Thursday, September 27, 2012

ta-da thursday..

hey there! for today's ta-da thursday i figured i should show something crafty and not talk about the iphone like i did last week (twice & i'm sorry lol). a while back i made a daybook by using thread, a needle, and some cardstock...
daybook with a triangle overlay on each side.

i've never actually sewn anything, by hand or machine. okay twice i sewed some shit. my mom let me do some simple sewing once a while back and a couple of months ago my MIL had me sew up a pillow. both times i had supervision lol i'm borrowing my mom's sewing machine this weekend. mostly cause i want to try sewing something basic alone. no pressure or anything yanno. 

the ladies at the daybook delights facebook group are very inspiring and motivating. they've all been hand sewing and machine sewing the binding on their daybooks. figured it was time for me to try as well. like i said above...i used some thread (that i had from my bracelet making days in middle school i think), random cardstock, a sew easy needle, and a sew easy tool by we r memory keepers. we r memory keepers also sells a sew easy mat - which i don't have - but i have two other mats. a soft tulip mat and a paper studio hard mat. both came in handy while making the daybook.

random cardstock/scarps
sew easy tool and needle
the sew easy handle also has a little compartment at the end (the gray latch) where you can store the needle when you're done. nifty. we r memory keepers has a variety of interchangeable heads with different designs for sewing and at a good price.

after picking the pages, folding them, and putting them in order...it was finally time to use the thread to bind the book. if you click the picture above this you'll see that i started out nicely and then just got lazy and started effing up lol i think i was just ready to have to done and get it over with. it's my first book like this so i didn't expect it to be badass or anything. still, it doesn't look so bad.

i wasn't really sure what to do with the ends. i tried different things and none of them did it for me..so i just left both ends hanging outside of the book. since it was my first book it did take me quite a long time to make. not to mention frustration got the best of me (as usual). 

i've made a couple more books since - none of them by sewing, all with my cinch. the books look really nice. what i'm having issues with is finding paperstock/cardstock that is double sided. all i seem to find is paper stacks full of nice thick one sided paper. if you know of a place where i can get some nice designed double sided paper, please let me know.

thoughts for you..
  • look through your scraps before you go out and buy more paper
  • make sure you have a thick needle to go through the paper
  • you can use thread or ribbon for the binding
  • what is a daybook - visit cathy's blog
  • you don't need a sew easy tool for the holes - but it can be helpful
  • you can use tape or adhesive in the middle of the paper for binding
  • use paperclips or binders to hold everything in place once you're ready to sew
  • circle cutter and paper trimmers/border punches make each page unique
  • bone folder or paper scorer are very helpful when folding pages (i didn't have either when i made this book)
  • make the book any size you want 
if you've got some good tips, please share as i'm interested in getting better at this.

have you made a daybook recently?! wanna share?!

i'm thinking of possibly making some daybooks (sewn & binded) to sell. and some scarpbooking kits to go along with them. not sure how much i'd sell 'em for and if i'd even have any hits - but it's a thought..

..till next time ;]

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