster before we have a nightmare season... after all, I would love to see two great Texas teams in the Super Bowl one day, after all we are all texans :-P


    1. Cesar! I think our friendship is in jeopardy. You said Cowboys and you liked it! Lol!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Walter! I'm sure everyone thought I was crazy taking pictures of the TV Lol!

  3. Oz looks like the guy from hootie and the blowfish. has he ever gotten that before?? ugh i love texas so much.

    1. YESSS he's heard that and some guy on the show The Wire LMAO!!
      I love Texas too but dammit it's hot again in Houston. Booooo!!

  4. Uhh were those dogs gettin it in?? LOL Okay let me stop. I'm glad your team is doing well. I am not personally a Texan fan but I respect your team :) and I LOVE ME SOME FOOTBALL!!!! Great pics :)

    1. All the dogs are fixed so I don't think they were doing anything on this day...but the other day one of the boys (that didn't come to the game) was trying to put it on his sister (who is fixed) Lol, pretty funny!

      I love your honesty :] I started following football last season so I'm still pretty new to it and don't have any other teams in my favs just yet. Soon enough though Lol!

    2. LOL Maybe they were wrestling or something haha it looked a lil suspect :) I'm glad they are all fixed though, and getting it in with your sister is totally not right LOL...Hey I just looked to see whose playing for Thursday night football and your team and mine are going at it!!!! Uhh ohhh I don't know if I will be commenting any further if we lose....I'm just kidding :D

  5. awesome recap! I think its awesome dogs were included! Girl I love me some lil Cesars pizza love love love love love. I wish I was into football so we can have parties. The hubs doesn't do sports(i know!!!) and we live in a BASKETBALL loving home with his relatives.

    1. I've srsly been thinking of Little Caesars Pizza ALLLL day!! They have them where you're at?! Anytime I've mentioned it to out of towners, I get a weird look LOL I even say Pizza, Pizza like the little dude does and get even weirder looks haha!
      I use to be all about Basketball but Elliott wasn't into any sports. All of a sudden last season we started watching football hardcore. I blame the alcohol Lol! And now Basketball just doesn't do it for me. -shrugs- who knows why lol!


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