Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rest in Peace Brother..

RIP harry 'opie' winston - soa solider

I wasn't sure if I should post this or not because it's a spoiler to those who aren't caught up. Everyone and their momma has been talking about it including Ryan Hurst, the actor who played Opie. He spilled the beans on Twitter. He said something later about wishing he could use his beard to wipe all of our tears away and that he loves us. So since that happened I figured I can talk about it all I want.

I srsly LOVED Ppie. Next to Jax (& that's probably only cause he's the main character) I really watched the show for Opie. Opie messed up a lot, but he was real. I won't go on and on about him because this is a TV show we're talking about dammit..but his death kinda killed it for me.  Last week E and I sat down to watch SOA and were NOT expecting Opie to pass. It just wasn't something that crossed our minds.  I've been a Tig hater from the get go. He's a cocky dude who jacks shizz up all the time. I feel the same about Clay's ass. I shoulda been Tig or Clay going down by a lead pipe in county rather than Opie. 

Last nights episode didn't do anything for me 'cept piss me off. Everyone's so far up their own ass that they've forgotten what the 'club' is all about. Hoping some good shizz happens this season like this article mentions cause I've invested too much of my time on this show lol

Btw, I recently read an article on Gizmodo that I completely agree with. The article is about spoilers. People can no longer be upset about spoilers. It's going to happen and folks need to deal with it. With all these shows starting up again, it seems like everyone is getting upset that folks are sharing their opinions. Last week a friend on Facebook put up a spoiler on a show I had already seen. Since they had already spoiled it, I went on to put my two cents. Some random person I don't know thought it was okay to scream (caps lol) and curse at me as if I had just ripped up their welfare check. That shizz shocked the hell out of me. I couldn't believe how upset that person got over a show. I'm not one to get upset over a spoiler- movies, tv, or games. I'll be the main one asking you questions about it lol I'm not good with surprises, I prefer the heads up... but that doesn't mean i'm going to spill the beans without warning..which I plan on doing with this post when I link it to Facebook.

Back to the article on Gizmodo -
The live-watchers don't care about spoiling your show—you chose to watch it later! But the live-watchers have to learn to live in peace with the time-shifters. The groups needs to reconcile. We just need to find some common ground. Here is my proposal:
You get one week.
Here's the deal for anyone lagging behind the live schedule: You get one week. If you're watching a show via DVR, the internet, the cloud, the valley, whatever—anything that's not live—you have a Seven Day Grace Period of protection. That's the statute of limitations.
Catch up in peace. Your friends can't fault you. You can't get any crap for it. And you certainly can't be told what happened. People have to respect the fact that you're going to watch on your own schedule—but that schedule expires in seven days. After that, it's open season: Anyone who's seen the show can talk about it as much as they want. This is the best compromise we're all going to get.

I understand some folks choose to watch it later and that's cool. But if that's the case then you need to stay off of Twitter, Facebook, and any other live network that will spill the beans. Not everyone is as nice as I am with spoilers :] and like this article says, I plan on giving everyone a week. If ya don't like it then it's time to un-friend me and stop following me cause I'll disappoint you every time lol

Again, Rest In Peace Opie. We're all going to miss you but we're sure Jax is going to get shizz done this season.

..till next time ;]

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  1. I used to watch this, too, but haven't gotten back in to it for a couple of seasons now. I can't believe Opie is dead... that's crazy, he was such a big part of the show. (I love Jax, too!)

    And, as for spoilers... if you don't want to know... then don't go reading stuff. It's just that simple. When you see a picture or the name of your show... click away! A little self-control people, get some.


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