Tuesday, September 18, 2012

tech tuesday..

welcome to the first tech tuesday at 3twentysix. heh! that makes it sound official or some shit. guess it kinda is?! i'm really into technology so i'm thinking this one might actually stick. i've got a slight cold so if i repeat myself or don't make sense just remember that i've got mocos crowding the brain LOL!

some people adore it. others hate on it constantly. for me..eh i've kinda always admired it but never made the move. whether it was money or the service or the contract - i just never went for it. you might have an idea of what i'm talking about but for those of you who don't..i'm talking about the iphone. not just the recent one, but the overall product. it was the first 'cell phone' that blew our mind in ways we couldn't describe. well sord of. guess the first couple of cell phones did a little something to us as well huh? 

about a week ago or so i finally made the move from android to iphone. my android was acting up on me after two years and it was time for a change. i won't tell you what service provider i had or how much i was paying but i will tell you that i was in a contract - a 2 year contract - that was killing me. i had been with this provider for a very long time and i was ready to go. a family member offered to link me up to their account on a different service provider for half of what i was paying. not to mention i wouldn't be stuck in a contract. i don't like contracts. i don't think anyone really does right?! i have one contract right now and that's with the light company. the one i put on blast a while back and dedicated an entire post too :] so yeah family member hooks me up with a line on their account and their previous iphone 3g. the closest i had ever been to a device similar to the iphone was an itouch and i think i had the 2nd gen (i also owned the first gen nano and ipod classic). last christmas, santa and E got together and bought me an ipad 2. this was major for me! i've gotten very acquainted with my ipad the last 9 months and even named it chicken fucker (thanks to my broinlaw for the name). so here i am with an iphone 3g that isn't as fast as the android but is reliable. or so i thought..

three days later i notice my battery wassn't lasting for shit. totally understandable though - it's an older phone. the impatient ass that lives inside me forced me to the store to buy a new one. six days before the iphone 5 is announced. heh! for the record, i don't regret buying the 4s. i think it's a magical little device that has become one of my best friends. so sad, i know! siri isn't the brightest crayon (compared to the new siri) but she's cool peoples and even calls me shankasaurus - my nickname. i also had to make that big decision on buying it at a lower price for a 2 year contract or at full price for no contract. i'm not ballin' like that so i went for the contract.  but for what i'm paying and how awesome this phone is...i highly doubt i'll be upset about being in this contract.

still learning a lot about my phone and like most of my gadgets..i discover new things about it all the time.  just cause i don't regret buying the 4s rather than sticking it out for the 5 doesn't mean i don't like it. it's more like i don't see a huge reason for me to switch to the new one. the bigger screen is a major plus and they made major improvements on the camera for those who love taking pictures. iOS 6 sounds freaking awesome and i can't wait to update my phone & chicken fucker ;] the change to the new lightning connector (30-pin to 8-pin) is what i've heard lots of folks bitch about. the good thing is that there is an adapter for it, but it's $30 :/  i'm pretty sure it's not going to stop anyone from purchasing it so i know the sales are going to be high. i know some folks that are trading up cause the upgrade finally showed up for them LOL good for you. please let me mess with it when you come over LOL!  as for shankasaurus..i'm going to stick it out with her and enjoy every second of it. heh!

two more things for tech tuesday:

photojojo added a Polaroid Z2300 to the photojojo store. i think it's a sweet little device that let's you do all sorts of things to your pictures. it's digital so not only do you have instant prints, but it also uses an SD card to save them for later. crop, filters, and it records video.

from the photojojo store:
A 10MP digital camera that makes instant prints 10 sheets of 2x3" sticky-back paper.  Add borders, color filters, and even record video Print a photo for a friend then save one for yourself, it's digital! Point & shoot sized; take it anywhere!
the camera with 10 prints is $160 and the camera with 110 prints is $205 - both high for my wallet but i can dream can't i?! ;] it would be a nice addition to my gadget collection that's for sure LOL! photojojo also sells 1 pk of 50 prints for $25, $2 a print. i like the instant print feature a lot. there's just something about waiting for the image to show up yanno..even if it's only 30 seconds. having an editing tool on a camera that prints is a huge plus. i always get random people in my shots and it's nice to know i can crop their asses out if i want!

and the last thing for tech tuesday

have you ever heard of snapseed?! neither have i - until the zite app on chicken fucker brought it to my attention in an article yesterday.  snapseed was born out of a simple idea to give regular folks like you and me the power to take and edit pictures like the pros do with their fancy devices. it's $5 for ipad/iphone and $20 for windows and mac. basically $25 for me cause i have both.  also, it's not supported by android as of right now. sidenote: another reason why i love my iphone. most apps come out for iOS before android -enter wicked laugh- anyways, where was i going with all of this?! oh yes! 'Google has snapped up the digital photo editing service Snapseed as part of its effort to compete against Facebook’s online social network.'  that's the actual first sentence in this article by boston.com. watch out everyone, Google is snatching shit up now LOL Google basically just bought it's own instagram. only snapseed does filters, saturation, and more. instagram is an entertaining app. i personally use it every single day. i like the filters and the community type feel of it. mostly i love that it's free. ;] we all love free shit!! it hasn't been said how much Google paid for snapseed but i'm sure it's no where near the $1 billion facebook spent on instagram a while back.  i've read a couple articles here and there and apparently Google+ is growing fast. it's about to 100 million monthly active users..so don't give up on it just yet. competition is good. good for us cause everyone fights to get our attention. good for them because they discover new ways to make us say 'aw' and we stick around. competition or not - google always has something under it's sleeves and never bows down.

i haven't made the move from free apps to paid apps just yet. not even on the android i had. i think the free apps really are what i need. and like i said, i really enjoy the community type feel of instagram.  alright so that's tech tuesday. don't think i meant it to be that long. guess i got excited and started the rambling...my bad.

recommend any apps for my iphone 4s?! i've been asking all my friends and think i'm good but you may know of one i don't - spill the beans...

..till next time ;]

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