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california 2012..

california vacation gets better and better every year. this was my third year visiting and hopefully i can keep it up cause its too much fun. i thought i wasn't going to make it this year cause i'm unemployed but i got lucky.

my moms best friend, rosa, has a daughter, nena, who suffers from a mental issue. she's 26 with a mentality of a teenager. she can pretty much do everything a teenager can do so i kinda babysat. she made it easy tho because she's really easy to get along with and she's awesome! i didn't think twice about taking her to cali and disney cause i knew we would get along. all expenses paid and seeing xenia and her family again was a bonus.

in order to get a cheap flight we flew out at 6:30 monday morning. most of the folks on the plane slept. i didn't tho. for some odd reason i can't sleep in public. trust issues i guess. our plane landed around 8:30am and we headed off to dollar rent a car to pick up our ride. lasts years experience with alamo rental was bomb so i hoped this years experience wouldn't be so bad. i figured being a monday morning that i wouldn't have to wait long. yeah bullshit! they made me wait 45 min along with a line of 12 ppl. not cause they were super busy, but because they only had 3 reps available. when i mentioned it to the rep, she thought i was being funny and giggled. i looked at her with a straight face and told her that i thought this was unacceptable when there's so many registers. no one cared.

dollar rental - california

we ended up with an electric blue dodge avenger with 3,000 miles on it. not only was it my favorite color but it was a comfortable ride for us all.

electric blue dodge avenger - rental

after the bullshit at the rental place we headed off to venice beach for some breakfast by the water. it was a beautiful day and i couldn't not go to the beach yanno. nena and i picked candle cafe and enjoyed our morning grub. we walked around a bit and bought some goodies. nena also got some henna done on her arm that she was excitamated about.

after that we headed to buena park where our hotel was.  apparently motel 6 was on the same page as dollar rental and gave us some bullshit reason as to why we didnt have a room. seemed like the manager was scared shitless too. he finally gave us our room and comped two nights! when i get shitty service i make it very clear that i'm unhappy. i have this nasty scowl on my face and cuss words like to pop in once in a while.

our room was on the corner of the third floor and if we had been light sleepers we def woulda bitched about it cause the freeway was right there and loud as hell. i'm never too picky with hotels that i stay in cause i really only need them to sleep and shower. all i care about is security and they were on point with that. parking lot was very well lit and there was a security guy around everytime we went in or out of our room. also the itty bitty pool they had was very, very clean. we had two problems with our room, no three. one: pubes on our towels (yuck!) two: water didn't drain properly in the shower. ankle deep water while you showered. three: not only was wifi $2.99 a day, it worked like shit. we brought our own towels and decided to deal with the other two and not bitch to the manager about it.

baby omie - california
handsome omie <3
we met up with xenia and her family for some flip food. it was delish and i'm glad we checked it out. we checked out some stores after that and called it a night. we decided tuesday was going to be our disneyland day and we wanted to be there early. i also had the chance to meet xenia's new baby boy omar theodore. one of the calmest little humans i've ever met. he was so chill and happy! with the awesome parents and brothers he has, i really don't blame him!

disney was as awesome as i remembered it. it's really not just for kids. adults are welcomed with open arms.
we chose to do both theme parks at $125 a pop. a bit pricey for my taste, but nena had never been there and it was a must. so nena, xenia, her three sons duke damien and ty, and i drove our happy asses to disney.

carsland - disneylandtwo of the rides stalled on us while we were on 'em. tripped us out a bit. i kept thinking that i'd be super bummed if the rides did this to us all day. thankfully it was just those two.  we chose to leave disney for lunch cause it can really cost an arm and a leg. not a big deal when you have a car. then we headed back and checked out downtown disney's stores. disney this year was cooler than last year thanks to the new carsland area. i've been a fan of the movie since it came out and 

carsland - disneyland
bottom left is me screaming holy shit!
showing up at disney and entering carsland freaked me out. in a good way lol. it really felt like they had put the entire set there for us to explore. multiple rides, stores, and awesome food. i def recommend checking it out. did a little bit more of disney and then called it a night again. 

ariface at el pato's factory - california
me at el pato LOL
on wednesday xenia had set up two awesome tours for nena and i + some online bloggers. the first one was el pato - walker foods industries and the second was homeboy industries. we learned so much from them both and were amazed at all of their hardwork. if you aren't familiar with either, please click the link and visit their sites. 

from el pato website:
Walker Foods is the producer of El Pato, the original hot spicy tomato sauce, and of the Golden State family of products. We are a company with traditional values, placing an emphasis on excellent service, quality and loyalty to our employees and to our clients.
el pato looked to be a great place to work with caring people who wanted to make a difference. 65 employees and all with 10 years of working there under their belt. that really says a lot about a company. they also hooked us all up with a box of goodies. the new chipotle sauce is no punk! spicy and delish!

from the homeboy industry website:
Homeboy Industries serves at-risk and gang involved youth with a continuum of services and programs designed to meet their multiple needs, and runs four businesses that serve as job-training sites.
we ate at homegirl cafe which is run by all females who have led tough lives and the homeboys ran the bakery and most of the cleaning around the building. it was nice to being greeted by men and women who are making a change in their lives. very inspiring tour.

after that we headed off to hollywood to show nena what all the fuss was about. we checked out the hollywood stars and the celebrity prints, which i had not visited before. 

johnny deep print

thursday we kinda hung out and did some shopping. we had tix to go to the oc fair but didn't want to go until late due to the heat. the fairs that i've been to in houston don't have shit on the oc fair. there were rides and food stands everywhere! it was freaking massive. you can't go to a fair without getting a funnel cake so we of course did that. nom noms!

after the fair, i went to meet up with some houston friends that had moved to glendale a while back. that was interesting to say the least lol they were both really drunk so i had some laughs and took some pictures. pictures that i won't share without permission LOL!

thursday was our last day with xenia and her family. it made me kinda sad cause i love them all so much. they really know how to make me feel like family and i miss them mucho! thanks to them, nena and i had a fantastical trip we won't ever forget. hoping we can do it all again next year. :]

happy ariface - in-N-out burger no cali trip is complete without an in-N-out visit. :] if you haven't already figured it out, i'll tell you. i'm HUGE on food. i love to eat and when i visit cali, xenia always makes sure to take me to new places. one place she never leaves out is in-N-out tho. thank goodness she loves it too.

i'll share my purchases on my next post. i finally bought that jack skellington backpack i've been dying for haha!

visit this link to my flickr account for all of the pictures.

..till next time ;]


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    1. have ya been to cali rilla?! meet me there next year with angie! we'll do big thangs, i swears it!!

    2. If I can financially next year, I totally would. I've never been!

    3. you'll freaking love it! i need to get a job asap to start saving for next year too!


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