Tuesday, September 11, 2012

our ghetto ass cinnamon roll waffles..

pinterest has motivated a lot of us to try new things. to make new things. to read new books. and listen to new music. and many other things. i've tried a couple of things and have succeeded and then tried others and felt like a major failure lol we won't discuss those things though lol

one thing that really caught my attention was cinnamon roll waffles - view this link on pinterest for pictures.
i didn't own a waffle maker but one day during my heb grocery shopping adventure (& i call it an adventure because it really is an adventure for me lol) i saw a waffle maker for $9.99. of course i grabbed it and headed to the cinnamon roll section and got me a delish roll so i could try it out with E. and this is what we did. or better yet, what my fat fat E did for the both of us lol

don't forget to add the icing at the end!

 warm up your waffle maker and put your rolls in. wait a couple of minutes (we waited 3 mins) and BAM! there ya go!

can't figure out how to rotate this :/ 

my fat fat enjoying his cinnamon roll waffles

ours definitely didn't come out like the pinterest photos but ehh they still tasted pretty damn good and we recommend it. and practice does make perfect - of course we don't mind practicing until it comes out like those photos on pinterest haha! also E said it didn't take as long to make as cinnamon rolls normally do in the oven. so yeah, give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

have you tried making something that you saw on pinterest?! please share!

..till next time ;]

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