Friday, May 18, 2012

three week mark..

some say ‘don’t think about it so much’ others say ‘i know it’s hard not to think about’ but to me i’m kinda happy it all happened. i was stuck at a dead end job that was making me unhappy and stressing me the crap out. thanks to my vocational freedom..i am now in a happier and stress-free place.  not to mention my face is clearing up too lol that’s always a plus. so yes today marks the third week of no job for me.
i’ve done quite a few things with all my time. mostly hang out with my mother-in-law who is a fantastical lady! she’s teaching me about self-employment and how to run a business! she use to have her own graphics company and my father in law has his own IT company. any advice from either of them is very important to me.
connie, my mother-in-law is also teaching me to cook! if you know me, you know i don’t cook. i’ve somewhat convinced myself that it’s a phobia. i think it’s mostly cause i’m scared of rejection. but then again, my husband E will eat just about anything as long as it’s not tomatoes or mushrooms lol
we recorded a couple videos of me cooking on monday. follow the two links to connie’s facebook to see me cooking :] i totally sound like a kid in both. haha!
dinner was homemade meatballs with pasta. salad. & apple cornbread muffins. everything tasted awesome! best part wasn’t only that connie helped me out, but that the reed family was there for dinner. perry (fatherinlaw), connie, allen (broinlaw), and my honey elliott!
i got a little emotional when connie raised her glass and said ‘a toast to the reed family!’ made me feel really good about my new family!
thank you connie for all of you help, support, & love! we’re going to be doing big things together, i can feel it!
& thanks to the guys for encouraging me and possibly lying and saying the meal was good LOL!!
..till next time ;]

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