Tuesday, October 2, 2012

link line-up..

i could tell you why i haven't kept up with my 'schedule' or i could skip the boring stuff and move on to a list of entertaining shit and then maybe tell you what's been up with me..

like many of you, i move from site to site looking for entertainment. true, most of my time is based on Facebook BUT its a social network dammit. there's links, pictures, and videos that i wouldn't have crossed had it not been for that one high school classmate i haven't seen or verbally talked to in over a decade. ahh that makes me sound old. which reminds me - i'll be 29 in six months. totally not a big deal. srsly.

anyways, when i was planning the weekly schedule for my blog i asked some friends for help on themes for each weekday. my friend marilla at cupcakerehab.com linked me up with tracy at shutterbean and her 'i love lists, friday' theme.  i think it's a great idea since i'm always sharing shit on Facebook. but i'm obviously having issues with keeping up with the day themes. see what had happened was...ummm... lol because of this i decided to stay away from the crazy themes. i might do some here and there but i doubt it'll actually stick.  what i will keep doing is themed posts. i think that's easier for me to keep up with. also just so you know, it's not that i don't have anything to write about. i do! i'm just not doing it. i blame the lazyness in me. smh.

and here we go..i called my list the 'link line-up' :]

  • this will make you feel old. i got this from tracy's list cause i mentioned getting older before and damn does this make me feel old
  • these photos are sweet and had the awe affect on me. lots of mommies/mommies-to-be in my life right  now and i can't even imagine what they are going through
  • thinking of the shutter as my eye is something i wish someone had explained to me sooner so i wouldn't have had such a hard time understanding lol
  • i tried this and nothing happened lol maybe it'll work on your sinuses
  • i'm sure you've seen this recently because it's been on blast! i think it's so creative and reminds me of jason lee's photos of his two daughters
  • as a blogger it's important to know that you can and will get sued if you use someone's picture
  • a cute how-to make a mini journal even if you don't think you're creative
  • this a helpful how-to for dog calluses. i'm going to try it on jay, my boxer, cause she has a couple on her front paws
  • five of the handiest apps for your android or iphone. i'm a huge fan of pocket. using that app on my iphone/ipad/or computer is how i saved the links for this post
  • i never realized how excited folks got in the fall cause of pumpkins...this year everyone's going crazy. all my social networks are full of pumpkin comments or photos and of course i'm no different so the last link-up is marilla's pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes. i'm a HUGE cheesecake fan and as usual, have been drooling over her pictures
hope these were somewhat entertaining or helpful. i personally have these all saved for future reference. 

as for why i've been procrastinating..or not posting. i've been working with my MIL making websites.  it's sooo much better than being locked up in an office with folks i don't give a damn about.  i'm making some money and learning from one of the greatest minds out there. css and php are srsly no joke. i miss the days of plain ol' html. -sigh

..till next time ;]

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