Wednesday, April 11, 2012

odd yet i like it..

E always finds odd music and turns me on to it. i’m not sure if he hears it on the radio (94.5 the buzz) or if his pandora is on point but i always like it. my pandora is on some hardcore crack. i have a paid version and although i dont have to hear the ads, the bitch always plays the same shit. how many freakin times do i need to thumb something down for you to freaking get it?! shit!

so he found this and i’m really digging it. the song kinda grew on me cause at first i was like wthizzie is this shit. i found the video today and umm it’s pretty damn weird…but i still like it. at first i thought the female was part of gotye, come to find out she’s a solo artist named kimbra. gotye is a belgian-austrialian multi-instrumental musician and singer-songwriter and kimbra is a singer-songwriter from new zealand. according to the dubyadubyadubya, this song was released back in july of 2011. some celebrities helped bring some attention to the song, but apparently not that much cause it never me!! i’m not sure about other cities, but houston radio stations are a bunch of laggers. unless it’s requested, we don’t hear any of the new shit. i’m not much of a radio listener, it seems to me like the same music is played over and over again…i rather listen to myself breeff lol!

she has a different type of feel to her music as well. i’m diggin her hair and red lipstick. wish i could pull it off, i’m just not the make up type of chick!
give these two a shot, check them out on youtube, let me know whatcha think! ;]
..till next time ;]

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