Tuesday, June 12, 2012

oh momma..

my moms birthday is coming up on the 23rd. if i'm not mistaken (& i could be) she'll be turning 65 this year. intense huh?! my moms always been a strong, independent, hard working female and i've always admired her for that. she's one of those people who will drop just about anything and everything to help you if she can.

mom & ari
she'll meet you for lunch when you're having a bad day. she'll drive half way across the city to just give you a quick hug when ya need it. she buys your dogs toys or blankets cause she loves her grand kids.okay maybe she won't do a lot of these things for other people, but she does them for me! my moms has been my best friend since forever. not only do i trust her with my life and well being, but she's honest as hell with me even if it might hurt my feelings. she's had my back since day one and i'm extremely grateful!

my mom is one of a kind. i know everyone says that about their mom. but really, my mom is something else..

mom knows we are all broke as fuck and has never really expected much from us. this year she wants to go camping in freeport. i'm going to head out there and hang out with her for her special day!

she's been in love with victoria's secret halo perfume for a loooong time. i think it was when my sister and i bought it for her bday some years ago. apparently vicky thinks no one likes that perfume anymore and discontinued it. don't you hate it when that happens?

mom & i went this past weekend to see if by any chance we could find it at the store or get more info. i told her we could find it online but i knew she wanted to shop too. i ended up buying her two other fragrances cause she looked so down.  the rep said that the semi-annual sale started today and that most of the time the discontinued products come back just for this sale.

so being the great daughter that i am, i'm going to take my happy ass down there right now and see if i have any luck. if not, i'll get her a sweet gift card and she can do some damage for her birthday!

in case you just missed what i said...

get on it ladies! if you're like me and don't mind paying the s&h then go on the vicky site now. i don't like malls or stores (unless it's a thrift store or food store) so i normally do my shopping online. it's peaceful and i don't have to deal with rude ass heffas anywhere. not to mention i'm a lazy ass and prefer shopping while sitting on my ass lol

wish me luck! 

..till next time ;]


  1. Your momma sounds amazing! Happy birthday Ari's momma!

    PS- I tried to close my eyes and unsee that announcement about Vicky's. Yeah. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend? T thanks you, in advance :P

    1. lol VS opened at 7am to VS Angel members . I got there around two and it was a DISASTER! lotion and make up was all over the floor and the shizzle they had was all XL stuffs but I did score two bras, a perfume, and a gift card for mom! good luck Angie!

  2. Awww happy birthday to your Mom!
    Love that picture of you as a baby! Too cute!!
    Good luck finding her perfume. Have you tried maybe eBay?

    1. thanks Erica! I had no luck finding the perfume and I looked on eBay and amazon and told her about it. she sd she wasn't too convinced on buying it there cause she's not sure if she would have an allergic reaction or not.

      that's something that's on my mind as well. was it stored properly and how old is it yanno. I've never bought perfumes or lotions on eBay or amazon so idk if it's cool or not, have you?! there's this lotion that bath and body works discontinued that I LOVE and I asked a rep once and she told me to use eBay. I told her my worries and she sd that for the most part it's not a bad deal. still it freaks me out a bit yanno.

  3. Aww...happy birthday to your Mom!


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