Friday, July 6, 2012


not much going on so i thought i'd share some pictures. :]

these are the four i have. but they're made out of some rubber material.
i saw the top two statues at ross a couple of days ago. i've always wanted these but they were too rich for my walet. i bought the four on the right from urbanoutfitters when they were on sale. urbanoutfitters use to sell a lamp in blue as big as the top orange one. i searched the site, but didn't find it..guess they don't sell it anymore. if i bought one like the top right one..i'm not really sure where i would put it. do you have any statues like this?! do they mean something to you or are they decoration?!

thursday was the premiere of charlie sheen's new show on FX, anger management. i thought it was a bit awkward that before the new show came on FX had reruns of charlie on two and a half men haha! i thought anger management was freaking hilarious! i've been a fan of charlie sheen since waaaay back in the day. i member watching men at work and thinking this man was made for comedy. i definitely recommend his new show. thursday's on FX at 8pm CT.


a couple of my friends take these pills and have said it's definitely made a change in their hair/nails/skin. so of course, i've given it a shot. today makes a week of taking them and i've realllly noticed the difference in my hair and nails. i struggle with finding good shampoo and conditioner. i'm constantly switching around cause i can't find one that will make my hair soft and not greasy. since i started using this, it's made a huge difference in how soft and shiny my hair is. my nails are the longest i've ever had them and they aren't as weak as they use to be. i bought this at walmart for $2.94 not bad for 150 soft gels especially if it actually works.

my baby girl jay doesn't get on the couch much now since REMI uses it as his trampoline. but when she does, i always snap a picture of her cause she looks adorable. i know it's not right to have a favorite child, but jay is definitely my favorite and she clearly knows it. since REMI is so rambunctious she stays very close to me so she doesn't get in trouble lol poor girl!

REMI is the biggest clown in our house. he's a puppy and has no idea how big he is and dammit he's too massive to act like a chihuahua lol he tries to play with jay but she's not having it. spoiled ass dogs!

i don't like guns. i'm all about the shanks. i went out to a shooting range with E and his cousin bubba and this is what came from it. ari holding a fucking beast! shit was incredibly heavy!

my baby mama hooked me up with this pimpass shirt. i LOVE crybaby walker!! granted johnny depp is her man, i'll take crybaby walker any day lol

weeds season 8 started this past sunday. i got into this show after the 3rd or 4th season a couple of years ago. att uverse had all the seasons on demand and i caught myself up. i have to admit tho that nancy botwin is an IDIOT! but she's a hilarious idiot and keeps me entertained. wish the show was longer than half an hour. catch a new episode on showtime on sunday at 10pm ET. btw, if you've never watched or heard of this show..yes, it's about weed. mostly the botwin's selling weed but they don't have any skills lol

this one is pretty simple. empty boxes of dos x at last weekends firework get together. you will only catch me drinking dos x, stella, or red stripe. what about corona you ask?! uhh NO. i don't drink that shit lol

preview of the new season of the walking dead on AMC this weekend. pretty excited! new season starts in october and from the looks of it..it's going to be good, real good!

hope everyone had a fun and safe july 4th and if you're celebrating some more this weekend..be safe!!

..till next time ;]

p.s. 10 more days till cali bitches!!


  1. I've seen those at Ross - how much are they over there? I'm pretty sure it's in the $5.99-7.99 range over here! Better colors toO!


    I love random posts! TEN MORE DAYS!!

    1. that orange one was $12freaking.99!! $5-$7.99 i can do but not 13 freaking bucks!! and i think the other big one was close to twenty bucks. i'll pass on that shit!

      i can't wait to eat cali food! lol


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