Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the real world..

mauro, his mom stella, and his abuelita yeya
i've got a shit ton of cousins in argentina. not so many here in the states.  recently the youngest of my cousins in the states graduated high school and boy are we proud of him.  the entire houston family (which isn't much lol) drove out to the cypress area of town..the north, north side of town to see mauro graduate. E & i think that the graduation was held far from the actual high school so that there wouldn't be any riffraff and what not. the place was nice but they had no idea what they were doing. the parking lot was a mess! everyone had 30 min to vacate the massive lot after the grad was over cause another school had to graduate & you didn't want to get a ticket. in total, four alief high schools graduated on the same day. mauro's taylor high class of '12 had 600+ students and everyone practically raced through the stage (which didn't help my picture taking skillz). the last school, elsik high, graduated at 7 or 8pm on that same sunday. weird no?! not only did mauro graduate but he was accepted to rice university right here in houston. he's made us all proud..even though we've known for quite some time now that he was going to do big thangs! <3

mauro and his gal
i've gotta say i give these kids props. surviving high school nowadays is nothing like it was when i was in high school. there was madd pressure back when i was in school..but the pressure of facebook and being cool is a lot pushier than it was back in the day. i srsly don't think i could have survived high school while facebook was big. there's just no way. we had bullying back in the day, but nothing like what you hear on the news nowadays. we had drugs and gangs and i guess that makes up for the facebooking and bullying..but still it wasn't as hard back then. i'm happy to give props to these kids that are finishing school and doing something with their lives after high school. shits tough, but if you stay focused..there's no telling what can become of you.

i don't know what the stats are on high school grads anymore..let alone college grads. i know it's hard as fuck to finish college and not have accumulated tons and tons of debt. but times will change. it won't always be like this. our country just needs to step it up a bit..

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