Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my 'do you have everything list'..

aside from being a procrastinator, i can also be a forgetful person.
that's why i've bought myself two planners and i'm sticking to them. i'll talk more about that in another post.

for now..let's discuss my traveling list.
last year i thought i was set. didn't think i'd forgotten anything.
come to find out, i'd forgotten a very important part of one of my gadgets & didn't realize it until i landed at LAX :x
i had forgotten negrita's charger. negrita is my dell laptop who is black heh ;]
how could i possibly forget my laptops charger. it's one of the important things, if not THE most important thing for me to have. how else will i upload fotos from D?! i tried radioshack, but those thieves wanted close to $85 for a charger. ended up at bestbuy and got one for under $40. planned on returning it once my trip was over, never got around to it. plus its convenient. i've got the dell charger in the office since negrita is connected to a big monitor and keyboard. and the replacement is in the living room for when negrita migrates over there.

this is the exact reason why lists are good. i've learned that i work better with lists. from groceries to what movies i want and even books i love. it's also very comforting when i get to check something off. there's a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that i get from it.

since i leave to la in less than a week, i figured now would be a good time to set this list up. this way i can print it out and put it in my planner as well. annnnd i'll have a list set up for future vacations.

1. one or two pairs of jeans - preferably black and blue jeans.
2. light jacket or sweater for cool nights.
3. one or two shorts & short leggings.
4. one pair of black chanclas.
5. black vans - maybe black nikes.
6. couple of shirts and tanks.
7. underoos & bras.
8. socks.
9. jammies.
10. black belt - not the karate type lol

1. toothbrush & toothpaste - dental floss is always in my purse.
2. shampoo & conditioner.
3. bath&body works perfume mist and lotion.
4. q-tips.
5. hair brush.
6. deodorant.
7. aveeno body wash.
8. washcloth.
9. razor.
10. face wash & face cream.
11. biotin pills & advil.
12. couple of hair scrunchies.
clothes and toiletries all go in my luggage.

1. black jansport backpack - which will be replaced with the jack skellington backpack if i find it at disney.
2. chicken fucker - ipad - wall charger also.
3. both planners - a pen or two & a highlighter.
4. D - nikon D60 & wall charger.
5. D's memory card - i have to mention it because i'm guilty of forgetting it at home lol
5. awesome book that should arrive manana from my 2x4!
6. tokidoki bag - this will be in my luggage.
7. cell phone, wall charger, & car charger.
8. flip video camera & battery charger.
9. granny - canon eos rebel g & film.
10. walet & jack skellington coin bag.
the last three and D will be in a camera bag together.
the rest will be in the jansport backpack.

1.  tweezers & nail clippers.
2.  luggage locks & keys
3.  laundry bag.
4. chapstick.
5. possibly a scrapbook and some goodies - might purchase those in la.

i'm not big on doing my hair nowadays. speaking of, i need a trim before leaving. i use to blow-dry my hair and occasionally flat iron it. yeah too lazy for that. plus my hair doesn't dry out funky, just a bit wavy. i'm also not big on make-up. special occasions only or those rare moments that i feel like i wanna glam myself up. doubt i'll use any, but i'll take some i guess. i didn't add my sunglasses because they broke a week ago. it was a devastating event but i had to move on. maybe i'll find some on my trip, who knows.

now that i have my list, i'm going to print it out and get to work. packing never takes me long cause i'm not to picky with what i wear. i'll probably start manana.

do you have a list?! is it similar to mine?! is there something you recommend i add to my list?!

..till next time ;]


  1. I use the "Pack This" list. I bought the pad before a big trip and there are so many sheets, I'm probably covered for the rest of my life. (Perhaps I should travel more?) I could have probably made one that is more suited to me, but I find that the products from KnockKnock—although silly—are pretty useful.


    1. i like that. i've never heard of that site so i'm def saving it in my favorites. i def like that pack this list. it's a great investment if you're forgetful.

      btw, i think you should travel more. i enjoy your pictures! :]

    2. btw, i just signed up for their newsletter and they sent me a 15% off coupon that never expires. awesome!!


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