Friday, October 19, 2012

Changes in Weather - Picture Post

Fall and Spring are the two times a year that I know for a fact I will get sick. The weather change is a massive wake up call for my crappy immune system. It's been rainy, humid, hot, windy, and chilly all within 5 days. Which explains why I've been sick for the last 5 days. Not only am I sick, but for the first time ever, I'm contagious enough for E to get sick as well. That's never a good thing because he hardly ever misses work. My horrible hectic-weather-change-sickie got him and he's had to miss the last two days of work. Aside from being sick it's been nice to lay around with my honey. Not technically near him because well..there's a lot of coughing, nose blowing, and a lot of "Ugh, I'm hot!" and "Shizzle, I'm freezing!" going on between the two of us Lol! 

Enjoy the following pictures of my adventures in sickies world..

Texans bracelets a couple kids were selling at the BAR**.

Abita Purple Haze - Second favorite to Stella Artois

Found out I was coming down with something Saturday night at a friend's birthday party when my voice started acting funny. Sunday was tough because the Texans played at 7:20 in the evening (I really miss the Sunday Noon games). There was no way I would miss the game at the Brickhouse so I sucked it up and went. Which also meant that if we wanted our usual table on the patio, we'd have to be there at 5pm. So yeah, E & I showed up at 4:45pm. We were there till about 11ish that night. It rained earlier that day and was chilly at first. Then the humidity came out. once we were already at the Brick. Wearing jeans, a dark shirt, and Nike's only made my body freak out more. Unfortunately, the Texans lost this game, their first loss. So now we're 5-1, which isn't bad at all but we still have the AFC South in hand.

**Sidenote: If you have kids or if you're pregnant - The bar is NOT the place for you to be. I refuse to sit on the patio of  a bar and get dirty looks because I'm a) Drinking b) Smoking a cigarette or c) Cursing at the TV/My friends.

Moo Cards came in faster than expected. They look and feel spiffy!
Monday I was feeling crappy but not as crappy as Tuesday. I ran some errands and ended up in Michael's. Duhh! If I could arrange all my errands near a craft store, you bet your ass I would. Lol! The Michael's closest to my house (Sugarland, Tx) now has Washi tape or what they call 'Crafting Tape'. I'd say it's a bit pricey at $4.99 but if I buy it online at say $3, I'd still have to pay S+H and it would be about the same I guess. At least this way I can pick some up when I want and there's an actual variety of colors and designs that I like. I ended up purchasing only one set of three. Music notes, birds on a wire, and a solid black 'crafting tape'. Haven't used them on a project just yet, but they look legit and I'm sure I'll be purchasing more. Thanks for finally updating my home store Michael's. :]

Also bought this EK Tools Centering ruler for $1 - Very useful.
Tuesday like I said above was a crappy day. I'm going to completely skip it because there's nothing positive about it. Smh. Oh and it was cold and windy.

I was startled by E's leg in bed at 9am on Wednesday. He's normally heading to work by 7am. Startled doesn't mean I actually woke up though. We slept till 1 in the afternoon. Which isn't rare for me - but it is for E. He's normally an early bird and can't really stay in bed late - even on days that he has no plans.

When we did wake up, we noticed it was hot outside. Like sun blasting hot! I rushed to HEB to get more meds and see if I could find pumpkin beer. I knew my chances were slim. Saint Arnold's came out with their seasonal beer - Pumpkinator on Monday. Saint Arnold's Brewery is based here in Houston, Texas so when seasonal beer comes out - It never lasts very long. One HEB sold out in 45 minutes. So yeah I didn't expect to find that one or any other pumpkin beers. I found Wells Banana Nut Bread, which I haven't had because I'm still drugged up. Lol! It was pricey too. Almost $9 for a 4-pk, better be worth it. I also made my own 6-pk with 2-Quilmes, 1-Spaten Oktoberfest, 1- Pacifico, 1-Seasonal Ale & 1-Samuel Adams Octoberfest. Again, haven't tried any other than the Quilmes (Argentinian beer) and Pacifico (my third fav beer).

After HEB, E requested I hit up Arby's for some grub. Seeing as how I'm the one who got him sick..it was a must that I do what I could to make him feel better. Arby's is one my favorite places to grub at so I went for it. I know soup is the best thing to have but I'm personally not much of a soup person. Actually, I'm not into warm liquids. Coffee, soup, and tea are not my thang. And roast beef sammiches with curly fries cure everything Lol!

Wednesday night was bad for me. I coughed almost the entire night. At one point E asked me to go take more Nyquil because it was keeping him up as well. :[ Sucks to be sick.

Thursday was better for the both of us. We woke up around noon and started with the usual topic - What to eat. E mentioned he wanted some soup and named a place called Schlotzsky's that just so happen to have a Cinnabon inside Lol!

Off I went to hook us both up with sammiches, soup, and cinnabons. :]

During lunch we watched Fringe. This new show (to me) on Amazon Instant Video/Prime that is similar to the X-files and Bones. Very entertaining. We're on the Second season now. Found out Joshua Jackson, the dude from the Mighty Ducks Trilogy (which I loved) and Dawson's Creek is from Canada. Always thought he was American. Hmph!

Since I was feeling better, I decided to get a little crafty and make some daybooks. I've got a couple books done, but haven't used them for anything yet. They're much easier to make than actually fill up.

I'm hoping E and I both feel better today and get over all this crappy sickies we've got. So far it seems we have this nasty cough but we're good otherwise.

On another note, in less than a week I'll be attending my first blogging conference right here in Houston. LATISM'12 and I'm stoked!!!

Btw, If you're interested in attending, Latina Blogger's Connect is giving away TEN FREE PASSES to LATISM'12. Go check them out to see how to win!!

Alright well Happy Friday - Have a good weekend!

..till next time ;]


  1. i hope you are feeling better.
    i can't stand beer but i hope it was enjoyable...
    HEB! i love Del Rio's HEB and I'm not sure why lol

    i miss texas :(

    1. I started drinking beer when I hooked up with my now husband. I always hated the taste - guess it just grew on me. I don't drink any beer either. I cannot drink dark beer..too damn thick lol

      I'm feeling MUCH better thank goodness!! <3

  2. Hope your feeling better! I have one of those colds, too! Every year it seems. It just lasts and lasts! Ugh! New follower via the Blog hop!

    1. Thanks Heather - I'm feeling mucho better but still have this manly voice going on Lol!
      Hope you're feeling better - Wish the weather would be nicer to us!
      Glad to see a new face especially since you're a Texan living in China. :]

  3. stinks to be sick no matter when it is!! i have a son who gets sick with the change of weather too. his sickness is predictor of the changes in season!! hope you are well by now!
    I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.

  4. thanks for sharing your week with us and hope you feel better

  5. Stopping by from the Blog Hop and I am a new follower on Twitter! So exciting that you are going to a blogging convention! Please share upon your return.

  6. Stoping by from Blog hop!!! I love the life needs frosting photo... truer words have never been said! I totally hear ya on this time of year. I am fromt he northeast and the air pressures constantly changing is what gets me.... migraines for days... blah! Feel better!


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