Monday, June 25, 2012

gifts & guests..

mom rented some cabin down in quintana, tx near the beach for her birthday weekend. plan was for me to go on saturday and hang out but not stay the night. i'm not big on the beach..nothing to do with the sand. i just don't. like. the. heat! i get cranky and wanna cut some one bad.

instead of going saturday, we agreed i would come up sunday morning until they left in the evening.

so Saturday night E & i were invited by our friend dan to go see some racing in baytown. i've never been to baytown..or even any legit racing. i've seen street racing back when i was in high school, but that shit doesn't count. i had no idea what to expect and it didn't even cross my mind that it was going to be ridiculously hot. my dumbass wore a black sleeve shirt and shorts. i was sweating bricks within the first half hour.
courtesy of google
there were little rides and big rides. these up there are the big rides. once these started going, the noise took over my senses. i couldn't stop smiling and screaming for the car i chose lol we figured the event would be about and hour or so. show started at 7 and didn't end till 11ish. great night with the guys. i still have no idea what these little cars are called lol

we didn't get to bed till about 3am sunday morning. a friend was having some issues at home so he stopped by and hung out. sunday morning was a bitch for me. i couldn't get up for shit lol but it was the day i agreed to go hang out with my moms. the drive was about an hour and half. not too bad, but still sucky on my own. the water looked glorious and so did the day.  once i got down there i called my mom and sister nonstop to figure out where they were. i waited 45 min and got no response. apparently the signal down there is shit and none of us could get a hold of each other. i was hungry and had horrible heartburn so i sent my mom one last text and told her i was going home. no point in sticking around if i can't get a hold of anyone. so i drove my hungry ass back home.

i called E and told him what the deal was. he said his brother was coming over to barbq and some other friends too.  his brother allen has been in columbia with his gal for the last two weeks. and when he says he's going to cook..we drop EVERYTHING! this man can srsly cook!!

when i got home and saw all the cars i was excited. hoping the food was ready but no :[ i had to wait..but while waiting i was given gifts from columbia. that perked me right up lol

i collect shot glasses from all over the place. any time a friend or family member travels, i always remind them to bring me back a shot glass. i'll pay for it, no biggie. but most folks don't want my money. that's cool with me lol so yeah allen hooked me up with three badass shot glasses. the details on them are ridiculous. can't believe someone has the patience to draw the way these are drawn on leather. of course no party of ours is complete with out shots! not sure what we drank, but i'm glad i was able to do a shot with my brother! :] do you have a weird collection?! some folks collect buttons or specific spoons, what about you?!

pipes from columbia

allen brought back to small pipes from columbia.
the left one is elliott's and the right one is his.

a gift allen got for his friend palmer lol
yes it's a penis shaped flute lol

april 16th a friend of ours pit bull had a litter of 9 puppies. cutest little dogs ever! a couple were given to friends and the ones no one wanted were sold to random folks.  ron came over with both mom and dad, milli and rambo and brought the puppy he kept, capone. later another friend, elizabeth, who got a puppy as well came over with her puppy, harlow. it was the first introduction since elizabeth took her kid home. rambo wanted no part of meeting harlow but milli was very playful with her...here's a couple of the pictures. more on my flickr, as usual..

capone. the only red dude in the pack.

capone, harlow, & milli

harlow with her pink nails!

capone and harlow

harlow and her beautiful eyes

my boo capone napping it up
overall it was a great sunday. i was exhausted from the late nights and the driving so i took my ass to bed around 8ish. planned on just napping a bit..yeah that didn't happen. E woke me up at midnight to get in bed so he could lay down too. put my jammies on and figured i'd continue sleeping. yeah that didn't happen. i got up and finished reading the book i'm on now. went to bed around 3:30am. smh. i really need to get my sleeping schedule back on point..

so that was my weekend. how was your weekend?! do anything fun?

..till next time ;]

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  1. look at my lil diva with her cutie toes!! <3 ...and she looks like a hoss compared to her bro, capone!

    1. i bet she's the biggest out of her litter lol she's awesomesauce tho. at least you'll never get bored with her yanno lol

  2. Those look fabulous! Great blog; happy I found you!

    1. they're tiny shot glasses, but they get the job done lol
      thanks for stopping by! :]


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