Friday, July 27, 2012

hey ho..

i think my husband E and Pandora have some weird connection going on. i don't know how he does it, but it never fails. he'll hear a random song on Pandora and then google the group. he finds more songs by this unknown group and then shares with me. not a week later, the band he googled has a new song on the radio.  sometimes it's not the original song he heard on Pandora, but one of the songs he found from googling the group. it's like him and Pandora have bonded. weird lol

the lumineers - jeremiah, neyla, & wesley
we've been on this folk-type music kick lately so it didn't surprise me when he posted a link of a music video on my facebook while i was away. the group he found is called the lumineersthe band includes wesley schultz on lead volcals and guitar, jeremiah fraites on drums and vocals, and sweet neyla pekarek on cello, mandolin, and vocals based out of denver, co. the story is wesley was best friends with jeremiah's brother josh, who died from a drug overdose at a young age. because of this loss, jeremiah and wesley bonded and found peace by making music and writing. they played gigs here and there in new york and one day decided to pack up and head to denver, co. that's where they put out a craigslist ad for a cello player. that's where they found neyla. and there ya have it...the lumineers. :] their first album came out in april of this year and it has a ton of catchy tunes. i haven't heard any of their songs on the radio yet (then again, i don't really listen to the radio much) but E said he's already heard it and we also saw them on the jay leno show a couple nights ago. what i enjoy the most about this band is that they really sound really good together. not just in the videos, but when doing live shows..they compliment each other very well.

if you haven't heard of them then i'll stop talking and share some of their videos. these are three of their songs that i really like. E and i love turning the songs up and stomping around our house haha!

so what didya think?! too folky for ya?! haha!
if you're interested in buying, which i recommend..target, itunes, and amazon is selling the album under $10. i admit i'm not big on purchasing albums, but i like buying from groups that are coming up and that i feel are genuinely good. good luck lumineers, i think the future holds great things for you all!

the lumineers facebook.
the lumineers twitter.

..till next time ;]


  1. That boy has impeccable taste in music. Thanks for turning me on to these folks.

    1. he sure does. I'm pretty sure he gets it from his dad :)


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