Thursday, May 31, 2012

i'm so generous..

i've been enjoying myself with all my scraping goodies and figured maybe someone else wanted to have some fun too.  i've decided to have my first giveaway! never thought i'd give something away, but here i am!  whether you've been thinking of starting a scrapbook or you're an avid scrapbooker...you'll love this giveaway!

i've never done this so i took some pointers from my friend xenia's site and used rafflecopter.com. on a side note, rafflecopter.com is fantastical. setting up a giveaway was easy and fast. i def recommend it!

the goodies are as follows:
  • 1 - K&Company SMASH Book - Green - Eco Style with a Pen/Glue Stick.
  • 1 - K&Company SMASH Top 10 Booklet
  • 1 - Smile like you mean it stamp
  • 1 - Ziploc baggie with all sorts of embellishments
  • 1 - Mustache stickers
  • 1 - Clear block for stamps.
  • 4 - Clear Stamps

a Rafflecopter giveaway

so there it is, my first giveaway! if all goes well, i'll make sure to have some more giveaways! you have one week to sign up! go ahead and fill it all out and pass it on to your friends. never know, someone might be interested in starting a scrapbook but have no idea how. :]

..till next time ;]

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

little green world..

courtesy of  google
i want to make a terrarium. we have no greenery inside our house. we've talked about it, but never actually bought anything. i don't feel comfy paying $20+ on a fake plant and if i buy a real one..chances are it won't survive. i don't know jack shit about gardening or the green thumb thing lol so i figured maybe i could make a terrarium, yanno, start off slow & small?! buying one already made would be cool, but not as exciting as making your own.

these are some of the kits i found on etsy...
jpants4sale - $40 - large deluxe terrarium kit

eclecticnesting - $9.75 - terrarium kit
jpants4sale - $14.99 - square box kit

kits are nice and all but i think one of the cool parts of making one is purchasing exactly what you want. then of course the best part is actually making it to fit your personal style. here are a few i like cause they're so different..

there's multiple sites on how to make your own terrarium. check these out..
one day, when i get off my ass, i'll make one and def share my story.

have you made a terrarium or purchased a kit?! any pros and cons to share?!

..till next time ;]

paperissues giveaway..

i'm part of a group on facebook called SMASH*aholics. it's a whole bunch of people who discuss scrapbooking on smash books and the awesome hauls at craft stores. i have a link to the fb site and the blog on the right side of my blog. today i logged on to see what was new and found a link to an awesome giveaway. i'm crossing my fingers. :]

Paper Issues Blog Design

visit paperissues to sign up for the amazing camera strap giveaway.

check out blue bird chic's store on etsy to pick your fav camera strap. don't forget to comment on paperissues which strap you love and then like them on facebook.

good luck!
..till next time ;]

Sunday, May 27, 2012

feeling creative..

i've met the creative bug and it sure is sweet! i've been shaking shit up in my SMASH books & i'm excited to share! here are a coouple of pages from my black and green SMASH book.

first SMASH book
my black SMASH book cover doesn't have much yet. don't think i'll add anything else for a while. the washi tape is paw prints that you can barely see on this picture, my bad! the A for my name and jack skellington are great additions. the key matched the A so i went with it. 

close-up of jack :]
since i jump back and forth from pages and books, i still have lots of pages to go on all books.

beginning of black SMASH book
left page: foto of me. my nickname ari. 'i love life' stickers on the side. 'life is one great adventure' sticker on bottom right. and three hellos.
right page: old foto of E & I. top says 'happiness is made to be shared'. stamp at bottom says 'life is good'. & sticker says it's perfect.

green SMASH book - inspired
genuine - pure & simple stamp at top. peace sticker. target washi tape on the bottom left. 'he who does not weep; does not see' quote from les miserables. fuck yeah sticki! little bling flowers and a green umm not sure what is heh ;]

green SMASH book - photo page
photography is my happy place! photography is written in thicker stickers. target washi tape on tag. picture perfect stamp on green paper. top camera is a cut out.

that's about all i'm comfortable with sharing right now. as soon as i'm done with some of my started pages, i'll share those as well.

Introducing the KEY TAG project! Show your love-for-linking with a special new key tagWHY are the key tags special? OH. Because they're goregous and there aren't very many. LINKwithlove doesn't make money. Or have money. But that's not what it's about. It's about spreading the word that linking to the original creator is the best way to share intellectual property and inspiration online. And sharing is awesome.
HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: each key tag is actually TWO key tags and your mission is to break them apart and give one to someone who doesn't know about what it means to link with love. This campaign is about linking + sharing + spreading the word. Be the change. Support a great cause. And look amazing. - From the LinkewithLove Website.
i received these in the mail last week. $3 is not bad to support such a great campaign + introduce someone to this site. visit the website. grab a button & show your support.

..till next time ;]

females watch to many romance movies..

a guy friend of mine told me last week that females watch/read too many romance movies/books and want/expect men to be just as romantic as what's in those stories. really?! umm is that too much to ask for?! i think not..but then again this comes from a man whose gal asked him to spend more time with her than his boys. that she needs more affection and conversation from him. and that she wants to be his main priority..

i'm pretty sure that that's not asking for much either. i mean isn't that what we all secretly want, male or female, when we're in love?! and you know i mean real love, like it's legit love yanno. nothing like what my guy friend is obviously going through..that love has passed..sad, but it does happen.

ever wonder what attracts us to stories like the notebook (not ryan gosling lol) or the twilight saga (yeah i went there)?! could it be because we want to be surrounded with that extraordinary feeling called being in love?! could it be cause our men are lacking some romance?! could it be cause we wish we were the lead female character in those stories so that we could be on cloud 9?!

some of you ladies get treated very well and i give your men madd props..but i think there's men out there that have no clue what's really going on.  they either have no clue or they're jackasses..which if you think about it is quite possible heh ;x

paying for the roof over our heads, feeding us, or giving us a nice pat on the ass is NOT being romantic. actually if you think about it...it really doesn't take that much to be romantic..or at least not in my book. i'm a pretty simple female..not interested in extravagant shit.

so damn tasty!!

there's no need for expensive outings, jewelry, limo rides, etc. all it takes is some thought. think what would put a smile on your girls face. whether it be a single rose, an i love you babycakes post-it, a hershey kiss chocolate on her pillow, a nice little picnic at the park..it's all about the element of surprise..

quoted by wikipedia -
In the context of romantic love relationships, romance usually implies an expression of one's strong romantic love, or one's deep and strong emotional desires to connect with another person intimately.
get out of your comfort zone..not just men, ladies too! do something to put a smile on your significant others face. go that extra mile to make them happy and truly feel wanted by you. not necessarily sexually (that's a plus), but in general.

if my guy friend were to stop hanging out with his friends when he's not working and possibly bring his gal a single rose once in a while or spend some quality time at the park laying on the grass staring at the sky..the tension in his relationship wouldn't be as bad.  it wouldn't seem like the relationship you're in is no longer a romantic relationship, but a roomie situation. people get comfortable in their relationships and forget that it still needs to be nurtured. you can't expect something to grow or stay the same if you no longer pay attention to it..

..and that goes for all types of relationships. mother-daughter, brother-sister, best friends, shit even plants need to be nurtured in order to grow and be satisfied.

/rant - i needed to share heh :x

..till next time ;]

Friday, May 25, 2012

to be or not to be creative..

in my last post i told you i found an article that spoke about creativity and that i was sure i'd find it.
i done founded it lol!

click here to read it..(a new window will open) the article is by the harvard business review.
i don't think i've ever read the site or even heard of it. but thanks to an app called zite on my ipad i found it. (btw, i recommend zite to those that have iphones/ipads, it's basically a personalized magazine that gets smarter as you use it.)

back to the article - here's a paragraph that made me ponder..
The bad news is that if you don't think you're creative, our survey data say that you probably are not. But there is good news: You can actually become more creative by changing your mind-set. Anyone can innovate, if they choose to. Disruptive innovators do it by choice, not chance. Their everyday actions swap out an "I'm not creative" mind-set for an "I am creative" one. And then magical (not mystical) things unfold.
reminds me of something i heard once - put positive thoughts out to the universe so that the universe will help you achieve it some way or another. i'm not sure if that's true or not, but it seems to work for certain people..and i can't lie, i've tried it and then received positive results. kinda like that book that received so much hype a couple years ago - the secret.

i'm not sure if that's why i've been creative lately or not...but i'm loving what's happening in my brain. :]

a good friend of mine recently relocated to chicago due to her husband's employment. she's also pregnant with her first baby, a baby girl! since i'm being all creative and what not, i thought maybe she could be as well on her down time. documenting how her pregnancy is coming along and then the adventure of having her new baby, valentina, in her & her husband's life would be awesome to see and show the baby in the future. so i sent her a couple of goodies so she could get started. i made sure to send her the SMASH book, baby style that's very cute and sweet! can't wait to see what she makes in it!

scrap stuffs for kerry :]
i'm currently on day four of my sickies. i think i have a mini cold/flu?! but it's going away thankfully! meds do a body good haha! :]
happy memorial day weekend, don't forget to thank those that have made this possible for us all!

..till next time ;]

Thursday, May 24, 2012

mother's day 2012..

since i'm a procrastinator, i haven't uploaded or even discussed mother's day.
as usual, i spent it with my fantabulous mama, my tia stella, and my new mother in law connie. ;]
i can't tell you how incredibly lucky i am to have such strong and amazing women in my life!

my mama & i <3
since i've been pretty creative lately with the whole scrapbooking stuffs. i figured it would be nifty if i made my mama a card for mother's day. it means more i guess then buying a random card at the store.
i read something prior to making the card and i wish i could find it...but it talked about thinking you're not creative and being stuck in that rut. if you continue to think and say that you're not creative, then you won't be. but if you think you're creative, chances are you'll make something extraordinary. i'm not sure if that stuck with me or not when i got the idea to make a card, but it's worth mentioning. i've searched my email and cannot find the article, but i swear it's there and i'll make sure to share it once i find it.

the front of the card

the inside

my mama & i

ari, mama, tia stella, & sister gaby

ari, connie, elliott, & raleigh dog

yes i'm a procrastinator.
i can't tell you how many pictures i have that haven't been uploaded. pictures from my cali trip last year to pictures of people's birthdays to holidays with the family.
i really don't know why i don't upload them...i just don't.
i'm lacking big time on my photo skills smh.

..till next time ;]

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

change is good..

change is good.
i always seem to have my doubts and kinda want to stick with what i know..but this change is good.

finally have my site moved over to blogger, properly. took me a while.
mucho thanks to xenia for helping me get it all sorted out! oh, also she is still having that giveaway of children's vintage books. don't miss out!

i added some buttons on the 'part of' sidebar on the right.

  • i signed up for hellocotton - Hellocotton allows you to follow for free the most talented women bloggers out there. It is the easiest way to discover the latest on trends and to take on a daily dose of inspiration. Hellocotton also allows you to comment, vote and share it all with your friends.quoted from the about page of hellocotton.com
  • i signed up with blogdash - BlogDash is a media database built with the purpose to actually help the media relations industry.  Nowadays, because of the booming of social media, “media” is being created by everyone – you, me, and the people you know. Thus, brands might become overwhelmed in their attempt to get their message to the target audience. - quoted from the about page of blogdash.com
  • i added a the thrift pledge button from vanessa's site. i learned about her through xenia's site -  With Thrift Core I strive to inspire, educate, and unite a community of thrifters, interior-design lovers, crafters, vintage collectors, and creatives of all kinds.  In short, Thrift Core is all about thrifting, creating, and saving money.  quoted from the about page of thriftcore.com
  • the last thing i added was my storenvy store that i've had for a while but never uploaded anything for sale.  i'm still working on it, i have tons of stuff that i've found at thrift stores or things that have been given to me that i don't like too much lol honesty is the best policy right?! nothing to special just yet...but slowly but surely ill hook it up! :]
that's about all the changes i've made to the site. hope to make more sometime in the future!

..till next time ;]

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

finally made the move..

after pondering about it for a while...
i decided to finally make the move over to blogger.com.
i've been with wordpress.com for a little over a year and a half and although i'm very use to the interface there, i figured blogger would be cheaper, easier, and gives me the possibility to make money if i choose to do so sometime in the future.
i didnt transfer all of my posts over to blogger yet. to be honest, i really don't know if i will or not. WP.com isn't going to charge me to keep anything over there due to it being a free service.
so for older posts go to 3twentysix.wordpress.com.

not sure how long it's going to take godaddy.com to move everything over to blogger..
right now it's not redirecting properly which means you won't be seeing this for a while lol

hopefully i did it right...

..till next time ;]

Friday, May 18, 2012


i received my first influenster spring beauty voxbox in the mail today.

i'll post a review once i've used the products & have an opinion on them all.
in the mean time go check out influenster.com and sign up today. you might get lucky and be picked for next month's box of goodies! :]

disclaimer: i received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

great deals are not hard to find..

since i’ve become an avid reader, it’s very important to have a book with me at all times. whether it’s a physical book or a book on my chicken fucker (iPad)..i have to have something to read.  i recently finished the hunger games trilogy by suzanne collins, which i enjoyed a lot. but i feel like the author kinda gave up in the third book and didn’t connect too many of the dots. still i thought it was a fantastical read and def recommend it. so after that, i didn’t know what else to read.  i’m part of a facebook group with some of my friends and we discuss what everyone is reading and they’re thoughts.  i’ve been thinking of starting the night circus by erin morgenstern, looks very promising, but seeing as how i don’t have a job..i’m not really interested in paying between $10-$18 (hardcover, paperback, kindle edition) for a book right now. so i figured maybe i could find a good book at a thrift store, half by ebay, and even half price books.
i ended up at half price books earlier this week. mostly to find a good book, but also to check out the vinyl section. used items may be trash to you, but it’s someone else’s treasure.
speaking of.. my friend xenia is having her first giveaway on her blog, raisedbyculture.com.  she has 2 thrifted vintage school books: (1) girls and boys at school (1) girls and boys at work. they’re super cute and there’s about 13 days left to sign up. gooo seeeee nooooww!!
so yes, back to my book store visit.  i’ve been meaning to read the dexter series ever since i found out such thing existed (a couple months ago). the series on showtime is loosely based on the books jeff lindsay wrote. dexter morgan is a forensic blood splatter analyst for the miami-metro police dept and in his spare time he is a serial killer who preys on other murderers who have escaped the justice system. showtime renewed the show for another season and it’s starts in september. i happen to remember that i wanted to start this series and asked an employee at HPB if he had any in stock, preferably the first book titled darkly dreaming dexter. lucky me, they did. i paid $3.99 for a fairly new book compared to $10-$32 on amazon. i really don’t think the person who owned it even read the book cause it looks brand spankin’ new. i also looked for the night circus at HPB, but didn’t find it, weird cause the system said they had one copy left. guess someone snatched it up before i could find it..or it was on the wrong shelf?! maybe next time.
i also bought a james patterson book. he’s the author of the woman’s murder club series i finished last year in 5 months. it’s because of mr.patterson that i even picked up a book as an adult. i was really hoping to find the last book, the 11th hour, which came out early this month..but yeah there was no way that was going to happen. i’ll wait for it to be out for a while or borrow it from someone. it doesn’t look like it’s available for kindle yet and the hardback costs $17. good thing is mr. patterson has the first 20 chapters on his site for free. i’m debating on reading them because i know i’m going to be super into the book and then BAM! i’ll have to buy to know what’s next lol the book i bought for $2.99 is titled suzanne’s diary for nicholas. the description said it’s about a lady who is madly in love with a man who suddenly disappears. she finds the diary of a lady named suzanne in her man’s belongings and realizes that suzanne is the mother of her man’s baby. def a change from what i normally read, but i figured $2.99 was a great price and i couldn’t pass it up..
another purchase after spending what seemed like forever in the vinyl section was the righteous brothers – greatest hits and phil collins – face value. they were both under $4 and i couldn’t pass on them either.  slowly but surely my collection is growing and i’m in love with it all. my kids and grand kids are going to be some lucky people when i hand down all my cameras and vinyl collection. hopefully they’ll treasure it as much as i do.
i’ve got quite a few more things i want to share, but i’ll put those on another post!
..till next time ;]

three week mark..

some say ‘don’t think about it so much’ others say ‘i know it’s hard not to think about’ but to me i’m kinda happy it all happened. i was stuck at a dead end job that was making me unhappy and stressing me the crap out. thanks to my vocational freedom..i am now in a happier and stress-free place.  not to mention my face is clearing up too lol that’s always a plus. so yes today marks the third week of no job for me.
i’ve done quite a few things with all my time. mostly hang out with my mother-in-law who is a fantastical lady! she’s teaching me about self-employment and how to run a business! she use to have her own graphics company and my father in law has his own IT company. any advice from either of them is very important to me.
connie, my mother-in-law is also teaching me to cook! if you know me, you know i don’t cook. i’ve somewhat convinced myself that it’s a phobia. i think it’s mostly cause i’m scared of rejection. but then again, my husband E will eat just about anything as long as it’s not tomatoes or mushrooms lol
we recorded a couple videos of me cooking on monday. follow the two links to connie’s facebook to see me cooking :] i totally sound like a kid in both. haha!
dinner was homemade meatballs with pasta. salad. & apple cornbread muffins. everything tasted awesome! best part wasn’t only that connie helped me out, but that the reed family was there for dinner. perry (fatherinlaw), connie, allen (broinlaw), and my honey elliott!
i got a little emotional when connie raised her glass and said ‘a toast to the reed family!’ made me feel really good about my new family!
thank you connie for all of you help, support, & love! we’re going to be doing big things together, i can feel it!
& thanks to the guys for encouraging me and possibly lying and saying the meal was good LOL!!
..till next time ;]

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

forced to change

i’ve always been very grateful for having a job. especially since our economy is shit and work is hard to find. i was raised to never take things for granted no matter what. and i’ve done very well not screwing that over.
friday, the 27th (a day before my husband’s birthday), i was fired. i won’t go into specifics due to not wanting any of this to bite me in the ass sometime in the future. but i will say that after 3 1/2 years of working there, i thought i would get a tiny bit more respect than what was given to me. getting blamed continuously for something in a different dept is nerve wrecking.
i’m fiesty. i’m loud. i cuss a lot. & i don’t let anyone fuck with me.
i’m an adult and i know how to accept when i am wrong.
i also have dignity and will not allow anyone to disrespect me regardless if i’m at fault or not.
what happened to me on friday was not the first time, which is why i could not allow it to continue. i defended myself in an adult way. no yelling. no cussing. no disrespecting.
&& i walked out of there with my head held up high because i know my worth, even if they don’t.
i’m left with trying to figure out my next step.
trying to understand myself.
or better yet, like my friend john said..trying to rediscover myself.
trying to figure out what makes me happy and going for just that.
i’m thankful for my many friends who have given me so much love and encouragement. it will not be forgotten.
i’m thankful for my parents & my in-laws for having my back and understanding what i’m going through.
most of all, i’m thankful for my husband, elliott. with out him i would be completely lost.
i promise that i will get back on my feet and do what it takes to help our household survive.
..till next time

elliott’s 29th birthday..

we celebrated elliott’s birthday at an all you can eat craw fish boil at a tequila lopez restaurant that a friend of ours was hosting for the stand up for kids cause thru the company she runs with her sister, hyena events.
elliott can srsly eat over 10 lbs of craw fish and STILL be hungry! he lives for crawfish get togethers. it’s a shame that craw fish is seasonal cause he’d eat it all the time. then again, it’s nice that it’s seasonal cause it gets us excited when the season comes around.lol
we had a fantastical time and invited tons of our friends to help the cause as well.  there were five teams competing for best craw fish and a chance to win $400.  the team we’re friends with didn’t win, but they’re craw fish was pretty damn tasty.
..till next time ;]