Wednesday, April 4, 2012

how i love thee..

instagram has reached androids all over the world! hallelujah to that! i was one of those people who took fotos with her android and sent them to my ipad so that i could put them on my instagram. sad, i know :[ don't judge me! but now we can all be a part of the instagram world! if you haven't already joined, get on it silly! i searched the market on my android but couldn't find it. i went thru this link and it automatically downloaded for me. or you can use this one. either way it goes, get on it! find me @3twentysixx :]
moving on..i’ve done more scrapping shopping. it’s becoming an obsession! i love obsessions haha! i took E with me on sunday! he’s your typical guy, doesn’t like shopping much unless it’s at home depot or lowes haha! but he was pretty awesome about it! he found some transformer stickers for me, which is a huge plus in my book! he also helped carry the basket with all my goodies!

i’ve been looking for a shadow box of some sort to put our photobooth fotos and two tokens from our wedding and found this one for $3.99 at michaels. :]

found this lonely R for $2.99. figured since i have the last name, i might as well decorate my house with it right?! :] we haven’t decided exactly where we’re going to put it, but the idea is it might go above our front door on the inside. we’ll see.
E and i are big movie geeks. let me clarify that, we are big at home movie geeks. we hardly ever go to the movies..mostly cause it’s pricey but we have other reasons. netflix, redbox, and cable are our best friends! we have two dining tables, one in the dining area and the other one in the breakfast nook? yeah that’s what we’ll call it. we hardly eat there, we’re americans damnit. we sit in front of the tv and eat lol! so during dinner we watch whatever movie we’ve picked out and after dinner sometimes we get a little too sleepy..depending on how nom noms the food was and don’t finish the movie.

that’s what happened with 50/50. we started it and had to finish it the next day. i enjoyed the movie way more than i expected. i knew it would be funny cause of seth rogen, but had no idea the movie would touch me the way it did. i’ll try not to give the movie away, but i have to talk about one scene that did it for me! joseph gordon-levitt plays adam lerner, your typical guy. he has a girlfriend, rachael who is played by bryce dallas howard, who he’s getting very comfortable with, a job working with his best friend, seth rogen who plays kyle. typical dude enjoying his life. he finds out he has a rare cancer in his spine and the movie takes you through the process of accepting and denying his cancer. his mother, anjelica huston, is over bearing and takes care of his father who has alzheimer’s disease. the part that made me bawl like a little girl was when adam is in the hospital waiting to go into surgery. he looks up at his dad, who does not recognize him, and tells him something along the lines of..i know you don’t know what’s going on and its hard to accept but i love you dad. his dad just kinda looks at him clueless and says ok. he then starts to get wheeled out to surgery and adam starts panicking. his mother comes over and holds him for a bit. that entire scene has me bawling. bawling so bad that E reached over and put his hand on my knee as to say it’s going to be okay. it takes a lot for me to cry during a movie or even get scared. but that right there did it. and it’s weird cause neither of my folks have a disease similiar to alzheimer’s or any other disease. i actually don’t know anyone who has a disease like this. yet, i can’t imagine the pain loved ones go thru when you know the outcome… i give this one 4 out of 5 stars. ;]

i’m pretty sure i’ve seen all the movies except 4. but ehh, they’re all about the same right?! i’m trying to figure out if they were all as graphic as this one. i mean goodlawd, there were a shitload of parts that had me squealing and jumping out of my seat cause they were so effing gory!

i remember laughing my ass off at every death tho! i really enjoyed the last scene. brought it all back! hopefully this is the last one..cause srsly, how many more movies can you make that are similar?! i give this one 3 out of 5 and that’s only cause i’m being generous lol!
..till next time ;]

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