Thursday, September 20, 2012

ta-da thursday..

ta–da   interjection \tä-ˈdä\
definition—used as mock fanfare to call attention to something remarkable.
taken from merriam-webster.com

today is ta-da thursday. :) you know how when you show someone something you're kinda proud of you start with ta-da?! i thought i'd call thursday's posts, ta-da thursday and show you some crafty shizzle i've been making. buttttt the new iOS 6 is all i can think about for the moment. sidenote: i think the sickies has taken over and i've lost my marbles).

let's talk about how excitamated i am with this new update.  i did all my research prior to it being released. i talked about it on my personal fb and 3twentysix's fb late tuesday.  i knew what was going to change and that i needed to do a back up on both shankasaurus (4S) and chicken fucker (ipad) before i even thought of updating. that's more of a precaution then anything else. so i did my research and thought i'd be all over it when it came out. but uh nope, didn't happen. my slowass forgot all about it. thankfully a friend posted about it on their fb and reminded me to get on it. i read that post at 11 wednesday night. smh. i told E about it and he said he heard a lot of people bitching about it. before i decided i would do the update, i thought i'd google it and see what the people had to say about it first.

apple decided to part with google and now has it's own maps app. apparently since you just can't make people happy no matter how effing GREAT your product is..people are bitching about it. cause there aren't crazier things happening to bitch about right?! smh. i haven't used the maps app on the 4S since i bought it. the only maps app i know is that one on an android. i understand how this could be an issue for some..but i'm sure folks will get use to it and possibly download a plugin type app for it.

there's a new 'do not disturb' feature in the settings menu. this makes me very happy. this is an 'issue' i had with the iphone. on the android you could silence it all - even vibrate - by changing your profile (or at least that's how mine was). but the iphone only has a left side switch and it didn't stop the vibrating. made it difficult for me to sleep when the phone went off randomly on my night stand. the only way i could stop that was by turning off the vibration. sidenote: idk if that changed on the iOS 6 or if it's user error :] i've been forgetting to turn the vibration back on so sometimes i miss alerts due to the sound not being high enough. i realized when i switched over that i depend on hearing the vibration of the phone on a table rather than the ringer/alert. weird but nevertheless ta-da..

i noticed immediately that the share icon on a photo was super weak! i much prefer the new way but would still like all photo sharing apps to be acknowledged on this screen. similar to how my android was. wait a minute..i take that back. i'm team iphone now, i can't be talking all that nonsense about androids... moving along.. now there's a facebook option. facebook is now fully connected to your iphone if you want it to be. there's no more plain grey buttons, there's actual icons and some color. not only that but your contacts folder can be linked with facebook as well. meaning some of your contacts will have their facebook info in your contacts book and their facebook picture as their icon. ta-da..

the panoramic feature in camera mode is a.w.e.s.o.m.e! i knew about panoramic apps, but didn't download them cause i didn't think i'd use them much. why take up valuable space?! now the camera itself has a panoramic option and it works nicely. i tried it in my office and it looks nice. i'd share that picture with you, but my crafting desk is a mess :/ anyways.. ta-da..

the option to send someone a quick msg when you denied their call is interesting. i would normally put the main call on speaker and send a msg to the call i denied. but i guess if you're in class, work, or driving this option is convenient. another option in the phone menu is the option to set up a reminder to call someone back. i thought this was nifty cause sometimes i get a call while i'm paying or while i'm in the middle of something and it never fails - i don't call them back. ta-da..

sharing photo streams sounds like a bit much. aren't we already sharing our photos with IG, facebook, twitter, etc?! why do we need to share a photo album?! this addition let's you share it directly with iOS users and they can like it or comment on it. non-iOS users can view it on the iCloud website. still i'm not to sure about this one..ta-da..

siri went back to school and got her self some better brains according to what i keep hearing. i don't have that much experience with her so i'm not sure how dumb she truly was. i know that she can do a shitton more than before now. she can give you sport scores, movie times, tweet, and update your facebook status. the pattern here is that we don't want to wait for anything. we want shit done and we want it done now. smh.

the music app has changed it's color to a new simple grey. podcasts and itunes u files are no longer in your music app. they have their own app that was downloaded with the update. i've listened to podcasts before, but haven't made it a regular thing..thinking i might go and check some out later today. my MIL talks about them all the time and i think it'll be good for me. the buttons are also smaller and leaner looking. ta-da..

a new app called passbook was added. saves gift cards, plane tickets, vouchers, etc. idk how much use this would be for me, but i'll try it out.

a couple more things were added but there's plenty of places online to read about them..like gizmodo and lifehacker so do that if you're interested. if not, just google iOS 6 and i'm sure something good will show up.

again, i'm happy with my boo and iOS 6 made it better! ;] btw, the three pictures i used in this are mine.

..till next time ;]

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  1. I just laughed out loud @ Siri went back to school & got herself better brains.


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