Friday, May 18, 2012

great deals are not hard to find..

since i’ve become an avid reader, it’s very important to have a book with me at all times. whether it’s a physical book or a book on my chicken fucker (iPad)..i have to have something to read.  i recently finished the hunger games trilogy by suzanne collins, which i enjoyed a lot. but i feel like the author kinda gave up in the third book and didn’t connect too many of the dots. still i thought it was a fantastical read and def recommend it. so after that, i didn’t know what else to read.  i’m part of a facebook group with some of my friends and we discuss what everyone is reading and they’re thoughts.  i’ve been thinking of starting the night circus by erin morgenstern, looks very promising, but seeing as how i don’t have a job..i’m not really interested in paying between $10-$18 (hardcover, paperback, kindle edition) for a book right now. so i figured maybe i could find a good book at a thrift store, half by ebay, and even half price books.
i ended up at half price books earlier this week. mostly to find a good book, but also to check out the vinyl section. used items may be trash to you, but it’s someone else’s treasure.
speaking of.. my friend xenia is having her first giveaway on her blog, raisedbyculture.com.  she has 2 thrifted vintage school books: (1) girls and boys at school (1) girls and boys at work. they’re super cute and there’s about 13 days left to sign up. gooo seeeee nooooww!!
so yes, back to my book store visit.  i’ve been meaning to read the dexter series ever since i found out such thing existed (a couple months ago). the series on showtime is loosely based on the books jeff lindsay wrote. dexter morgan is a forensic blood splatter analyst for the miami-metro police dept and in his spare time he is a serial killer who preys on other murderers who have escaped the justice system. showtime renewed the show for another season and it’s starts in september. i happen to remember that i wanted to start this series and asked an employee at HPB if he had any in stock, preferably the first book titled darkly dreaming dexter. lucky me, they did. i paid $3.99 for a fairly new book compared to $10-$32 on amazon. i really don’t think the person who owned it even read the book cause it looks brand spankin’ new. i also looked for the night circus at HPB, but didn’t find it, weird cause the system said they had one copy left. guess someone snatched it up before i could find it..or it was on the wrong shelf?! maybe next time.
i also bought a james patterson book. he’s the author of the woman’s murder club series i finished last year in 5 months. it’s because of mr.patterson that i even picked up a book as an adult. i was really hoping to find the last book, the 11th hour, which came out early this month..but yeah there was no way that was going to happen. i’ll wait for it to be out for a while or borrow it from someone. it doesn’t look like it’s available for kindle yet and the hardback costs $17. good thing is mr. patterson has the first 20 chapters on his site for free. i’m debating on reading them because i know i’m going to be super into the book and then BAM! i’ll have to buy to know what’s next lol the book i bought for $2.99 is titled suzanne’s diary for nicholas. the description said it’s about a lady who is madly in love with a man who suddenly disappears. she finds the diary of a lady named suzanne in her man’s belongings and realizes that suzanne is the mother of her man’s baby. def a change from what i normally read, but i figured $2.99 was a great price and i couldn’t pass it up..
another purchase after spending what seemed like forever in the vinyl section was the righteous brothers – greatest hits and phil collins – face value. they were both under $4 and i couldn’t pass on them either.  slowly but surely my collection is growing and i’m in love with it all. my kids and grand kids are going to be some lucky people when i hand down all my cameras and vinyl collection. hopefully they’ll treasure it as much as i do.
i’ve got quite a few more things i want to share, but i’ll put those on another post!
..till next time ;]

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  1. Thanks for the shout<3 What other titles are you looking for or types… my secret thrift store has a lot lately and some recent ones!


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