Sunday, August 12, 2012

food truck love..

i love dogs. i think it's pretty obvious by looking at my IG lol it's literally full of pictures of the kids.  E and i don't visit dog parks much cause we live in houston and if it's not the heat killing us, it's the mosquitoes :/ but occasionally we visit and take our sweetest pup, leana little. just look at the face below, how can anyone not wanna pet her sneaky little ass?! lol at home we call her the hooker cause if you sit, she'll be all over you like white on rice lol she's also easier to control than the other dogs we have. leana is very submissive. so submissive that when we visit dog parks she hardly leaves our side. we're not sure if it's cause she's not interested in mingling or if it's cause she thinks she will get punished if she leaves our side. 

today we visited the boneyard drinkery on washington ave. we had errands to run and weren't really sure if we were going to go so we didn't bring her along :( we met up with friends elizabeth, austin, and elizabeth's rowdy puppy harlow. don't be fooled, she's just as sneaky as leana little :)

courtesy of estrangm's instagram
from the boneyard drinkery facebook page:
Houston's first dogpark & bar! Large selection of beer and win. Tons of dog friendly indoor and outdoor seating, including a 7,000 sqft fenced in dogpark equipped with bagging stations and water bowls. FRIENDLY, WELL SOCIALIZED DOGS AND HUMANS ONLY!!! NO KIDS ALLOWED.
not only is the boneyard a real chill place but it's smaller than other dogparks and makes it easier to mingle with dogs and the parentals. the fenced in dogpark has lots of trees (thank goodness for shade), picnic tables, and a kiddie pool for the furbabies. the indoor bar is always very cool in temperature, with tv's and music, and with clean restrooms and clean tables. the employees have always been pretty nice to us and our kids. overall, it's a really nice place to hang out on sunday's. occasionally you'll hear some weirdo get upset cause a random dog jumped on them or drooled on them.  uh, hello?! you're at a dog park!! LOL!

on sunday's, bernie's burger bus parks upfront and hooks us all up with some nom noms. i'm all for food trucks. i think the dedication these people have is amazing. if i knew how to cook or could find someone that loved to cook, i'd totally have a food truck!!

one of the pre-schoolers - bernie's burger bus
i normally order the homeroom, which is a burger with applewood bacon, chedder, chipotle aioli, and topped with a fried egg. it also has tipsy onion's but i'm not a fan of onions. today i decided to go with the pre-schoolers, which is two mini signature burgers topped with chedder and all homemade ketchup, pickles and mustard. we each order a burger (or 2 mini burgers in my case) and two orders of fries. we never get the same type of fries and today for some odd reason we ordered the regular french fries from the extracurricular activities menu -shrugs- we also purchased a bottle of the bernie's burger bus ketchup which is BOMB for the casa! gotta support the local trucks!

so damn tasty!
thought this was cute..
E's all down for trying new beers. i take sips of his and stick to my dos x or stella :] these are the two beers he tried for the first time. they were both pretty tasty as all beers are unless you're drinking bud light lol

so that was our sunday. what did you do with your sunday?!

August Break 2012

..till next time ;]


  1. They're adorable. And that burger looks so good. New follower from the Southern Bloggers list. Julie @ http://icreatepurtythangs.blogspot.

  2. I love the dog pictuers. It looks like you had a great Sunday. On Sunday, I was on my way back from the beach. We had a blast! :)

  3. Ah that burger looks delicious! I'm going to have to try that one day.

    1. Hey,

      i want to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you want to take part, you can read about it on my blog.

      Hope you join it and have fun with it!

  4. Awesome photos. Seems you have a niche for the camera. Great post. Keep up the outstanding work.

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


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