Sunday, July 8, 2012

crunch, sushi, & a bombshell..

my husband and i haven't gone grocery shopping together in a while. he doesn't like having to deal with ppl and their bratty kids so normally i go out and do the damn thing.

today i was able to convince him to come with me. he was down, but only if we went to HEB. a non-ghetto HEB lol so we drove all the way to sugarland to a fancy HEB. not that far, but still not our neighborhood HEB.

we had a grocery list like we normally do. and as usual we ended up with a shit-ton of food we didn't plan on getting. like milanos cookies, a bag of deluxe nut mix, & sushi. our bill was waaaay more than we expected but buying food never puts us in a bad mood. we love to eat!

during our grocery adventure i remembered the crunch girl scouts bar commercial (click the link, the commercial is cute).
i asked E if he had seen them yet. he hadn't so i pouted.
i had to find them. i needed to taste these mysterious bars. i craved them.
& BAM! as if HEB had seen my pouty-face...there they were!

we grabbed a box of the caramel & coconut bars and a single bar of the peanut butter creme. i love peanut butter and wish it didn't break my face out like it does. cause i'd be eating peanut butter all day, errday!

i should have grabbed a box of these too.

ridiculously good!

the single bars have two mini bars in them. the box has singles of one mini bar in them. the first thing that came out of E's mouth while he was still chewing the caramel and coconut bar was 'yup, these are fuckin' delicious!' lol that's my boo! :]

not as good as the peanut butter creme IMO.

i still ate it though. i can't say no to chocolate ;]

like i mentioned above, we decided to try out the HEB sushi. they had an entire area devoted to sushi and the crew behind the counter was working hard on these. we looked at them, but none called our names until i saw a california roll. i've had one before so i figured if we didn't have high hopes that it wouldn't taste so bad.

$5.49 for nine rolls.
tasted exactly how we expected.
glad we didn't have high hopes. we weren't impressed but ehh at least now we know right?! :]

this HEB had a long aisle of beer and a massive wine collection. we aren't into wine, not sure why. it just doesn't tickle our fancy so we don't fuck with it.  the cool thing about this aisle to me was that the lights inside the refrigerated part turned on as you walked by. this might be old news to some, but to me it's new. so of course i was like a child at a candy store running back and forth so the lights would turn on haha!

E & i have been to the flying saucer a couple of times. it's a bar with different types of beers that you probably have never heard of. he always experiments with different beers but as usual, i stick to what i know. the bombshell blonde has never let me down. :] while i was running back and forth trying to get the lights to turn on in the beer aisle, E found a 6pk of bombshell blonde for me. i've never seen the cans since i always get a cold glass or mug at the flying saucer. not only are the cans my favorite color, blue..but what do you know..there's a bombshell blonde on the front :]

$7.99 - bombshell blonde 6pk

we rushed home after we left our not-so-close HEB so that all of the ice cream wouldn't melt. we are HUGE fans of ice cream. homemade bluebell vanilla is a must every time we go grocery shopping...for those nights when E makes cookies yanno. since E started doing his insanity workout he doesn't make cookies as often, but he sure does eat the hell out of my popsicles lol so we made sure to get two boxes this time.

have ya found something cool frijoles at the grocery store that you'd like to share?! 
i love food, i'd be grateful if you shared! ;]

..till next time ;]

p.s. 8 days left for cali!


  1. I loved the HEB in The Woodlands. I would make my mama take me there lol I really love HEB's pistachio muffins, sooooooo good! I think Sushi-Ya has a counter at the really spiffy Kroger by my moms. They make everything fresh and give out samples - SO GOOD!

    1. it's like all stores. the good ones are in the nice areas of town lol i checked out HEB's muffins, but they looked a bit pricey. $8 for mini blueberry muffins. no thanks.


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