Monday, September 17, 2012

music monday..

i decided it's best if i do an editorial calendar (thanks xenia) and i keep up with my posts. mostly cause i get this blogging block and just avoid my blog at all costs and that's just not right. note to self: this shit ain't free, so use it.

so yeah i made monday - music monday. or whatever i feel like calling it later on lol

for today's music monday, i present to you psy, a korean 'rapper' who apparently has hit gold on youtube.  E told me he's heard him on the radio but i don't listen to the radio so i wouldn't know who he is.  the way i found out about him is through SNL when they made a prodigy of the song/video featuring seth macfarlane. woulda been cool if he had done the dance but it still played out real nice. in the SNL prodigy bobby moynihan played psy, taran killam played the dude in yellow that has some bad ass adidas, and bil hader as the weird dude in a cowboy hat lol. apparently whats made it big with this song is the repetitive chorus and the crazy dance. so psy's become this massive hit all over the world within a weeks time. impressive.

here's the real video with psy - careful it's catchy.

here's the SNL skit. sorry about the quality but that's all i could find on youtube :]

while searching this dude i found some more prodigys that made me laugh hysterically. this one makes me laugh cause mrs. song has some serious skills lol

aside from psy's catchy music, i also want to mention that i srsly laughed my ass off at SNL's opening episode of the season. it's a bit rare that i laugh at all skits on there. they just don't do it for me anymore. but saturday's episode was srsly one of the funniest. might be cause seth macfarlane (if you don't know who that is then you need to get with the program son - he made family guy, duh!) was on there, idk. annnnd one of my favs - frank ocean was on there accompanied by john effing mayer. i know some folks think he's a douche and that's fine with me, but you can't deny that he has some serious guitar skills. when frank ocean started his set and i saw john in the background i told E immediately. i guess had i looked online i woulda known he was going to be on there. -shrugs- shit made me excitamated tho lol the following are some photos i took. yeah i was allllll up on the tv making sure i got these for my instagram LOL!

frank ocean singing thinkin bout you with john in the back

john mean mugging.
john smiling.

frank ocean performing thinkin bout you.

john's duckface while playing to frank ocean's pyramids.
really enjoyed both sets. pyramids is my ALL time favorite song. now don't get me wrong, i am madly in love with nostalgia, ultra - but pyramids is the song i wake up singing most of the days. and it's super random too lol. if you haven't already heard of him (which would surprise the chit out of me) please find his links and jam that shit out. as usual, i'm the type of person who purchases music from those i truly think are talented and this is one of those artists who got my money, not only on his first album, but the second one as well. 

visit the daily beast for more gangnam style prodigys. and stay tuned for next weeks music monday (if i keep calling it that lol)

..till next time ;]

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