Wednesday, May 2, 2012

elliott’s 29th birthday..

we celebrated elliott’s birthday at an all you can eat craw fish boil at a tequila lopez restaurant that a friend of ours was hosting for the stand up for kids cause thru the company she runs with her sister, hyena events.
elliott can srsly eat over 10 lbs of craw fish and STILL be hungry! he lives for crawfish get togethers. it’s a shame that craw fish is seasonal cause he’d eat it all the time. then again, it’s nice that it’s seasonal cause it gets us excited when the season comes around.lol
we had a fantastical time and invited tons of our friends to help the cause as well.  there were five teams competing for best craw fish and a chance to win $400.  the team we’re friends with didn’t win, but they’re craw fish was pretty damn tasty.
..till next time ;]

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