Wednesday, May 2, 2012

forced to change

i’ve always been very grateful for having a job. especially since our economy is shit and work is hard to find. i was raised to never take things for granted no matter what. and i’ve done very well not screwing that over.
friday, the 27th (a day before my husband’s birthday), i was fired. i won’t go into specifics due to not wanting any of this to bite me in the ass sometime in the future. but i will say that after 3 1/2 years of working there, i thought i would get a tiny bit more respect than what was given to me. getting blamed continuously for something in a different dept is nerve wrecking.
i’m fiesty. i’m loud. i cuss a lot. & i don’t let anyone fuck with me.
i’m an adult and i know how to accept when i am wrong.
i also have dignity and will not allow anyone to disrespect me regardless if i’m at fault or not.
what happened to me on friday was not the first time, which is why i could not allow it to continue. i defended myself in an adult way. no yelling. no cussing. no disrespecting.
&& i walked out of there with my head held up high because i know my worth, even if they don’t.
i’m left with trying to figure out my next step.
trying to understand myself.
or better yet, like my friend john said..trying to rediscover myself.
trying to figure out what makes me happy and going for just that.
i’m thankful for my many friends who have given me so much love and encouragement. it will not be forgotten.
i’m thankful for my parents & my in-laws for having my back and understanding what i’m going through.
most of all, i’m thankful for my husband, elliott. with out him i would be completely lost.
i promise that i will get back on my feet and do what it takes to help our household survive.
..till next time

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