Friday, July 27, 2012

hey ho..

i think my husband E and Pandora have some weird connection going on. i don't know how he does it, but it never fails. he'll hear a random song on Pandora and then google the group. he finds more songs by this unknown group and then shares with me. not a week later, the band he googled has a new song on the radio.  sometimes it's not the original song he heard on Pandora, but one of the songs he found from googling the group. it's like him and Pandora have bonded. weird lol

the lumineers - jeremiah, neyla, & wesley
we've been on this folk-type music kick lately so it didn't surprise me when he posted a link of a music video on my facebook while i was away. the group he found is called the lumineersthe band includes wesley schultz on lead volcals and guitar, jeremiah fraites on drums and vocals, and sweet neyla pekarek on cello, mandolin, and vocals based out of denver, co. the story is wesley was best friends with jeremiah's brother josh, who died from a drug overdose at a young age. because of this loss, jeremiah and wesley bonded and found peace by making music and writing. they played gigs here and there in new york and one day decided to pack up and head to denver, co. that's where they put out a craigslist ad for a cello player. that's where they found neyla. and there ya have it...the lumineers. :] their first album came out in april of this year and it has a ton of catchy tunes. i haven't heard any of their songs on the radio yet (then again, i don't really listen to the radio much) but E said he's already heard it and we also saw them on the jay leno show a couple nights ago. what i enjoy the most about this band is that they really sound really good together. not just in the videos, but when doing live shows..they compliment each other very well.

if you haven't heard of them then i'll stop talking and share some of their videos. these are three of their songs that i really like. E and i love turning the songs up and stomping around our house haha!

so what didya think?! too folky for ya?! haha!
if you're interested in buying, which i recommend..target, itunes, and amazon is selling the album under $10. i admit i'm not big on purchasing albums, but i like buying from groups that are coming up and that i feel are genuinely good. good luck lumineers, i think the future holds great things for you all!

the lumineers facebook.
the lumineers twitter.

..till next time ;]

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

what i came home with..

last years trip to california sent me rushing to target last minute to get another bag for my flight home. smh. i really wasn't planning on buying much, but when i see a sweet deal i can't pass it up.. the thrift stores i visited had some good books and i couldn't pass them up. this year was no different. i made sure not to over-pack this time and didn't have any issues.

i picked these up at two different thrift stores. if you haven't already figured it out, i really like james patterson books. well not all. i can't seem to get into the alex cross series. weird. i picked the little bee book up first cause the description was pretty good. hope it doesn't let me down.
We don't want to tell you too much about this book. It is a truly special story and we don't want to spoil it. Nevertheless, you need to know something, so we will just say this: It is extremely funny, but the African beach scene is horrific. The story starts there, but the book doesn't. And it's what happens afterward that is most important. Once you have read it, you'll want to tell everyone about it. When you do, please don't tell them what happens either. The magic is in how it unfolds.
goat seems to be a bit depressing but ehh, i'll give it a try. choke is by the author of fight club. brother-in-law read it and said it was intense. main character apparently likes the attention he receives in life threatening situations. and well the last book, the bathroom reader, just seemed funny lol

xenia was thinking of me during her thrifting adventures prior to my arrival and hooked me up. i'm not too familiar with anne rice, but what i have read of hers i've enjoyed. interested in starting this one up. the book for newlyweds is very sweet & helpful, srsly lol i know you remember the movie weird science by john hughes. everyone does right?! lol well she found a 45 vinyl record with songs from the soundtrack. i'm surprised she knew i loved the movie and thought of me when she saw this. baby mama knows me well! ;] i also mentioned a couple posts back that i had found this little dude in orange at ross for more money than i wanted to pay. she found it for $6.99 at her ross and bought it for me. such a sweet friend! <3

got me some scraping goodies or just keepsakes. disneyland, oc fair, citadel outlets (bomb), downtown la, visitors guide with transformers 3d ride, storage wars ppl, wonderground gallery postcards from downtown disney, disneyland parking tix & entry tix, el pato business cards, and a business card of the skull that i bought below.

finally bought the jack skellington backpack i've been talking about for almost a year. i love my jansport, it's a dependable backpack and i won't get rid of it. but how cool is this backpack?! last year i made the mistake of wanting it and not purchasing it. something that i know not to do when thrifting. this backpack is sold at disneyland and disneyland only. i searched ebay and google for it and couldn't find it. that only meant that on my next visit i'd have to buy it. the los angeles skull i bought on venice beach. first purchase of the trip. i'm all about helping artists and making sure my money goes to them and not some middle man. i remember seeing skulls similar to these at last years dia de los muertos event. not sure if this is the same guy or not. i didn't realize till we got back to the rental that the blue on the skull matched the electric blue on the rental. i hung it on my rear view for the rest of the trip and when i got back home, i hung it on gracie's rear view.

i've been pretty much rolling around with some cheapass sunglasses my hubby gets from work since mine broke a couple weeks back. figured i'd be able to get some sweet shades in cali. and i was right :] these are pretty dark and fashionable lol oh and the best part was they cost me $6 on venice beach. i also finally bought some chucks. i ended up in the kids section so i could get 'em cheaper at the citadel outlets lol 

along with the black chucks, i bought two shirts that were on sale and some socks. the shirt E is wearing - garbage pail kids - is a gift from xenia and the fam. transformer & soft fabric, yeah he loves it. :]  i also visited the h&m store for the first time. bought these two long shirts that i can wear with leggings. the prices there were just right and i really liked the type of fabric they use. it doesn't seem like it's going to crumble on me after a few washes. guess i'll find out. houston recently opened two of these stores but they're no where near me. one of them is near my moms casa so while visiting her this past saturday i mentioned it to her. she was interested so we went to willowbrook mall to check it out together. it wasn't as big as the outlet - that one was two floors - but it was still pretty nice. clean and the employees greeted us nicely. i bought a black cardigan thanks to some good advice on this post. i noticed xenia always had a black cardigan in her purse or on her person and it got me thinking how convenient it was so i bought me one :]

so all of this plus food is what i spent my money on. mostly food lol but that's a given with me :x

..till next time ;]

note: click pictures to enlarge.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

california 2012..

california vacation gets better and better every year. this was my third year visiting and hopefully i can keep it up cause its too much fun. i thought i wasn't going to make it this year cause i'm unemployed but i got lucky.

my moms best friend, rosa, has a daughter, nena, who suffers from a mental issue. she's 26 with a mentality of a teenager. she can pretty much do everything a teenager can do so i kinda babysat. she made it easy tho because she's really easy to get along with and she's awesome! i didn't think twice about taking her to cali and disney cause i knew we would get along. all expenses paid and seeing xenia and her family again was a bonus.

in order to get a cheap flight we flew out at 6:30 monday morning. most of the folks on the plane slept. i didn't tho. for some odd reason i can't sleep in public. trust issues i guess. our plane landed around 8:30am and we headed off to dollar rent a car to pick up our ride. lasts years experience with alamo rental was bomb so i hoped this years experience wouldn't be so bad. i figured being a monday morning that i wouldn't have to wait long. yeah bullshit! they made me wait 45 min along with a line of 12 ppl. not cause they were super busy, but because they only had 3 reps available. when i mentioned it to the rep, she thought i was being funny and giggled. i looked at her with a straight face and told her that i thought this was unacceptable when there's so many registers. no one cared.

dollar rental - california

we ended up with an electric blue dodge avenger with 3,000 miles on it. not only was it my favorite color but it was a comfortable ride for us all.

electric blue dodge avenger - rental

after the bullshit at the rental place we headed off to venice beach for some breakfast by the water. it was a beautiful day and i couldn't not go to the beach yanno. nena and i picked candle cafe and enjoyed our morning grub. we walked around a bit and bought some goodies. nena also got some henna done on her arm that she was excitamated about.

after that we headed to buena park where our hotel was.  apparently motel 6 was on the same page as dollar rental and gave us some bullshit reason as to why we didnt have a room. seemed like the manager was scared shitless too. he finally gave us our room and comped two nights! when i get shitty service i make it very clear that i'm unhappy. i have this nasty scowl on my face and cuss words like to pop in once in a while.

our room was on the corner of the third floor and if we had been light sleepers we def woulda bitched about it cause the freeway was right there and loud as hell. i'm never too picky with hotels that i stay in cause i really only need them to sleep and shower. all i care about is security and they were on point with that. parking lot was very well lit and there was a security guy around everytime we went in or out of our room. also the itty bitty pool they had was very, very clean. we had two problems with our room, no three. one: pubes on our towels (yuck!) two: water didn't drain properly in the shower. ankle deep water while you showered. three: not only was wifi $2.99 a day, it worked like shit. we brought our own towels and decided to deal with the other two and not bitch to the manager about it.

baby omie - california
handsome omie <3
we met up with xenia and her family for some flip food. it was delish and i'm glad we checked it out. we checked out some stores after that and called it a night. we decided tuesday was going to be our disneyland day and we wanted to be there early. i also had the chance to meet xenia's new baby boy omar theodore. one of the calmest little humans i've ever met. he was so chill and happy! with the awesome parents and brothers he has, i really don't blame him!

disney was as awesome as i remembered it. it's really not just for kids. adults are welcomed with open arms.
we chose to do both theme parks at $125 a pop. a bit pricey for my taste, but nena had never been there and it was a must. so nena, xenia, her three sons duke damien and ty, and i drove our happy asses to disney.

carsland - disneylandtwo of the rides stalled on us while we were on 'em. tripped us out a bit. i kept thinking that i'd be super bummed if the rides did this to us all day. thankfully it was just those two.  we chose to leave disney for lunch cause it can really cost an arm and a leg. not a big deal when you have a car. then we headed back and checked out downtown disney's stores. disney this year was cooler than last year thanks to the new carsland area. i've been a fan of the movie since it came out and 

carsland - disneyland
bottom left is me screaming holy shit!
showing up at disney and entering carsland freaked me out. in a good way lol. it really felt like they had put the entire set there for us to explore. multiple rides, stores, and awesome food. i def recommend checking it out. did a little bit more of disney and then called it a night again. 

ariface at el pato's factory - california
me at el pato LOL
on wednesday xenia had set up two awesome tours for nena and i + some online bloggers. the first one was el pato - walker foods industries and the second was homeboy industries. we learned so much from them both and were amazed at all of their hardwork. if you aren't familiar with either, please click the link and visit their sites. 

from el pato website:
Walker Foods is the producer of El Pato, the original hot spicy tomato sauce, and of the Golden State family of products. We are a company with traditional values, placing an emphasis on excellent service, quality and loyalty to our employees and to our clients.
el pato looked to be a great place to work with caring people who wanted to make a difference. 65 employees and all with 10 years of working there under their belt. that really says a lot about a company. they also hooked us all up with a box of goodies. the new chipotle sauce is no punk! spicy and delish!

from the homeboy industry website:
Homeboy Industries serves at-risk and gang involved youth with a continuum of services and programs designed to meet their multiple needs, and runs four businesses that serve as job-training sites.
we ate at homegirl cafe which is run by all females who have led tough lives and the homeboys ran the bakery and most of the cleaning around the building. it was nice to being greeted by men and women who are making a change in their lives. very inspiring tour.

after that we headed off to hollywood to show nena what all the fuss was about. we checked out the hollywood stars and the celebrity prints, which i had not visited before. 

johnny deep print

thursday we kinda hung out and did some shopping. we had tix to go to the oc fair but didn't want to go until late due to the heat. the fairs that i've been to in houston don't have shit on the oc fair. there were rides and food stands everywhere! it was freaking massive. you can't go to a fair without getting a funnel cake so we of course did that. nom noms!

after the fair, i went to meet up with some houston friends that had moved to glendale a while back. that was interesting to say the least lol they were both really drunk so i had some laughs and took some pictures. pictures that i won't share without permission LOL!

thursday was our last day with xenia and her family. it made me kinda sad cause i love them all so much. they really know how to make me feel like family and i miss them mucho! thanks to them, nena and i had a fantastical trip we won't ever forget. hoping we can do it all again next year. :]

happy ariface - in-N-out burger no cali trip is complete without an in-N-out visit. :] if you haven't already figured it out, i'll tell you. i'm HUGE on food. i love to eat and when i visit cali, xenia always makes sure to take me to new places. one place she never leaves out is in-N-out tho. thank goodness she loves it too.

i'll share my purchases on my next post. i finally bought that jack skellington backpack i've been dying for haha!

visit this link to my flickr account for all of the pictures.

..till next time ;]

Friday, July 13, 2012

if it weren't for me, you wouldn't have a job..

lately it seems E and i keep coming across really bad shitty customer service.
if i fuck up, then there's no reason for me to bitch. but when a company that i use fucks up, believe me, i'm going to be ALL over your ass till i get the solution i deserve.

before i continue, let me say this.  i've worked in customer service since i was 17. 10+ years. i have never laughed at a customer who was upset or made anyone feel like an idiot. first cause it's disrespectful and second cause i don't want to lose my job. i've always taken my rep duties srsly because if it wasn't for the customers who called, happy or upset, i wouldn't have a job nor would the company i work for exist.

the crook-light company we use is stream energy. and we use two banks, comerica & chase. we pay bills with chase and we have fun with the money in the comerica acct.  we don't like the big companies who got bail outs but chase hasn't done us wrong and comerica for the most part has been good. when we went to vegas in feb, E kept getting calls from comerica notifying him that his debit card was being used in vegas. we like the security notifications but it was killing our vacation. after a million calls later, E made it clear that he was actually in vegas and that no one needed to be alarmed.

moving on..
comerica called us and let us know about three weeks ago that someone in chicago was using our card. we cancelled it and waited for the new one. apparently comerica is stuck in the old days cause when we got our new card we had to go to the bank to activate it and put a new PIN# on it. weird cause most banks that we've used let you call a 1-800 or use an ATM machine to activate. E & i went to the bank and did the damn thing on thursday. saturday we tried using the card at an ATM and it didn't work. E tried going to the bank multiple times but was short on time cause he was still working. when i walk into a bank i expect to be acknowledged. after all, MY money is in YOUR bank. he received bad service every single time he went in. so of course the shit wasn't fixed. since he couldn't pull money out, we ended up using our chase acct for fun and comerica for bills. the credit part of comerica worked fine, just not the debit part.

our light bill was $190.88 and from what i hear, that's not bad during the summer in houston. we paid it on a friday with our comerica acct and never got a confirmation. we waited and waited, figured it would go through on monday. on tuesday we got a call saying it wasn't paid. so we paid it again. somehow, someway, stream charged us THREE times and overdrafted our comerica acct. when we called stream to find out what the fuck happened, they told us it would be back in our bank acct no later than tuesday. but that we could call our bank and stop the payment.

that thursday we went back to the bank. first we needed to know how to stop all this money from leaving our acct and then fix our PIN#. the dude that helped us barely spoke english. i'm all for different nationalities working and making their money. but when it comes down to discussing MY money..we must be able to understand each other or i'm going to talk shit to you, especially if you give me an attitude. i'm not rude or disrespectful to people unless they show their ass first.

we explained to dude what the deal was. he told us he would have to call a 1-800 and get a rep to help him. if that was the case, then why the hell couldn't we have done that?! the rep on the phone obviously couldn't understand what he was saying because it seemed like he was repeating himself over and over again. come to find out, to stop those payments it would be $35 each (we found this out after 10 min of him looking through a pamphlet smh). the overdraft cost the same. so we made a fit about that. as if it were our fault that the light company was on some strong ass crack. nothing was solved that day at the bank because the dude kept being an asshole. we walked out on him mid conversation. oh and he had no record of us activating the debit card two weeks prior. smh.

we called the 1-800 on the back of the comerica card when we left. dude at the bank told us he had requested stop payment on our acct. chick on the phone said she didn't see anything in our acct that said we wanted the payments stopped. so of course now we're fucking livid.  not only did dude get all asshole-ish with us but he didn't even do what he told us he did. bad fucking customer service.

E let the chick on the phone know exactly how he felt in a polite manner. he told her how disappointed he was in this whole situation and how messed up it was that he was being treated as if HE had fucked up the acct. he told her how long he's been banking with them and how easy it woulda been for him to close his acct when his original bank was purchased by comerica.  lady apologized a million times but told us that she really couldn't do anything other than the stop payment.

we ended up depositing more money into the comerica acct before the next day cause E's direct deposit would go in and then we'd be screwed for sure. (thanks mom)

this past tuesday we checked our acct and the money was not back. we waited one more day thinking it would be in at the end of tuesday's business day. come wednesday nothing happened. come thursday we were both pissed.

i called the light company to see what the hell was going on yesterday (thursday, over a week from when we were told we'd have our money). juan, the first rep, told me that the money was credited but to my light acct and NOT my bank acct. i explained to him that we were told it would be in our BANK acct not our LIGHT acct and that i needed that money to pay my rent. i wasn't lying. we owe my mom $400 for rent + what she lent us to cover the banks bullshit. he said he would send a request for the money to be put back in the bank acct but that it would take 3 business days. so i repeated to his slow ass that that's what i had already been told and it didn't happen. i then asked to speak to his supervisor.

george, the first reps super, got on the phone. he had no idea what was going on so i had to repeat it all over again. he laughed at me when i told him i couldn't pay my rent and that his company had deceived me. that is a HUGE no no. that made me blow the fuck up. he then proceeded to tell me that it would take 4 weeks to get my money when the first dude told me 3 business days. wth?!  as he sat there giving me that stupidass speech that aggravates me no matter who i get it from - we're sorry for the inconvenience ma'am - i cut his ass off and said that i didn't need to hear about inconveniences cause he was a sorry piece of shit that was not only disrespectful but needed to work on his english baddd. told him to get the fuck off the phone and put HIS super on the phone. i also mentioned that if he hung up on me that i would have his ass fired. at the beginning of the call him and juan both gave me their names and their id#'s so he knew i wasn't playing once i repeated his id#. prick.

so a joseph gets on the phone and knew what was going on. thank goodness i didn't need to repeat myself. he apologized for george laughing at me and for the bullshit about getting my money back into my bank acct. i explained to him that not only did i not have my money back that i was ridiculously disappointed in his company and the disrespectfulass reps that worked there. i told him if my money wasn't in my bank acct soon that they would be hearing from my lawyers. i was srsly stressed out and pissed like crazy. joseph told me that my money including the over draft fees would be in my bank acct no later than 3 business days. we'll see how that goes. hopefully they act right cause i won't hesitate to call news stations to hate on them along with my lawyer.

the fucked up part about this is that we're in a contract and it's $250 to cancel it. i wanna tell them to go fuck themselves and not give a shittyass company my money. but for now, we're screwed.

whatever happened to good customer service?! are people not worried about their jobs anymore?!
i'm sick and tired of getting treated like a fucking criminal when I'M the one giving you MY money. granted i don't work now and it's my husband's money but that's MY money too. and when you mess with my wallet, believe that i will be ALLLL over your ass.

why is it so hard to do the right thing and make the customer happy. whatever happened to the customer always being right. what happened to doing what you can to keep a customer. it's just ridiculous to me how some of these companies think we should be thanking them for giving us service. bitch please. i have good credit and i have NO problem taking my ass somewhere else.

listen up stream energy - if my money isn't back into my acct by wednesday the 18th, i will not hesitate to call my lawyer and take my money back plus a shit-ton more for the drama you've put us through. this isn't a threat, this is a warning.

& comerica - your ass will be toast once we get this situation fixed with the light company. trust.

i don't like bitching on my blog, i prefer the happier posts. but i really needed to put these two companies on blast.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my 'do you have everything list'..

aside from being a procrastinator, i can also be a forgetful person.
that's why i've bought myself two planners and i'm sticking to them. i'll talk more about that in another post.

for now..let's discuss my traveling list.
last year i thought i was set. didn't think i'd forgotten anything.
come to find out, i'd forgotten a very important part of one of my gadgets & didn't realize it until i landed at LAX :x
i had forgotten negrita's charger. negrita is my dell laptop who is black heh ;]
how could i possibly forget my laptops charger. it's one of the important things, if not THE most important thing for me to have. how else will i upload fotos from D?! i tried radioshack, but those thieves wanted close to $85 for a charger. ended up at bestbuy and got one for under $40. planned on returning it once my trip was over, never got around to it. plus its convenient. i've got the dell charger in the office since negrita is connected to a big monitor and keyboard. and the replacement is in the living room for when negrita migrates over there.

this is the exact reason why lists are good. i've learned that i work better with lists. from groceries to what movies i want and even books i love. it's also very comforting when i get to check something off. there's a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that i get from it.

since i leave to la in less than a week, i figured now would be a good time to set this list up. this way i can print it out and put it in my planner as well. annnnd i'll have a list set up for future vacations.

1. one or two pairs of jeans - preferably black and blue jeans.
2. light jacket or sweater for cool nights.
3. one or two shorts & short leggings.
4. one pair of black chanclas.
5. black vans - maybe black nikes.
6. couple of shirts and tanks.
7. underoos & bras.
8. socks.
9. jammies.
10. black belt - not the karate type lol

1. toothbrush & toothpaste - dental floss is always in my purse.
2. shampoo & conditioner.
3. bath&body works perfume mist and lotion.
4. q-tips.
5. hair brush.
6. deodorant.
7. aveeno body wash.
8. washcloth.
9. razor.
10. face wash & face cream.
11. biotin pills & advil.
12. couple of hair scrunchies.
clothes and toiletries all go in my luggage.

1. black jansport backpack - which will be replaced with the jack skellington backpack if i find it at disney.
2. chicken fucker - ipad - wall charger also.
3. both planners - a pen or two & a highlighter.
4. D - nikon D60 & wall charger.
5. D's memory card - i have to mention it because i'm guilty of forgetting it at home lol
5. awesome book that should arrive manana from my 2x4!
6. tokidoki bag - this will be in my luggage.
7. cell phone, wall charger, & car charger.
8. flip video camera & battery charger.
9. granny - canon eos rebel g & film.
10. walet & jack skellington coin bag.
the last three and D will be in a camera bag together.
the rest will be in the jansport backpack.

1.  tweezers & nail clippers.
2.  luggage locks & keys
3.  laundry bag.
4. chapstick.
5. possibly a scrapbook and some goodies - might purchase those in la.

i'm not big on doing my hair nowadays. speaking of, i need a trim before leaving. i use to blow-dry my hair and occasionally flat iron it. yeah too lazy for that. plus my hair doesn't dry out funky, just a bit wavy. i'm also not big on make-up. special occasions only or those rare moments that i feel like i wanna glam myself up. doubt i'll use any, but i'll take some i guess. i didn't add my sunglasses because they broke a week ago. it was a devastating event but i had to move on. maybe i'll find some on my trip, who knows.

now that i have my list, i'm going to print it out and get to work. packing never takes me long cause i'm not to picky with what i wear. i'll probably start manana.

do you have a list?! is it similar to mine?! is there something you recommend i add to my list?!

..till next time ;]

Sunday, July 8, 2012

crunch, sushi, & a bombshell..

my husband and i haven't gone grocery shopping together in a while. he doesn't like having to deal with ppl and their bratty kids so normally i go out and do the damn thing.

today i was able to convince him to come with me. he was down, but only if we went to HEB. a non-ghetto HEB lol so we drove all the way to sugarland to a fancy HEB. not that far, but still not our neighborhood HEB.

we had a grocery list like we normally do. and as usual we ended up with a shit-ton of food we didn't plan on getting. like milanos cookies, a bag of deluxe nut mix, & sushi. our bill was waaaay more than we expected but buying food never puts us in a bad mood. we love to eat!

during our grocery adventure i remembered the crunch girl scouts bar commercial (click the link, the commercial is cute).
i asked E if he had seen them yet. he hadn't so i pouted.
i had to find them. i needed to taste these mysterious bars. i craved them.
& BAM! as if HEB had seen my pouty-face...there they were!

we grabbed a box of the caramel & coconut bars and a single bar of the peanut butter creme. i love peanut butter and wish it didn't break my face out like it does. cause i'd be eating peanut butter all day, errday!

i should have grabbed a box of these too.

ridiculously good!

the single bars have two mini bars in them. the box has singles of one mini bar in them. the first thing that came out of E's mouth while he was still chewing the caramel and coconut bar was 'yup, these are fuckin' delicious!' lol that's my boo! :]

not as good as the peanut butter creme IMO.

i still ate it though. i can't say no to chocolate ;]

like i mentioned above, we decided to try out the HEB sushi. they had an entire area devoted to sushi and the crew behind the counter was working hard on these. we looked at them, but none called our names until i saw a california roll. i've had one before so i figured if we didn't have high hopes that it wouldn't taste so bad.

$5.49 for nine rolls.
tasted exactly how we expected.
glad we didn't have high hopes. we weren't impressed but ehh at least now we know right?! :]

this HEB had a long aisle of beer and a massive wine collection. we aren't into wine, not sure why. it just doesn't tickle our fancy so we don't fuck with it.  the cool thing about this aisle to me was that the lights inside the refrigerated part turned on as you walked by. this might be old news to some, but to me it's new. so of course i was like a child at a candy store running back and forth so the lights would turn on haha!

E & i have been to the flying saucer a couple of times. it's a bar with different types of beers that you probably have never heard of. he always experiments with different beers but as usual, i stick to what i know. the bombshell blonde has never let me down. :] while i was running back and forth trying to get the lights to turn on in the beer aisle, E found a 6pk of bombshell blonde for me. i've never seen the cans since i always get a cold glass or mug at the flying saucer. not only are the cans my favorite color, blue..but what do you know..there's a bombshell blonde on the front :]

$7.99 - bombshell blonde 6pk

we rushed home after we left our not-so-close HEB so that all of the ice cream wouldn't melt. we are HUGE fans of ice cream. homemade bluebell vanilla is a must every time we go grocery shopping...for those nights when E makes cookies yanno. since E started doing his insanity workout he doesn't make cookies as often, but he sure does eat the hell out of my popsicles lol so we made sure to get two boxes this time.

have ya found something cool frijoles at the grocery store that you'd like to share?! 
i love food, i'd be grateful if you shared! ;]

..till next time ;]

p.s. 8 days left for cali!

Friday, July 6, 2012


not much going on so i thought i'd share some pictures. :]

these are the four i have. but they're made out of some rubber material.
i saw the top two statues at ross a couple of days ago. i've always wanted these but they were too rich for my walet. i bought the four on the right from urbanoutfitters when they were on sale. urbanoutfitters use to sell a lamp in blue as big as the top orange one. i searched the site, but didn't find it..guess they don't sell it anymore. if i bought one like the top right one..i'm not really sure where i would put it. do you have any statues like this?! do they mean something to you or are they decoration?!

thursday was the premiere of charlie sheen's new show on FX, anger management. i thought it was a bit awkward that before the new show came on FX had reruns of charlie on two and a half men haha! i thought anger management was freaking hilarious! i've been a fan of charlie sheen since waaaay back in the day. i member watching men at work and thinking this man was made for comedy. i definitely recommend his new show. thursday's on FX at 8pm CT.


a couple of my friends take these pills and have said it's definitely made a change in their hair/nails/skin. so of course, i've given it a shot. today makes a week of taking them and i've realllly noticed the difference in my hair and nails. i struggle with finding good shampoo and conditioner. i'm constantly switching around cause i can't find one that will make my hair soft and not greasy. since i started using this, it's made a huge difference in how soft and shiny my hair is. my nails are the longest i've ever had them and they aren't as weak as they use to be. i bought this at walmart for $2.94 not bad for 150 soft gels especially if it actually works.

my baby girl jay doesn't get on the couch much now since REMI uses it as his trampoline. but when she does, i always snap a picture of her cause she looks adorable. i know it's not right to have a favorite child, but jay is definitely my favorite and she clearly knows it. since REMI is so rambunctious she stays very close to me so she doesn't get in trouble lol poor girl!

REMI is the biggest clown in our house. he's a puppy and has no idea how big he is and dammit he's too massive to act like a chihuahua lol he tries to play with jay but she's not having it. spoiled ass dogs!

i don't like guns. i'm all about the shanks. i went out to a shooting range with E and his cousin bubba and this is what came from it. ari holding a fucking beast! shit was incredibly heavy!

my baby mama hooked me up with this pimpass shirt. i LOVE crybaby walker!! granted johnny depp is her man, i'll take crybaby walker any day lol

weeds season 8 started this past sunday. i got into this show after the 3rd or 4th season a couple of years ago. att uverse had all the seasons on demand and i caught myself up. i have to admit tho that nancy botwin is an IDIOT! but she's a hilarious idiot and keeps me entertained. wish the show was longer than half an hour. catch a new episode on showtime on sunday at 10pm ET. btw, if you've never watched or heard of this show..yes, it's about weed. mostly the botwin's selling weed but they don't have any skills lol

this one is pretty simple. empty boxes of dos x at last weekends firework get together. you will only catch me drinking dos x, stella, or red stripe. what about corona you ask?! uhh NO. i don't drink that shit lol

preview of the new season of the walking dead on AMC this weekend. pretty excited! new season starts in october and from the looks of it..it's going to be good, real good!

hope everyone had a fun and safe july 4th and if you're celebrating some more this weekend..be safe!!

..till next time ;]

p.s. 10 more days till cali bitches!!