Wednesday, June 27, 2012

and the winner is...

i had this giveaway going on this blog and theremiproject.com. i don't really advertise theremiproject much so i didn't have any entries there lol guess i shoulda known huh?!

so i decided to pick three winners instead of one. here are the lucky winners..

elizabeth s.
mauro z.
& rilla :]

two of you live in houston so i'll be able to give you the book, no problem. but rilla, i need your address. :]

congrats winners! please don't forget to let me know what you enjoyed most about the book!


i'm off to my MIL's casa today for a sewing experience. i've never really done any time of sewing with or without a sewing machine..so we're going to find out what i'm capable of.

wish me luck!

..till next time ;]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

four legged kids..

the kidsmom and the kidsmillifacecaponeshy caponerambo and harlow
caponeharlowharlow wants to playrambo and harlowharlowharlow face
allen the cookpalmermilli mamakatierobin elizabeth ronrambo
harlow and milli

06.24.12 barbq at the casa, a set on Flickr.

here is the flickr album with the kids that came over this past weekend!

Monday, June 25, 2012

gifts & guests..

mom rented some cabin down in quintana, tx near the beach for her birthday weekend. plan was for me to go on saturday and hang out but not stay the night. i'm not big on the beach..nothing to do with the sand. i just don't. like. the. heat! i get cranky and wanna cut some one bad.

instead of going saturday, we agreed i would come up sunday morning until they left in the evening.

so Saturday night E & i were invited by our friend dan to go see some racing in baytown. i've never been to baytown..or even any legit racing. i've seen street racing back when i was in high school, but that shit doesn't count. i had no idea what to expect and it didn't even cross my mind that it was going to be ridiculously hot. my dumbass wore a black sleeve shirt and shorts. i was sweating bricks within the first half hour.
courtesy of google
there were little rides and big rides. these up there are the big rides. once these started going, the noise took over my senses. i couldn't stop smiling and screaming for the car i chose lol we figured the event would be about and hour or so. show started at 7 and didn't end till 11ish. great night with the guys. i still have no idea what these little cars are called lol

we didn't get to bed till about 3am sunday morning. a friend was having some issues at home so he stopped by and hung out. sunday morning was a bitch for me. i couldn't get up for shit lol but it was the day i agreed to go hang out with my moms. the drive was about an hour and half. not too bad, but still sucky on my own. the water looked glorious and so did the day.  once i got down there i called my mom and sister nonstop to figure out where they were. i waited 45 min and got no response. apparently the signal down there is shit and none of us could get a hold of each other. i was hungry and had horrible heartburn so i sent my mom one last text and told her i was going home. no point in sticking around if i can't get a hold of anyone. so i drove my hungry ass back home.

i called E and told him what the deal was. he said his brother was coming over to barbq and some other friends too.  his brother allen has been in columbia with his gal for the last two weeks. and when he says he's going to cook..we drop EVERYTHING! this man can srsly cook!!

when i got home and saw all the cars i was excited. hoping the food was ready but no :[ i had to wait..but while waiting i was given gifts from columbia. that perked me right up lol

i collect shot glasses from all over the place. any time a friend or family member travels, i always remind them to bring me back a shot glass. i'll pay for it, no biggie. but most folks don't want my money. that's cool with me lol so yeah allen hooked me up with three badass shot glasses. the details on them are ridiculous. can't believe someone has the patience to draw the way these are drawn on leather. of course no party of ours is complete with out shots! not sure what we drank, but i'm glad i was able to do a shot with my brother! :] do you have a weird collection?! some folks collect buttons or specific spoons, what about you?!

pipes from columbia

allen brought back to small pipes from columbia.
the left one is elliott's and the right one is his.

a gift allen got for his friend palmer lol
yes it's a penis shaped flute lol

april 16th a friend of ours pit bull had a litter of 9 puppies. cutest little dogs ever! a couple were given to friends and the ones no one wanted were sold to random folks.  ron came over with both mom and dad, milli and rambo and brought the puppy he kept, capone. later another friend, elizabeth, who got a puppy as well came over with her puppy, harlow. it was the first introduction since elizabeth took her kid home. rambo wanted no part of meeting harlow but milli was very playful with her...here's a couple of the pictures. more on my flickr, as usual..

capone. the only red dude in the pack.

capone, harlow, & milli

harlow with her pink nails!

capone and harlow

harlow and her beautiful eyes

my boo capone napping it up
overall it was a great sunday. i was exhausted from the late nights and the driving so i took my ass to bed around 8ish. planned on just napping a bit..yeah that didn't happen. E woke me up at midnight to get in bed so he could lay down too. put my jammies on and figured i'd continue sleeping. yeah that didn't happen. i got up and finished reading the book i'm on now. went to bed around 3:30am. smh. i really need to get my sleeping schedule back on point..

so that was my weekend. how was your weekend?! do anything fun?

..till next time ;]

p.s. tomorrow is the last day for the book giveaway. don't forget to sign up :]

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

annual trip..

i've got some GREAT news!! well great for me maybe not you lol i'm going to cali next month. i was a bit sad before cause i've gone to socal the last two years and thought that since im unemployed and all that i wouldn't be able to make it out there. thankfully, a friend of my moms wants me to take her daughter, all expenses paid. say whaaa!! yes siree bob! we will be hitting up disney fa sho! finally gonna get that jack skellington backpack that i've been harassing everyone to get for me lol we'll be there for 5 days and i canNOT wait.

the best part of it all isn't just cali..it's that i get to see the G family again. my all time favorite family. i get to see that little dude in the picture AND the new addition to the family, omar feets!! mama G has some cool places for us to check out, as usual! she really is the best tour guide haha! thank goodness for elena, the chick i'm taking to cali. she wants to visit mickey in disney and thats what the trip is based on. we also get to take duke to disney. last year he wasn't able to go with us and it made us a bit sad. but this year it's going down!!

duke the midge!
mickey & ari

california, i don't think you're ready for me! but you better get ready lol oh and in-n-out better be ready, i'm finna tear it UP!!

i also decided to get elena, or nena like we call her, a SMASH book for our trip. i figured we can both work on it and then she'll have a sweet book of our cali memories! what do you think?! i think she's going to love it!

..till next time ;]

p.s. if you haven't already, please sign up for the 'things your dog doesn't want you to know' signed book giveaway here. ends on the 26th of june.

Monday, June 18, 2012

giveaway - things your dog doesn't want you to know..

a week or so ago i posted about my adventure at the george memorial library with connie. i told you about some of the books that i borrowed and how excited i was.

one of those books was called 'things your dog doesn't want you to know' by hy conrad & jeff johnson. i didn't give it a full review because i had only seen a couple pages. of course by now i've completed the book and srsly LMAO! 

the book starts off by introducing you to 11 canines and where they are in life. that introduction alone had me sold! this book makes it clear as to what dogs are thinking, why they act the way they do, and why they care for us so much.  

the canines include: axelrod the yellow lab, bandana the border collie, dimples the boxer, tinkerbell the chihuahua, orson the bulldog, sophie the cocker spaniel, sarge the german shepherd, charlie the miniture schnauzer, moonbeam the mixed breed, gabby the long-haired dachshund, and rufus t. the bloodhound. 

if you have a dog, have had a dog, or really want a dog this book is for you.  it's pure comedy and i definitely recommend it for all ages. 

the following are two chapters in the book that made me LOL!
click the pictures to make them easier to read.

on friday, jeff johnson one of the authors emailed me about my previous review and asked if i was interested in a giveaway! i, of course, squeeeeeled lol i've only done one giveaway and that came straight from me. to be contacted by an author that obviously has a great humor made me super excited. for a good 7 minutes after i read the email and told my husband the only thing i could say was OHMYGAWD! lame i know but it's exciting to me! not to mention jeff is a pretty cool guy! :]

so here's the deal. jeff has been gracious enough to send me some books for a giveaway. the giveaway will not only be for a 'things your dog doesn't want you to know' book...but to sweeten the deal, jeff & hy are going to sign them!! eeeeek!! ;]

if you're interested or know someone who is here's how to sign up for the giveaway..

- leave a comment telling me why you'd like to win this book - 1 entry - mandatory
- like 3twentysix on facebook - 1 entry
- like Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You To Know on facebook - 1 entry
- share giveaway on FB, twitter, or your blog - 2 entries
- follow @thingsyourdog on twitter - 1 entry
- tweet about the giveaway - 1 entry
giveaway is open to US residents only.
the giveaway starts june 19th and ends june 26th. one week.

good luck everyone! can't wait to see who wins this fantastical book! :]
show some love by visiting and liking things your dog doesn't want you to know on facebook.

..till next time ;]

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make sure to check off which of the entries you did on the rafflecopter widget. very important.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

i'm in love with sushi rolls..

a couple years back you couldn't get me to eat sushi. it was more like i'd heard a lot of stories and i just wasn't interested. last year a friend of ours celebrated her birthday at a sushi place called miyako. i went thinking i'd look at the kids menu for some tenders or soup lol i think it's cause it's out of my comfort zone and i'm scared i'm going to hate my food and still have to pay for it. lol i ended up sharing a huge roll with a friend and tried other folks rolls too. i found myself thinking, 'holy shizzle, i actually love sushi rolls' ha! last year for our three year anniversary we invited our friends to join us at miyakos for some nom noms. a couple of our friends thought he was going to propose to me so even though they weren't too excited about eating sushi, they came anyways. yeah that proposal never happened lol we just ran off to vegas and did the damn thing!

miyako flaming lobster roll
on friday E asked me if i was down to go to miyakos. he's in love with a roll called the flaming lobster. it's a regular roll with lobster and it's on FIRE! the butter i mean lol i didn't feel like driving to far from home (15 min drive)  i told him we should try out this sushi joint closer to home that we drove by once in the fountains.  i looked it up on yelp.com and the comments were average. there's always the occasional hater that didn't get a lemon put in their water and they freak out. the place i found on yelp said it was called TAO Japanese Hibachi & Sushi so we took our hungry asses to check it out. apparently i forgot that the yelp comments mentioned it was renamed so when we get to it i'm thinking where the crap did it go lol we called and they told us it was renamed Fujihana.  again, i'm not big on trying new places so this was a big step for me. shout out to yelp for hooking it up lol

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

oh momma..

my moms birthday is coming up on the 23rd. if i'm not mistaken (& i could be) she'll be turning 65 this year. intense huh?! my moms always been a strong, independent, hard working female and i've always admired her for that. she's one of those people who will drop just about anything and everything to help you if she can.

mom & ari
she'll meet you for lunch when you're having a bad day. she'll drive half way across the city to just give you a quick hug when ya need it. she buys your dogs toys or blankets cause she loves her grand kids.okay maybe she won't do a lot of these things for other people, but she does them for me! my moms has been my best friend since forever. not only do i trust her with my life and well being, but she's honest as hell with me even if it might hurt my feelings. she's had my back since day one and i'm extremely grateful!

my mom is one of a kind. i know everyone says that about their mom. but really, my mom is something else..

mom knows we are all broke as fuck and has never really expected much from us. this year she wants to go camping in freeport. i'm going to head out there and hang out with her for her special day!

she's been in love with victoria's secret halo perfume for a loooong time. i think it was when my sister and i bought it for her bday some years ago. apparently vicky thinks no one likes that perfume anymore and discontinued it. don't you hate it when that happens?

mom & i went this past weekend to see if by any chance we could find it at the store or get more info. i told her we could find it online but i knew she wanted to shop too. i ended up buying her two other fragrances cause she looked so down.  the rep said that the semi-annual sale started today and that most of the time the discontinued products come back just for this sale.

so being the great daughter that i am, i'm going to take my happy ass down there right now and see if i have any luck. if not, i'll get her a sweet gift card and she can do some damage for her birthday!

in case you just missed what i said...

get on it ladies! if you're like me and don't mind paying the s&h then go on the vicky site now. i don't like malls or stores (unless it's a thrift store or food store) so i normally do my shopping online. it's peaceful and i don't have to deal with rude ass heffas anywhere. not to mention i'm a lazy ass and prefer shopping while sitting on my ass lol

wish me luck! 

..till next time ;]

Monday, June 11, 2012

i'm such an idiot..

shit! shit! shit! please don't hate me. i'm so terrible at these things. no excuses for being late, but i honestly thought i would receive some type of contact from rafflecopter.com letting me know that my giveaway was over and it was time to pick a winner.
major FAIL on my part!!
not only that but when i did the giveaway i even asked a friend if a week was okay or if i should do it two weeks. guess it stuck in my head to do a two week giveaway and i forgot..but still i posted about it being the last day on my giveaway lol i'm such a fool!

anyways, the awesomesauce winner is jaratzed sanchez from my SMASH*aholics group on facebook! congrats jaratzed!! i've sent ya an email so get back to me as soon as ya can and ill send your goodies out!!

i promise to do it the right way next time i do a giveaway! lol

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

terrarium making..

south dairy ashford & I-10
connie (MIL) text me on tuesday and asked if i was down to meet her at cornelius - calloway nursery with a picture of some terrarium supply she had. of course i was down. we had just talked about making terrariums the week before and there was no way i was going to miss this outing!!

i'd never been to this nursery. went to a couple when i was a kid and mom forced me to go. since it wasn't my thing, it kinda sucked. the heat is my enemy. makes me all itchy and panicky! 

the picture connie (MIL) sent me
so she sent me this picture and it got me super excitamated! plan was to meet at 2pm but we ended up meeting around 3pm. it was practically empty. we shoulda known it would be. it was HOT! not just regular hot..like sweaty and heavy breathing hot, but we made it out with some awesome goodies!

warning: i made sure to take my camera D with me for blogging purposes! so this post is FULL of pictures! i made collages using picmonkey.com to keep it minimal, but i got a little too excited lol!

backing it up a bit..

thanks to everyone who signed up for the SMASH goodie giveaway! i think everyone loved the mustaches the most lol i know i do! i can't wait to announce the winner! since i reached lots of folks, i'm thinking of doing another giveaway as soon as that one ends! can't wait.

on friday i met up with my MIL and we hit up the george memorial library in fort bend. i haven't been to a library since high school when i was required to go.  since i couldn't really get into books back then cause i was such a rebel -rollseyes- it was a huge deal for me now as an adult and an avid reader. srsly, when the lady at the counter was hooking me up with a new card, i wanted to squeal!! but i didn't cause of this stupid cold i've been fighting. or maybe it's some weird virus! i felt horrible looking for books too. my damn cough would sneak up on me and make me panic. folks are trying to read and focus and here i am..annoying as hell, coughing and shit. when i tried to hold it in, i'd end up spitting all over myself and sweating all hardcore. i fast walked my ass to the restrooms to blow my nose, cough some more, and drink some water from the water fountain. the lady at the counter laughed when i told her i was panicking and then told me that as long as i wasn't on my cell acting a fool it was all good. still, i felt bad cause i know if i had been in there all quiet trying to do some school work and some random person started coughing i'd be huffing and puffing lol and what is up with these damn cough drops. thought they were suppose to suppress my damn cough. bullshit!

i ended up with 11 books and one magazine. who woulda thought i'd have such a magnificent library visit. books vary from photography, scrapbooking, dogs, gardening, interior design, and a james patterson book.

the top book is called slow love by dominique browning. i wasn't looking for it, but like my MIL said..the book found ME! it's about dominique losing a high paying job, ending a long relationship, and coping with being lonely in a way. i searched it on amazon and didn't like the reviews much. ppl seem to hate the fact that although she did lose her job, she was still a paid lady. regardless of where you are financially, i think losing a job that you've dedicated so much time and effort into is still a very hard thing to deal with. when i read those reviews, i put the book down. looked around some more, even got lost :x and then somehow picked it back up. i figured i can 'rent' the book for the three weeks that i'm given and if i don't like it, then i just don't like it. but the book found me, there was something that had me drawn into it, so who knows, maybe it's just what i need to pick my feelings off the floor from when i lost my job.  so far, i've read about three chapters and i'm still into it.

i also picked up a james patterson book called the christmas wedding. i read it in less than 24 hours, granted james patterson books are fast readers, still i had to be into it to finish the book right?! i really like his writing, it's straight to the point and not old fashioned like some other authors i know. what i most liked about this book was how positive about life and those you love around you are. seize the moment. seize life. the truth is we never know what can happen to those we love. i def recommend this book.

i picked up two dog books. duh! barkitechture by fred albert and things your dog doesn't WANT YOU TO KNOW by hy conrad. barkitechture blew me the fuck away. i mean srsly, these dogs have homes that look better than mine and are half the size of my bathroom lol things your dog doesn't want you to know is pure comedy. dogs discuss why they constantly lick your face. why they like the opposite sexes ass. and how in love they are with the kids in the family. def a book to put you in a good mood!

i had no idea you could get magazines from the library. maybe it's just this library, not sure. but i loved the selection. home gardening, rolling stone, popular mechanics (fav), to GQ. i picked up the popular photography mag from 2011 and i've learned a few things.

the best part about my visit was learning that i can borrow as many books as i want. or like my MIL said, 'enough to fill my prius up' lol and i get three weeks with each book. if i want to keep it longer, all i have to do is log on the library website (what we woulda done back in the day for this lol) and recheck it.

stay tuned for my terrarium post next...

..till next time ;]