Wednesday, August 22, 2012

it's been slow..

it's been a bit slow in my cabeza lately so i decided to share some recent pictures and some links of some cool shizzle i found..

we're a petsmart family, no particular reason as to why. having five kids means going to petsmart pretty often. every visit brings new gifts home along with food. the big kids love tennis balls. the last time i brought tennis balls home, i bought a green ball and a pink one for each big kid. Remi is your typical puppy-child and always wants what the other kids have (& sometimes what we have). i gave the pink ball to jay and the green one to Remi, but he wasn't having that. he was pretty sure that pink ball was for him so he took it from her & then proceeded to murder the ball. see, he's convinced you are suppose to chew up and swallow the ball not play with it lol so when his ball gets taken up because he's close to swallowing it..he goes over and harasses jay to get her ball..

jay w the green ball, REMI harassing, & leana's ass
it's never a boring day at the reed's casa lol my kids help keep me entertained..but do nothing for my sanity lol hanging out with dogs all day cause you're unemployed isn't all that and a bag of chips yanno. the best part is they don't talk (although Remi loves being vocal) but because they don't talk, they don't understand a lot..which means i wanna pull my hair out sometimes haha but srsly, i love my kids. i wouldn't want it any other way. no srsly lol

my crazy husband E, becca, & vince
becca (vince's wife)  & birthday girl michelle (vince's sister)
saturday we celebrated michelle's 23rd birthday at pbr - professional bull riding bar/club. it was interesting to say the least lol i've never been on a bull, fake or real, and i haven't been to a club in ages. E and i don't really do clubs..we don't like people much. it sounds funny, but it's true. we don't like crowded places but we make exceptions depending on what the situation is..like the 311 concert, sublime w rome concert, or michelle's birthday. as usual i was the DD of the night - that never bothers me. i much prefer getting everyone and myself home in one piece than sit in the back and worry. plus i'm not much of a drinker so it's not a big deal to me. oh and it's cool cause i always get to drive a new car lol

scary mechanical bull that E & i did not ride lol

diy diffuser i found through pinterest. it's cheap and easy. oh and it really works. i used it the night we went to michelle's birthday and it helped not blind everyone LOL!

the cinch ver 2
i done got me a book binding tool - the cinch version 2. it was weird how it all came to be too. i had been talking to E about this for a couple weeks. showed him the video and everything. but i wasn't convinced on the price. as usual i have to do research on the product and debate it for a couple of weeks before i even consider purchasing. i ended up getting it through a friend and i can't wait to get started. the videos i've seen on youtube make it seem like it's easy peezy - we'll see about that!

alright since that's out of the way, let's see what i found online..

and i'm done. it's dinner time.

..till next time ;]

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