Wednesday, June 6, 2012

backing it up a bit..

thanks to everyone who signed up for the SMASH goodie giveaway! i think everyone loved the mustaches the most lol i know i do! i can't wait to announce the winner! since i reached lots of folks, i'm thinking of doing another giveaway as soon as that one ends! can't wait.

on friday i met up with my MIL and we hit up the george memorial library in fort bend. i haven't been to a library since high school when i was required to go.  since i couldn't really get into books back then cause i was such a rebel -rollseyes- it was a huge deal for me now as an adult and an avid reader. srsly, when the lady at the counter was hooking me up with a new card, i wanted to squeal!! but i didn't cause of this stupid cold i've been fighting. or maybe it's some weird virus! i felt horrible looking for books too. my damn cough would sneak up on me and make me panic. folks are trying to read and focus and here i am..annoying as hell, coughing and shit. when i tried to hold it in, i'd end up spitting all over myself and sweating all hardcore. i fast walked my ass to the restrooms to blow my nose, cough some more, and drink some water from the water fountain. the lady at the counter laughed when i told her i was panicking and then told me that as long as i wasn't on my cell acting a fool it was all good. still, i felt bad cause i know if i had been in there all quiet trying to do some school work and some random person started coughing i'd be huffing and puffing lol and what is up with these damn cough drops. thought they were suppose to suppress my damn cough. bullshit!

i ended up with 11 books and one magazine. who woulda thought i'd have such a magnificent library visit. books vary from photography, scrapbooking, dogs, gardening, interior design, and a james patterson book.

the top book is called slow love by dominique browning. i wasn't looking for it, but like my MIL said..the book found ME! it's about dominique losing a high paying job, ending a long relationship, and coping with being lonely in a way. i searched it on amazon and didn't like the reviews much. ppl seem to hate the fact that although she did lose her job, she was still a paid lady. regardless of where you are financially, i think losing a job that you've dedicated so much time and effort into is still a very hard thing to deal with. when i read those reviews, i put the book down. looked around some more, even got lost :x and then somehow picked it back up. i figured i can 'rent' the book for the three weeks that i'm given and if i don't like it, then i just don't like it. but the book found me, there was something that had me drawn into it, so who knows, maybe it's just what i need to pick my feelings off the floor from when i lost my job.  so far, i've read about three chapters and i'm still into it.

i also picked up a james patterson book called the christmas wedding. i read it in less than 24 hours, granted james patterson books are fast readers, still i had to be into it to finish the book right?! i really like his writing, it's straight to the point and not old fashioned like some other authors i know. what i most liked about this book was how positive about life and those you love around you are. seize the moment. seize life. the truth is we never know what can happen to those we love. i def recommend this book.

i picked up two dog books. duh! barkitechture by fred albert and things your dog doesn't WANT YOU TO KNOW by hy conrad. barkitechture blew me the fuck away. i mean srsly, these dogs have homes that look better than mine and are half the size of my bathroom lol things your dog doesn't want you to know is pure comedy. dogs discuss why they constantly lick your face. why they like the opposite sexes ass. and how in love they are with the kids in the family. def a book to put you in a good mood!

i had no idea you could get magazines from the library. maybe it's just this library, not sure. but i loved the selection. home gardening, rolling stone, popular mechanics (fav), to GQ. i picked up the popular photography mag from 2011 and i've learned a few things.

the best part about my visit was learning that i can borrow as many books as i want. or like my MIL said, 'enough to fill my prius up' lol and i get three weeks with each book. if i want to keep it longer, all i have to do is log on the library website (what we woulda done back in the day for this lol) and recheck it.

stay tuned for my terrarium post next...

..till next time ;]


  1. believe it or not, many libraries have some really great stuff! my local jsut got this awesome copier that lets you email pages to yourself (FREE!)-especially great for stuff you wanna use later...don't forget their movies and CD sections!

    1. copy and email for free?! have they lost their marbles! that's GENIUS!!
      i'm def checking the movie and cd section out when i go next time! i might need to take a cart of some sort for my finds though! my MIL went to her car three times to drop off books she was getting! i feel like i found a gold mine LOL shame on me for not going sooner!!

  2. There is a huge difference between the libraries in the UK and the USA. I'm in total heaven here in our local library in Michigan. Back in my homeland once a book hasn't been borrowed for a while, or its "old" it gets taken off the shelves - I just love that here there's old and new books sitting side by side. And all the books too - just incredible!

  3. they take them off the shelves?! well what do they do with them?! that's crazy talk lol books are good forever!! so glad the USA doesn't do that, we'd be missing out on so many great books!

  4. I'm pretty LATE on this compared to having had added everybody else to my links. FYI, I added you. :) So far, so good...liking your blog. It's like a cold glass of water on a hot day...refreshing.


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