Wednesday, May 30, 2012

little green world..

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i want to make a terrarium. we have no greenery inside our house. we've talked about it, but never actually bought anything. i don't feel comfy paying $20+ on a fake plant and if i buy a real one..chances are it won't survive. i don't know jack shit about gardening or the green thumb thing lol so i figured maybe i could make a terrarium, yanno, start off slow & small?! buying one already made would be cool, but not as exciting as making your own.

these are some of the kits i found on etsy...
jpants4sale - $40 - large deluxe terrarium kit

eclecticnesting - $9.75 - terrarium kit
jpants4sale - $14.99 - square box kit

kits are nice and all but i think one of the cool parts of making one is purchasing exactly what you want. then of course the best part is actually making it to fit your personal style. here are a few i like cause they're so different..

there's multiple sites on how to make your own terrarium. check these out..
one day, when i get off my ass, i'll make one and def share my story.

have you made a terrarium or purchased a kit?! any pros and cons to share?!

..till next time ;]


  1. We found a nice round bowl at Dollar Tree and got some tiny plastic dinosaurs for it but that's about it! Really need to find some cool dirt, moss and sticks to finish it!

    1. we've got a couple of small bowls that my mom left when she moved but not toys, dirt, moss, or sticks! must get on it! i want to have multiple terrariums! :]

  2. These are awesome! I'd actually been thinking of terrariums, no joke, because I saw an old pic of my mom and me as a baby and she had a huge terrarium bowl on a stand back in the day. I wonder whatever happened to it =\.


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