Thursday, May 24, 2012

mother's day 2012..

since i'm a procrastinator, i haven't uploaded or even discussed mother's day.
as usual, i spent it with my fantabulous mama, my tia stella, and my new mother in law connie. ;]
i can't tell you how incredibly lucky i am to have such strong and amazing women in my life!

my mama & i <3
since i've been pretty creative lately with the whole scrapbooking stuffs. i figured it would be nifty if i made my mama a card for mother's day. it means more i guess then buying a random card at the store.
i read something prior to making the card and i wish i could find it...but it talked about thinking you're not creative and being stuck in that rut. if you continue to think and say that you're not creative, then you won't be. but if you think you're creative, chances are you'll make something extraordinary. i'm not sure if that stuck with me or not when i got the idea to make a card, but it's worth mentioning. i've searched my email and cannot find the article, but i swear it's there and i'll make sure to share it once i find it.

the front of the card

the inside

my mama & i

ari, mama, tia stella, & sister gaby

ari, connie, elliott, & raleigh dog

yes i'm a procrastinator.
i can't tell you how many pictures i have that haven't been uploaded. pictures from my cali trip last year to pictures of people's birthdays to holidays with the family.
i really don't know why i don't upload them...i just don't.
i'm lacking big time on my photo skills smh.

..till next time ;]

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