Wednesday, June 20, 2012

annual trip..

i've got some GREAT news!! well great for me maybe not you lol i'm going to cali next month. i was a bit sad before cause i've gone to socal the last two years and thought that since im unemployed and all that i wouldn't be able to make it out there. thankfully, a friend of my moms wants me to take her daughter, all expenses paid. say whaaa!! yes siree bob! we will be hitting up disney fa sho! finally gonna get that jack skellington backpack that i've been harassing everyone to get for me lol we'll be there for 5 days and i canNOT wait.

the best part of it all isn't just cali..it's that i get to see the G family again. my all time favorite family. i get to see that little dude in the picture AND the new addition to the family, omar feets!! mama G has some cool places for us to check out, as usual! she really is the best tour guide haha! thank goodness for elena, the chick i'm taking to cali. she wants to visit mickey in disney and thats what the trip is based on. we also get to take duke to disney. last year he wasn't able to go with us and it made us a bit sad. but this year it's going down!!

duke the midge!
mickey & ari

california, i don't think you're ready for me! but you better get ready lol oh and in-n-out better be ready, i'm finna tear it UP!!

i also decided to get elena, or nena like we call her, a SMASH book for our trip. i figured we can both work on it and then she'll have a sweet book of our cali memories! what do you think?! i think she's going to love it!

..till next time ;]

p.s. if you haven't already, please sign up for the 'things your dog doesn't want you to know' signed book giveaway here. ends on the 26th of june.


  1. I know I keep telling you but I'm so exciteddddddddddddd!

    1. wonder who is more excited..you, duke, or me?!


    2. Probably you cause you love Killah Cali and us :D lol

  2. I think the SMASH book is a great idea for a young lady. Gotta remember that for gifting opportunities. What do you think is a good age range for it?

    1. i think SMASH books are for any age. it wakes up the creativity in anyone. I really hope she likes the idea!

  3. Before I started reading I almost said, "Your kid looks like Xenia's." LOL


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