Sunday, August 26, 2012

happy birthday to my sister..

thursday was my sister's birthday and since i'm a broke ass i figured i could make her something instead of buying something and this is what i came up with..

i started off with two boards and i covered them up with paper from two diff stacks. the outside is from some random paper i had and the inside is from an amy tangerine stack that i adore! 

amy tangerine paper on the inside
i also stamped a piece of scrap with a 'handmade with love' stamp and used a scrap of paper that says 'when you love life, it will love you back!' :]

i cut the lined paper individually :/
what took the longest to put together was the lined paper. i had a large journal that i wasn't using anymore and cut the pages individually so they would fit in this journal.

what my desk looked like in the process lol
yes my desk is a mess when crafting, but then again, who's isn't?! lol it's clean now dammit

conclusion :]
i can't wait to make more of these. they really aren't that hard to make. thinking of using all sorts of scraps to make my next daybook.

fits perfectly in a purse and doesn't take too much room.

so proud of my binding skills thanks to my new cinch machine :]

the back.

i had a bit of help from E cause he's super crafty like his moms and i needed some advice.  overall i'm very pleased with the outcome. i even squealed when it was complete. i also made sure i showed it to anyone who was in the house lol yanno, like kids when they make something LOL!! yeah that was me :]

are ya interested in learning how to make daybooks similar to mine or out of scraps?! join the facebook group daybook delights and get all sorts of tips. 

have ya made a daybook or journal that you'd like to share?! any pointers?!

..till next time! ;]

p.s. my sister thought this book was lovely. so happy she loved it! <3


  1. very nifty!! and is your desk/table from IKEA? :D

    1. thanks and YES ikea fo life!! we have two white ones in our office. actually E has a light table so it's longer than mine and has that glass in it for idk what lol

  2. What the?! Tell me more about the Cinch machine! That seems cool

    1. the cinch machine is a spiral binding thang thang. it makes the holes for you and then once you're done, it will squeeze the spiral coil to close it and BAM there's your own spiral journal. it's magical!!



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