Tuesday, April 24, 2012

spending time with mom..


mom and i hit up the houston international festival in downtown on saturday. it was a beautiful day and we soaked it all in. the festival was full of different countries, cultures, art, food, music, and dancing. the fest had argentina as the spotlighted country of this year. incase you didn’t know, i was born in buenos aires, argentina. i haven’t been there since i was 6 mths old, meaning i have no idea what the place looks like. it was nice seeing so much about my country and culture.

cute little museum set up..
seeing this little museum and checking everything out was pretty damn cool for me! && the fact that mom had a smile on her face and laughed at all my jokes made it even better! we don’t spend too much time together, but when we do it srsly is a blast!
mom with another graffiti flag
i love my country and i love houston just as much..i woulda gone to this festival regardless, but i think the entry price was a bit exaggerated. $18 each!! to compare, the art fest is $12!! most of the festivals houston has has booths with food and alcohol but you don’t pay with cash, you buy coupons and pay with that. idk if other places do the same but this is a damn scam. one that i continue to fall for because i really enjoy these festivals lol $10 gets you 9 coupons. i ate an argentinian burger which cost 7 coupons, $7.50ish. didn’t even get chips or fries. mom bought us two budweiser beers and they were each 7 coupons also. that’s ONE beer for basically $7.50. the damn cup wasn’t even full all the way!!
mom bought some nom noms from the phoenicia booth
mom found some nom noms at the phoenicia booth. can’t remember exactly what it was called but i know it was a tasty ass pastry of some sort (found the picture below on the phoenicia site, but no name). she bought a case of it for $10 and was given a chance to spin the wheel for a free goodies. she won a $10 gift certificate and that bag she’s holding in the picture. not bad huh?!
mom also saw a print of a painting a dude made of a couple dancing tango. the colors were magical and i should have gotten a picture of it but i completely forgot my camera that day (long story). the pictures i took were taken with her camera, a samsung PL100 (i think). the print cost $25 and it was avg sized. she was all in the argentinian mood and was enjoying herself so much, i went ahead and bought it for her! mamadukes was pretty stoked.
i took some video of some female guachos dancing but i haven’t uploaded ‘em yet. i’ll do that the next time i sit at my computer (a week from now lol).
there’s a couple more pictures of the festival. follow this link to see them on my flickr!
..till next time ;]


  1. Do you have sites like Groupon and Living Social for the Houston area? I always find 50% off deals for festivals out here cause I agree, some of that shit is too expensive! But then we have a ton of free or really cheap festivals! And, have you contacted some people in the event scene for covering events for free since you have a blog? You should get in your local Houston blogging scene, I’ll put feelers out and see what you can get into!! Love the pictures though, looks like a fun time!!! Tell your mama I said HI!!!<3

    1. believe it or not, I’m actually pretty shy when it comes to that lol shit, I wouldn’t even know where to start. my mom told me about the festival about a week prior to going..it never crossed my mind to see if there was a deal or not on groupon. I only see deals for crawfish boils and shit like that. E and I are actually going to a crawfish boil for his bday on Saturday..he’s pretty excited and ready to eat about 12lbs of it lol fatass lol

  2. Elizabeth StrangmeyerMay 22, 2012 at 12:53 PM

    the pastry is BAKLAVA – and its amazeballs!! it comes with either walnuts or pistachios. my favorite is the baklava from Niko Niko’s… and they even have a BAKLAVA FRAPPE!! YUMMMMM!!!

    1. ive never had any but you’re right it was amazeballs fa sho!! must get some more stat! we must hit up niko niko’s and check it out girl!!


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