Sunday, May 27, 2012

feeling creative..

i've met the creative bug and it sure is sweet! i've been shaking shit up in my SMASH books & i'm excited to share! here are a coouple of pages from my black and green SMASH book.

first SMASH book
my black SMASH book cover doesn't have much yet. don't think i'll add anything else for a while. the washi tape is paw prints that you can barely see on this picture, my bad! the A for my name and jack skellington are great additions. the key matched the A so i went with it. 

close-up of jack :]
since i jump back and forth from pages and books, i still have lots of pages to go on all books.

beginning of black SMASH book
left page: foto of me. my nickname ari. 'i love life' stickers on the side. 'life is one great adventure' sticker on bottom right. and three hellos.
right page: old foto of E & I. top says 'happiness is made to be shared'. stamp at bottom says 'life is good'. & sticker says it's perfect.

green SMASH book - inspired
genuine - pure & simple stamp at top. peace sticker. target washi tape on the bottom left. 'he who does not weep; does not see' quote from les miserables. fuck yeah sticki! little bling flowers and a green umm not sure what is heh ;]

green SMASH book - photo page
photography is my happy place! photography is written in thicker stickers. target washi tape on tag. picture perfect stamp on green paper. top camera is a cut out.

that's about all i'm comfortable with sharing right now. as soon as i'm done with some of my started pages, i'll share those as well.

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..till next time ;]


  1. Cool! I stopped at Joann to see the 50% off Scrapbook sale everyone was talking about in the Smash group and most of the shit was gone lol I managed to do some damage though ;x

    1. sweet deal! share, I wanna see!! I hit up Joann's w mamadukes Saturday and we did some damage too. $1 area was full of shit, loved it. I hit up a massive Tuesday morning w E today thinking id hound some good shit, not really. spent $9 on stamps and stickers!!

  2. Glad i found your blog! I type how i feel including the clean curses (i need a swear jar lol)...and i use ! And lol way too much...look forward to reading and lurking at your Smash -I'm
    addicted to them,


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