Monday, June 18, 2012

i'm in love with sushi rolls..

a couple years back you couldn't get me to eat sushi. it was more like i'd heard a lot of stories and i just wasn't interested. last year a friend of ours celebrated her birthday at a sushi place called miyako. i went thinking i'd look at the kids menu for some tenders or soup lol i think it's cause it's out of my comfort zone and i'm scared i'm going to hate my food and still have to pay for it. lol i ended up sharing a huge roll with a friend and tried other folks rolls too. i found myself thinking, 'holy shizzle, i actually love sushi rolls' ha! last year for our three year anniversary we invited our friends to join us at miyakos for some nom noms. a couple of our friends thought he was going to propose to me so even though they weren't too excited about eating sushi, they came anyways. yeah that proposal never happened lol we just ran off to vegas and did the damn thing!

miyako flaming lobster roll
on friday E asked me if i was down to go to miyakos. he's in love with a roll called the flaming lobster. it's a regular roll with lobster and it's on FIRE! the butter i mean lol i didn't feel like driving to far from home (15 min drive)  i told him we should try out this sushi joint closer to home that we drove by once in the fountains.  i looked it up on yelp.com and the comments were average. there's always the occasional hater that didn't get a lemon put in their water and they freak out. the place i found on yelp said it was called TAO Japanese Hibachi & Sushi so we took our hungry asses to check it out. apparently i forgot that the yelp comments mentioned it was renamed so when we get to it i'm thinking where the crap did it go lol we called and they told us it was renamed Fujihana.  again, i'm not big on trying new places so this was a big step for me. shout out to yelp for hooking it up lol

comfortable booths with real flowers
the place closed at 11 and we got there a little bit before 10. there were a couple of people in there but it wasn't a full house. just like we like it. there was a bar, a reserved room, booths, and a sweet hibachi area. we sat in a booth like this one near the glass walls to the hibachi area.  have you ever had your food cooked in front of you like those cooks do?! i've never seen that shit. yeah on the movies, but i've never been to one of those places. i'm sure E was annoyed with my ohhs and ahhs haha!  there was also a sweet water fountain ball thang thang that turned on every ten minutes or so and made E and i look at each other and laugh! waitress was cool beans and on point. no complaints from us. the wall separating the reserved area from us was a glass wall with broken glass pieces in it and sand. i thought it looked very unique. maybe this is usual thing for sushi joints, who knows. i've only visited three sushi places so no idea.

as usual i ordered some edamame. i can't get enough of them. i even buy the little frozen box of edamame at walmart so i can eat it at home lol E likes to take them out with his hand and sometimes they end up on the floor haha!

after the edamame we ordered three sushi rolls. we're fatties and that's how we do lol. from top to bottom we ordered the stafford roll, the mango roll, and the shaggy roll. don't ask what was all in them but they were DELISH! the mango roll surprised the crap out of me. the avocado and mango complimented each other very well. we recommend all three of them.

fujihana's mango sushi roll

these are our happy fat fat faces. :] 

and this is the damage we did. :]

whats on my mind when going to sushi restaurants is the price. most of these places, good places, can be a bit pricey. then again, if you don't drink alcohol and keep it to a minimum you should be good. the flaming lobster roll E gets at miyakos is about $17 plus we drink so our tab is up there.

two sprites, edamame, and three rolls cost us about $47. i'm not sure if that's pricey for you, but for us it's pretty good for a date night! in the end we were very satisfied with the food (obviously right?) and crazy full lol i'd say it was a great evening but you probably could have guessed that  :]

in other news..
- i might be visiting cali for sure this year, all expenses paid. i don't wanna jinx it tho so shhhh!
- my bitches received their annual vaccines today. 15 minutes and $216 later we were home relaxing.
- i visited a favorite store, i-freakin-kea! with my MIL on friday. we had a great time and had the hotdogs!
- happy father's day (i'm late) to all dads everywhere and moms who are holding it down too!
- i have a dog related giveaway in the works!

alright, i've rambled long enough. good night!

..till next time ;]


  1. Oh man, that mango sushi roll looks freaking delish!!! Now you got me craving sushi rolls. I usually do the typical california roll...but seeing these makes me wanna be a little more adventurous. :) I love finding new places that end up being great!

    1. frannie the cal roll is delish but you must try this mango sushi roll. it really is out of this world!! go with a friend to eat and get two or three diff rolls..if you don't like something, i'm sure your friend will. change it up! if ya do go, take pictures and link me up! :]

  2. Sushi is just the best isn't it? I'd never had it till I got with my now husband and oh my I could eat it everyday if it was cheaper!

    1. yessss!! i could srsly eat it every day if it was cheaper. sometimes grocery stores sell little packages and the price is alright..but idk, i want it to be fresh!

      thanks to my husband i'm learning how to eat rolls with chop sticks lol i normally just grab a piece of the roll and stick it in my face lol

  3. All of that looks soooo good. I *lovE* Sushi! Except for Eel *puke* I've never been to a Hibachi. Always wanted to! Looks like you guys had a great yummy time :D

    1. i couldn't do eel either lol but i think one of these had eel juice? i didn't taste it..but then again, what exactly does eel taste like lol


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