Saturday, April 7, 2012

keep film safe..

i’ve been signed up to receive photojojo’s newsletter for a while now.  if you don’t know whatphotojojo is and you like photography you must check out the link asap and subscribe.  it’s a nice little site that promotes cool shit for cameras..tips, products, projects, etc. they also have a tumblrand a store. a store that has awesomesauce products that i’ve purchased before.
last month they sent out a newsletter that explained how to keep your film fresh. i read it and thought i’d google to confirm it all. i’ve been using film regularly since ’10 and seeing as how we are in a digital world, i figured it was time to find a way to preserve my film before it’s all gone. kodak has a link to how you should maintain your film but there’s no pictures :x so for a shorter and picture including version…hit continue..
hopefully film will be around for ever, but chances are it probably won’t :[  this won't help your film be as great as the day you purchased it but it'll lag the aging process.  it'll extend the life of the light sensitive chemicals embedded in the emulsion.  i personally like expired film and want to maintain it in good condition. the reason why i like expired film is cause you never know what you're going to get as far as colors and leaks.  when it really comes down to it, i like the surprise i receive with film. there's no preview and no delete button. it is what it is.
this is what you'll need: film stash, label maker or marker and clear tape, plastic box or container, scissors, & empty film canisters.
i scored big with the film on my last trip to the lomo store in LA. thanks to groupon i had a $50 certificate that i paid $10 for. i spent the whole certificate on film & i'm running out fast :(moving on..
if your film is in a box, take it out but leave it in the canister.  taking it out of the box is mostly so it doesn't take up too much room in the plastic container you're going to put it in. once that is out of the way, label making time arrives!
i labeled mine this way: b&w (my fav) or color, the brand, the ISO, and how many exposures it has. that works for me, but you can write whatever helps you sort through your film faster. if you don't have a label maker you can easily write on a piece of paper (or use a printer) what your label should say. cut it out and use clear tape to paste it on the canister.
you can use index cards (a photojojo idea) to divide the film easier. i didn't do that with mine because i don't have a huge stash. i had a plastic box with a lid in my closet taking up space so i didn't need to purchase one.  you can find plastic boxes pretty much anywhere..target, walmart, ikea, the container store, etc.  make sure it's wide enough to hold the film you have and tall enough for the canister's height. i labeled my box so that E or allen don't freak out cause there's a weird box in the freezer lol!
once you're done, it's time to figure out where you're going to store the plastic container in the freezer. i put mine on the bottom shelf so that my food can sit on eye level shelves lol most freezer temperatures are 00 to -10F/-18 to 0C and that works perfectly.
when you're ready to use the film, take it out of the freezer a couple hours prior to using it. it needs to thaw out and if you don't give it enough time it'll be brittle and not worth a shit. once it's ready, pop it in your camera and shoot!!
if you're curious to know what certain exp films look like, check out flickr. not only are there pictures to check out, but a lot of groups have discussions on what they've come across. currently the easiest place to buy film is ebay cause there's an abundance of it. that doesn't mean it's all good though. remember to always ask where and how the film was stored before you purchase.  the internet is your friend, mostly google..do some research before you buy film.  also don't forget that some grocery stores and/or walgreens carry film. i've found film at flea markets, resale shops, .99 stores, and of course places like urbanoutfitters.  if you're looking for the good (expensive) shit, hit up the lomo store.
there's a couple other places but like i said, the internet is your friend..GTS son!
alright time to go shoot some heads in MW3 with E heh ;]
..till next time ;]

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