Sunday, May 27, 2012

females watch to many romance movies..

a guy friend of mine told me last week that females watch/read too many romance movies/books and want/expect men to be just as romantic as what's in those stories. really?! umm is that too much to ask for?! i think not..but then again this comes from a man whose gal asked him to spend more time with her than his boys. that she needs more affection and conversation from him. and that she wants to be his main priority..

i'm pretty sure that that's not asking for much either. i mean isn't that what we all secretly want, male or female, when we're in love?! and you know i mean real love, like it's legit love yanno. nothing like what my guy friend is obviously going through..that love has passed..sad, but it does happen.

ever wonder what attracts us to stories like the notebook (not ryan gosling lol) or the twilight saga (yeah i went there)?! could it be because we want to be surrounded with that extraordinary feeling called being in love?! could it be cause our men are lacking some romance?! could it be cause we wish we were the lead female character in those stories so that we could be on cloud 9?!

some of you ladies get treated very well and i give your men madd props..but i think there's men out there that have no clue what's really going on.  they either have no clue or they're jackasses..which if you think about it is quite possible heh ;x

paying for the roof over our heads, feeding us, or giving us a nice pat on the ass is NOT being romantic. actually if you think about it...it really doesn't take that much to be romantic..or at least not in my book. i'm a pretty simple female..not interested in extravagant shit.

so damn tasty!!

there's no need for expensive outings, jewelry, limo rides, etc. all it takes is some thought. think what would put a smile on your girls face. whether it be a single rose, an i love you babycakes post-it, a hershey kiss chocolate on her pillow, a nice little picnic at the park..it's all about the element of surprise..

quoted by wikipedia -
In the context of romantic love relationships, romance usually implies an expression of one's strong romantic love, or one's deep and strong emotional desires to connect with another person intimately.
get out of your comfort zone..not just men, ladies too! do something to put a smile on your significant others face. go that extra mile to make them happy and truly feel wanted by you. not necessarily sexually (that's a plus), but in general.

if my guy friend were to stop hanging out with his friends when he's not working and possibly bring his gal a single rose once in a while or spend some quality time at the park laying on the grass staring at the sky..the tension in his relationship wouldn't be as bad.  it wouldn't seem like the relationship you're in is no longer a romantic relationship, but a roomie situation. people get comfortable in their relationships and forget that it still needs to be nurtured. you can't expect something to grow or stay the same if you no longer pay attention to it..

..and that goes for all types of relationships. mother-daughter, brother-sister, best friends, shit even plants need to be nurtured in order to grow and be satisfied.

/rant - i needed to share heh :x

..till next time ;]

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  1. girl - you are so right!!

    ...again, another reason I suppose I'm single. I want to put the effort in, I just haven't found the guy that will match me on it ;)


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