Thursday, September 27, 2012

ta-da thursday..

hey there! for today's ta-da thursday i figured i should show something crafty and not talk about the iphone like i did last week (twice & i'm sorry lol). a while back i made a daybook by using thread, a needle, and some cardstock...
daybook with a triangle overlay on each side.

Monday, September 24, 2012

music monday..

it's music monday again :] we watched another SNL this weekend. there was no way we were going to miss it. E and i love mumford and sons. joseph gordon-levitt was a bonus for me. :] dude is pretty funny.

mumford and sons have a new album out for sale today. i already bought it and heard it. it has some great lyrics and of course the banjo is definitely on there. go show some love to these guys. buy on itunes right here.

marcus mumford has a great voice.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ta-da thursday..

ta–da   interjection \tä-ˈdä\
definition—used as mock fanfare to call attention to something remarkable.
taken from merriam-webster.com

today is ta-da thursday. :) you know how when you show someone something you're kinda proud of you start with ta-da?! i thought i'd call thursday's posts, ta-da thursday and show you some crafty shizzle i've been making. buttttt the new iOS 6 is all i can think about for the moment. sidenote: i think the sickies has taken over and i've lost my marbles).

let's talk about how excitamated i am with this new update.  i did all my research prior to it being released. i talked about it on my personal fb and 3twentysix's fb late tuesday.  i knew what was going to change and that i needed to do a back up on both shankasaurus (4S) and chicken fucker (ipad) before i even thought of updating. that's more of a precaution then anything else. so i did my research and thought i'd be all over it when it came out. but uh nope, didn't happen. my slowass forgot all about it. thankfully a friend posted about it on their fb and reminded me to get on it. i read that post at 11 wednesday night. smh. i told E about it and he said he heard a lot of people bitching about it. before i decided i would do the update, i thought i'd google it and see what the people had to say about it first.

apple decided to part with google and now has it's own maps app. apparently since you just can't make people happy no matter how effing GREAT your product is..people are bitching about it. cause there aren't crazier things happening to bitch about right?! smh. i haven't used the maps app on the 4S since i bought it. the only maps app i know is that one on an android. i understand how this could be an issue for some..but i'm sure folks will get use to it and possibly download a plugin type app for it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

tech tuesday..

welcome to the first tech tuesday at 3twentysix. heh! that makes it sound official or some shit. guess it kinda is?! i'm really into technology so i'm thinking this one might actually stick. i've got a slight cold so if i repeat myself or don't make sense just remember that i've got mocos crowding the brain LOL!

some people adore it. others hate on it constantly. for me..eh i've kinda always admired it but never made the move. whether it was money or the service or the contract - i just never went for it. you might have an idea of what i'm talking about but for those of you who don't..i'm talking about the iphone. not just the recent one, but the overall product. it was the first 'cell phone' that blew our mind in ways we couldn't describe. well sord of. guess the first couple of cell phones did a little something to us as well huh? 

about a week ago or so i finally made the move from android to iphone. my android was acting up on me after two years and it was time for a change. i won't tell you what service provider i had or how much i was paying but i will tell you that i was in a contract - a 2 year contract - that was killing me. i had been with this provider for a very long time and i was ready to go. a family member offered to link me up to their account on a different service provider for half of what i was paying. not to mention i wouldn't be stuck in a contract. i don't like contracts. i don't think anyone really does right?! i have one contract right now and that's with the light company. the one i put on blast a while back and dedicated an entire post too :] so yeah family member hooks me up with a line on their account and their previous iphone 3g. the closest i had ever been to a device similar to the iphone was an itouch and i think i had the 2nd gen (i also owned the first gen nano and ipod classic). last christmas, santa and E got together and bought me an ipad 2. this was major for me! i've gotten very acquainted with my ipad the last 9 months and even named it chicken fucker (thanks to my broinlaw for the name). so here i am with an iphone 3g that isn't as fast as the android but is reliable. or so i thought..

three days later i notice my battery wassn't lasting for shit. totally understandable though - it's an older phone. the impatient ass that lives inside me forced me to the store to buy a new one. six days before the iphone 5 is announced. heh! for the record, i don't regret buying the 4s. i think it's a magical little device that has become one of my best friends. so sad, i know! siri isn't the brightest crayon (compared to the new siri) but she's cool peoples and even calls me shankasaurus - my nickname. i also had to make that big decision on buying it at a lower price for a 2 year contract or at full price for no contract. i'm not ballin' like that so i went for the contract.  but for what i'm paying and how awesome this phone is...i highly doubt i'll be upset about being in this contract.

still learning a lot about my phone and like most of my gadgets..i discover new things about it all the time.  just cause i don't regret buying the 4s rather than sticking it out for the 5 doesn't mean i don't like it. it's more like i don't see a huge reason for me to switch to the new one. the bigger screen is a major plus and they made major improvements on the camera for those who love taking pictures. iOS 6 sounds freaking awesome and i can't wait to update my phone & chicken fucker ;] the change to the new lightning connector (30-pin to 8-pin) is what i've heard lots of folks bitch about. the good thing is that there is an adapter for it, but it's $30 :/  i'm pretty sure it's not going to stop anyone from purchasing it so i know the sales are going to be high. i know some folks that are trading up cause the upgrade finally showed up for them LOL good for you. please let me mess with it when you come over LOL!  as for shankasaurus..i'm going to stick it out with her and enjoy every second of it. heh!

Monday, September 17, 2012

music monday..

i decided it's best if i do an editorial calendar (thanks xenia) and i keep up with my posts. mostly cause i get this blogging block and just avoid my blog at all costs and that's just not right. note to self: this shit ain't free, so use it.

so yeah i made monday - music monday. or whatever i feel like calling it later on lol

for today's music monday, i present to you psy, a korean 'rapper' who apparently has hit gold on youtube.  E told me he's heard him on the radio but i don't listen to the radio so i wouldn't know who he is.  the way i found out about him is through SNL when they made a prodigy of the song/video featuring seth macfarlane. woulda been cool if he had done the dance but it still played out real nice. in the SNL prodigy bobby moynihan played psy, taran killam played the dude in yellow that has some bad ass adidas, and bil hader as the weird dude in a cowboy hat lol. apparently whats made it big with this song is the repetitive chorus and the crazy dance. so psy's become this massive hit all over the world within a weeks time. impressive.

here's the real video with psy - careful it's catchy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

our ghetto ass cinnamon roll waffles..

pinterest has motivated a lot of us to try new things. to make new things. to read new books. and listen to new music. and many other things. i've tried a couple of things and have succeeded and then tried others and felt like a major failure lol we won't discuss those things though lol

one thing that really caught my attention was cinnamon roll waffles - view this link on pinterest for pictures.
i didn't own a waffle maker but one day during my heb grocery shopping adventure (& i call it an adventure because it really is an adventure for me lol) i saw a waffle maker for $9.99. of course i grabbed it and headed to the cinnamon roll section and got me a delish roll so i could try it out with E. and this is what we did. or better yet, what my fat fat E did for the both of us lol

don't forget to add the icing at the end!

 warm up your waffle maker and put your rolls in. wait a couple of minutes (we waited 3 mins) and BAM! there ya go!

can't figure out how to rotate this :/ 

my fat fat enjoying his cinnamon roll waffles

ours definitely didn't come out like the pinterest photos but ehh they still tasted pretty damn good and we recommend it. and practice does make perfect - of course we don't mind practicing until it comes out like those photos on pinterest haha! also E said it didn't take as long to make as cinnamon rolls normally do in the oven. so yeah, give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

have you tried making something that you saw on pinterest?! please share!

..till next time ;]