Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sometimes what happens in vegas..doesn’t always stay in vegas..

i’m a procrastinator. i know this. my parents know this. my friends know this. and you should also know this. :| see there’s something I have to tell you and I haven’t been able to do so because I just don’t know how to say it…
let’s start off slow. our trip to Vegas was fantastical..except for the walking of course. next year we are doing some hardcore training before we fly out!  jeebus i think i grew a second calf muscle on my right leg heh! the m&m store was cool freakin frijoles!! i wanted to buy just about everything, thankfully E made sure to hold me back!  we visited the store twice. the first time it was just for E to check it out lol yeah right! i figured if we were going to do more walking, maybe i shouldn’t have tons of m&m bags with me. and i knew i couldn’t leave without buying shit at the most tastiest store EVER!! the best part of the m&m store was….I MET BLUE!!!! i swear i’m turning 28 and not 8 this month lol!

a couple posts back i explained how my vegas trip came to be.  to make it short, we had the days off and were planning on going to colorado. that didn’t work out so we headed to vegas..just the mister & i.  the package that i bought through southwest airlines gave us the flights, room, and a free show.  we picked the tournament of kings due to the other non-sold out show being viva elvis. now to be clear, we love cirque du soleil, but not enough to watch an elvis show!  the tournament was a ridiculous amount of fun. we got to yell, grub, stand up, bang our hands on the tables, so just plain out having fun.  the interaction with the kings and the people sitting next to you made it so much fun…the food on the other hand..ehh, we coulda done with out! we had team france and i’m pretty sure E acted as if he didn’t know me when i stood up and starting screaming for our king. what? ..he’s our king, wheres the freakin team effort yanno? lol! we met some canadian newlyweds who were huge fans of the texas longhorns, who woulda thought huh? we talked a bit with them before the show started and decided we had to go to the roller coaster at new york, new york together!  on my first visit, i remember riding it at least three times and i don’t like roller coasters! i consider myself scared of heights, and for the most part i stay away from roller coasters.  after the show we headed over to the coaster and did the damn thing!!
we gambled a lot and found a war table at harrah’s and showed the house who the boss was. lol! it’s actually one of the easier games and i’m not sure if they have them in every casino or not, but i def recommend it. E’s friend J and his gal Kelley showed up thursday night and we stayed up with them till about 5am. we had a freaking blast!! it was nice to see familiar faces after being with complete strangers
that’s one thing i really enjoyed about our trip. it felt like it was E and Ari against the world. to be honest, it’s kinda been like that since we hooked up.  E and i went to high school together. no we weren’t high school sweethearts or even hung out together.  we knew of each other but never really had a conversation.  he was cool with my best friend at the time, but we never talked.  years after high school we connected on myspace lol since we had been in the same high school we had mutual friends so we added each other. why not right?
at the time i was going through some hard times with the guy i was dating and E took it upon himself to send me a message telling me he knew what i was going through cause of the broad he had been dating.  after that convo, hurricane ike hit and he put his number on his status in case people didn’t have anywhere to go..he was at a friends casa that had generators, water, and food. i sent him a txt on my way to san antonio with my mom and sister telling him good luck and what not cause he was staying in houston. once the hurricane drama passed and my family came back to houston we met up at E’s casa..and hit it the fuck off.  i don’t think our intentions were to hook up, it was mostly to bond. we both liked each others company and figured why not hang out?! two weeks later, i had a key to his casa..and two weeks after that i was moving in!
if we aren’t friends on facebook, i’m assuming you’re wondering why i’m telling you this. the reason why i’m telling you all of this is cause E & I didn’t just go to vegas cause he had never been there. not cause we didn’t have anything better to do. or cause the m&m store rocks my effing socks…
search  ’ariana & elliott’ on your favorite search engine. chances are that somewhere near the top searches you’ll see a link that says ‘MARRIED:: ARIANA & ELLIOTT:: VEGAS WEDDING « Blog « :: Lauren …‘.
that’s when you look back at the title of this blog and smile cause YES!! we got married! and not just married..we had a freaking blast!! and it was cheap!! none of this i’m going to spend 10k on a wedding crap. and what flowers are we going to pick and OHEMGEE where am i getting my dress and bla bla bla…no we paid a total of $380 with the marriage license and loved e-v-e-r-y single part of it!! you know how in the movies they wake up the next day and trip out cause they’re married. yeah BULLSHIT! you have to go downtown and purchase the damn license. cost us a $38 taxi drive up there lol!
what made the wedding awesomesauce was that lauren rosenau was present.  we had walked into the cosmopolitan casino due to it being so pretty and my friend anna telling me it was beauuuutiful!! we had no idea where we wanted to get married or any details about what it might cost. come to find out, the cosmo had recently opened up a pop-up wedding chapel and faced out to the strip. how could we pass that up?! we had complete strangers sitting in the chapel during our ceremony. not to mention lauren was also a stranger. she over heard us talking to the minister about getting married & being a wedding photographer herself, her gut told her to jump in and take pictures for us. <3 loving photography as much as i do, it was kinda sucky not to have anyone there that could hook us up. but it all worked out so well.  the day was 02.24.12 (friday) and we wanted to get married at 2:24:12 but the minister had a better idea. getting married at 12:24:02 mirrors 02.24.12 :] so we had 20 min to get ready. i loved that there was a prop box for us. i picked minnie & mickey cause it matched and i thought it would be hilarious for our pictures. :]
pricing was good. they also had his & her shirts that we HAD to buy ;] since we didn’t have rings, they had eraser rings available for us. mine was massive on my hand, but his was cutting off circulation haha!  they also had a photo booth available. we bought the package with two photo booth tokens. we made sure to take three of us together and three with our friends J & kelley. which btw, J was MY best man! haha! they had b&w or color, but since i <3 b&w..we had to do it! bert, ernie, and the count just so happen to be walking down the strip and lauren captured them looking through the window at us.
i want to thank everyone who freaked out when we facebooked it all! we’ve never received so many ‘like’s or comments lol! thanks for the well wishes, the love, the congrats, just overall being in our lives!! ahh look at me, i’m getting all teary eyed haha!
..till next time ;]
p.s. for more fotos of the wedding, mostly lauren’s beautiful photos go to the flickr album.

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