Friday, July 13, 2012

if it weren't for me, you wouldn't have a job..

lately it seems E and i keep coming across really bad shitty customer service.
if i fuck up, then there's no reason for me to bitch. but when a company that i use fucks up, believe me, i'm going to be ALL over your ass till i get the solution i deserve.

before i continue, let me say this.  i've worked in customer service since i was 17. 10+ years. i have never laughed at a customer who was upset or made anyone feel like an idiot. first cause it's disrespectful and second cause i don't want to lose my job. i've always taken my rep duties srsly because if it wasn't for the customers who called, happy or upset, i wouldn't have a job nor would the company i work for exist.

the crook-light company we use is stream energy. and we use two banks, comerica & chase. we pay bills with chase and we have fun with the money in the comerica acct.  we don't like the big companies who got bail outs but chase hasn't done us wrong and comerica for the most part has been good. when we went to vegas in feb, E kept getting calls from comerica notifying him that his debit card was being used in vegas. we like the security notifications but it was killing our vacation. after a million calls later, E made it clear that he was actually in vegas and that no one needed to be alarmed.

moving on..
comerica called us and let us know about three weeks ago that someone in chicago was using our card. we cancelled it and waited for the new one. apparently comerica is stuck in the old days cause when we got our new card we had to go to the bank to activate it and put a new PIN# on it. weird cause most banks that we've used let you call a 1-800 or use an ATM machine to activate. E & i went to the bank and did the damn thing on thursday. saturday we tried using the card at an ATM and it didn't work. E tried going to the bank multiple times but was short on time cause he was still working. when i walk into a bank i expect to be acknowledged. after all, MY money is in YOUR bank. he received bad service every single time he went in. so of course the shit wasn't fixed. since he couldn't pull money out, we ended up using our chase acct for fun and comerica for bills. the credit part of comerica worked fine, just not the debit part.

our light bill was $190.88 and from what i hear, that's not bad during the summer in houston. we paid it on a friday with our comerica acct and never got a confirmation. we waited and waited, figured it would go through on monday. on tuesday we got a call saying it wasn't paid. so we paid it again. somehow, someway, stream charged us THREE times and overdrafted our comerica acct. when we called stream to find out what the fuck happened, they told us it would be back in our bank acct no later than tuesday. but that we could call our bank and stop the payment.

that thursday we went back to the bank. first we needed to know how to stop all this money from leaving our acct and then fix our PIN#. the dude that helped us barely spoke english. i'm all for different nationalities working and making their money. but when it comes down to discussing MY money..we must be able to understand each other or i'm going to talk shit to you, especially if you give me an attitude. i'm not rude or disrespectful to people unless they show their ass first.

we explained to dude what the deal was. he told us he would have to call a 1-800 and get a rep to help him. if that was the case, then why the hell couldn't we have done that?! the rep on the phone obviously couldn't understand what he was saying because it seemed like he was repeating himself over and over again. come to find out, to stop those payments it would be $35 each (we found this out after 10 min of him looking through a pamphlet smh). the overdraft cost the same. so we made a fit about that. as if it were our fault that the light company was on some strong ass crack. nothing was solved that day at the bank because the dude kept being an asshole. we walked out on him mid conversation. oh and he had no record of us activating the debit card two weeks prior. smh.

we called the 1-800 on the back of the comerica card when we left. dude at the bank told us he had requested stop payment on our acct. chick on the phone said she didn't see anything in our acct that said we wanted the payments stopped. so of course now we're fucking livid.  not only did dude get all asshole-ish with us but he didn't even do what he told us he did. bad fucking customer service.

E let the chick on the phone know exactly how he felt in a polite manner. he told her how disappointed he was in this whole situation and how messed up it was that he was being treated as if HE had fucked up the acct. he told her how long he's been banking with them and how easy it woulda been for him to close his acct when his original bank was purchased by comerica.  lady apologized a million times but told us that she really couldn't do anything other than the stop payment.

we ended up depositing more money into the comerica acct before the next day cause E's direct deposit would go in and then we'd be screwed for sure. (thanks mom)

this past tuesday we checked our acct and the money was not back. we waited one more day thinking it would be in at the end of tuesday's business day. come wednesday nothing happened. come thursday we were both pissed.

i called the light company to see what the hell was going on yesterday (thursday, over a week from when we were told we'd have our money). juan, the first rep, told me that the money was credited but to my light acct and NOT my bank acct. i explained to him that we were told it would be in our BANK acct not our LIGHT acct and that i needed that money to pay my rent. i wasn't lying. we owe my mom $400 for rent + what she lent us to cover the banks bullshit. he said he would send a request for the money to be put back in the bank acct but that it would take 3 business days. so i repeated to his slow ass that that's what i had already been told and it didn't happen. i then asked to speak to his supervisor.

george, the first reps super, got on the phone. he had no idea what was going on so i had to repeat it all over again. he laughed at me when i told him i couldn't pay my rent and that his company had deceived me. that is a HUGE no no. that made me blow the fuck up. he then proceeded to tell me that it would take 4 weeks to get my money when the first dude told me 3 business days. wth?!  as he sat there giving me that stupidass speech that aggravates me no matter who i get it from - we're sorry for the inconvenience ma'am - i cut his ass off and said that i didn't need to hear about inconveniences cause he was a sorry piece of shit that was not only disrespectful but needed to work on his english baddd. told him to get the fuck off the phone and put HIS super on the phone. i also mentioned that if he hung up on me that i would have his ass fired. at the beginning of the call him and juan both gave me their names and their id#'s so he knew i wasn't playing once i repeated his id#. prick.

so a joseph gets on the phone and knew what was going on. thank goodness i didn't need to repeat myself. he apologized for george laughing at me and for the bullshit about getting my money back into my bank acct. i explained to him that not only did i not have my money back that i was ridiculously disappointed in his company and the disrespectfulass reps that worked there. i told him if my money wasn't in my bank acct soon that they would be hearing from my lawyers. i was srsly stressed out and pissed like crazy. joseph told me that my money including the over draft fees would be in my bank acct no later than 3 business days. we'll see how that goes. hopefully they act right cause i won't hesitate to call news stations to hate on them along with my lawyer.

the fucked up part about this is that we're in a contract and it's $250 to cancel it. i wanna tell them to go fuck themselves and not give a shittyass company my money. but for now, we're screwed.

whatever happened to good customer service?! are people not worried about their jobs anymore?!
i'm sick and tired of getting treated like a fucking criminal when I'M the one giving you MY money. granted i don't work now and it's my husband's money but that's MY money too. and when you mess with my wallet, believe that i will be ALLLL over your ass.

why is it so hard to do the right thing and make the customer happy. whatever happened to the customer always being right. what happened to doing what you can to keep a customer. it's just ridiculous to me how some of these companies think we should be thanking them for giving us service. bitch please. i have good credit and i have NO problem taking my ass somewhere else.

listen up stream energy - if my money isn't back into my acct by wednesday the 18th, i will not hesitate to call my lawyer and take my money back plus a shit-ton more for the drama you've put us through. this isn't a threat, this is a warning.

& comerica - your ass will be toast once we get this situation fixed with the light company. trust.

i don't like bitching on my blog, i prefer the happier posts. but i really needed to put these two companies on blast.


  1. WOW. I've had my share of issues with customer service but that's even worse than anything I've dealt with.

    I had a chick at Verizon hang up on me after giving me attitude when I had no phone service or internet. Then when I called back and told the next guy he acted as if no one with her name worked there. WHAT? Yeah I'm lying. 'Cause that's what I do all day, I pretend to call businesses and get hung up on. It's so fun. Douchenozzles.

    1. i don't like people playing with my money. i don't work, but my husband works ridiculously hard for it and it's not cool when companies think it's okay to take it from us and then step all over us.

      btw, stop lying to companies about who you've talked to. you know these companies are ALWAYS right. psssh smfh.

  2. :) FAWK YEA!!! S.W.A.T. got yo back homegirl!!!

  3. I'm irate just reading this post

    I've worked in customer service for-e-VER and I'll be damned just like you if someone treated me that way. I have never in my life laughed at someone who was upset. Period. Geez that pisses me off.

    I almost called every news station in the bay area after Fry's jacked me. They ended up remedying the situation, but man, all bad.

    On the flip side, I'm always the first one to commend really good customer service. This little girl at Subway was working her ass off all alone yesterday so we tipped her fat. lol

    Hope everything works out!


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